4 Predictions of the Evolution of Online Events

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Due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic for three years, everything has changed drastically, including the characteristics of online events. Here are some predictions for the evolution of online events.


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In This Article:

  1. New Innovation for Customer/audience Engagement
  2. More Shorter Events and Higher Frequency
  3. Increased Dynamic Video Content Experiences
  4. Greater Focus on Post-Event Content Strategy


Online Events Are the New Offline Events


New Innovation for Customer/audience Engagement


With the nonstop advancement of technology, everyone is finding more ways to attract more people to their events. As a result, they have come up with numerous innovative ways to improve customer engagement, such as: 


Examine the entire show run and find some crucial points inside the overall event when it could be beneficial or interesting for your audience to open it up to participation, whether that’s a live chat, fast poll, or Q&A. Interactivity increases engagement.


Doing this will create more interaction between your audience as they don’t have to sit through the entire event quietly. And “endure” the dull session of being talked at.


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More Shorter Events and Higher Frequency


Instead of hosting a 5-hour-long online event where everyone in the audience and watchers must sit through the entire thing if they want to hear what they came for, you may divide the event into smaller and shorter events with clear and thorough themes or subjects.


By doing this, you will be able to divide the audience into a more filtered and detailed group for each segment allowing you (the host) to have better insights and feedback from the audience. Not only that, but this also prevents the attendants from feeling overwhelmed by all the information input. 


Find ways to incorporate dynamic components into a program wherever feasible, such as moving to a video clip to break up a panel of talking heads or creating on-screen graphics with particular calls to action or a summary of important learnings.


Increased Dynamic Video Content Experiences


Audiences are also expecting more engaging, dynamic video experiences, particularly in light of Zoom fatigue. People anticipate their virtual events to be broadcasted in a CNN-style manner, with more dynamic features such as video, graphics, and split-screen formats. A fireside chat or panel with many people who give diverse perspectives or originate from different aspects of the market produces a more dynamic, intriguing encounter.


By integrating new ideas into hosting and making the online event more unique and memorable, you will increase your chance to make better impressions with your audience. As a result, you create a better connection with them to a certain degree which keeps them interested in your brand and your business. 


Whenever feasible, look for ways to include dynamic components into a segment, such as moving to a video clip to break up a panel of talking heads or creating on-screen graphics with particular calls to action or a summary of important learnings.


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Greater Focus on Post-Event Content Strategy


For physical events, there has always been a strong emphasis on event advertising to increase registrations and the event itself. However, the post-event content strategy has gone unnoticed. However, it is equally crucial when developing an event plan to clarify, ‘What is my content strategy following the event?’ Especially in a virtual world where you’ll generate and document all of these beautiful sessions with incredible moments that you can later reuse and re-share.


When you begin preparing your event, gather everyone – individuals from sales, marketing, content, and events – to decide what each team wants to accomplish before, during, and after the event. Then, meticulously plan the sales enablement and marketing resources that may be used later for email follow-ups, outbound sales, social media, and digital marketing.


phpFox provides highly proficient tools for creating high-quality live streams for online events on different scales. Live Streaming and ChatPlus from phpFox allow you to plan and host the most engaging online event that you can come up with. With limitless potential, from doing a small workshop to a full-on music event in which hundreds of people can join in the fun with interactive experiences. 



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