How to Use ChatPlus to Improve Your UX

How to Use ChatPlus to Improve Your UX | Feature | phpFox-chatplus

Making it easy for visitors to find what they need is essential when it comes to your website. Live chat is now being integrated into a more extensive user experience (UX) plan for improved customer service. ChatPlus is an excellent tool for improving your website UX, here is how you do it. 


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In This Article:

  1. Make It More Immediate 
  2. Real and Live 
  3. Build Different Experiences for Different Users
  4. Create Mutual Benefits with Live ChatPlus Data


ChatPlus Offer New Way to Connect with Customers and Great Source of Date


Make It More Immediate 


When it comes to consumer satisfaction with live chat, 83 percent of respondents in a recent poll from Statista Research Department said they were happy. As a result, you might wonder: how can I use live chat to enhance the user experience of my web site’s visitors and repeat customers?


There are countless websites out there competing for the attention of internet users, making it even more imperative to provide a high-quality service. HubSpot Research found that 90% of consumers expect an instant response from a business and label it as critical to their customer service evaluation. Considering that 38% of people would leave a website that they find unpleasant, it’s clear that user experience (UX) has never been more critical for your website, especially if you want to keep your customers happy.


Most visitors will make views on the appearance, functionality, and usefulness of your website within a few seconds of their first visit there. When done effectively, live chat has been shown to boost user perceptions immediately. Optimizing your website’s live chat for speed and convenience takes into account several elements, such as:


  • Every visitor will receive a timely answer
  • All users will recognize and appreciate the simplicity of this chat box’s design (similar colors or styles of favorite apps)
  • Instant answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Allowing users access to a chat box’s “call to action” button from any page


There is a lot of trial and error involved in developing a good live chat on your website, but ease and speed are two of the most critical considerations.


ChatPlus has been designed and developed by phpFox’s dedicated team of developers making the layout both user-friendly and UX-focused, so you can be sure it would appeal to the users. 


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Real and Live 


The second point is that ChatPlus can combine human and technology factors into one. As technology constantly evolves and has become one of the most crucial parts of our daily life, we rely on them more and more. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that we also need the human factor included, especially in construction, agriculture, business, and many other industries. 


Even while people have grown to accept bots on an increasing number of websites, they don’t necessarily enjoy them, despite being highly beneficial.


Chat is a great way to add a personal touch to your site’s users. These live chat services would be appreciated by less tech-savvy users, especially if there are skilled chat agents available to boost UX by:


  • Greeting guests as soon as they land on your website.
  • Using language that is customized to your business and your audience
  • Working from talking points rather than scripts.
  • Retention may be improved by sending tailored follow-up emails.


Build Different Experiences for Different Users


Different people are into other things, and that’s why you need to think of a suitable approach for your target audience. Even the most well-designed websites with all the right features will work differently for each user despite their best efforts. Some will enjoy it, and some may have difficulty making their way through it. 


If your visitors are having trouble navigating your website or finding the information they’re looking for, using live chat might be an excellent method to show them what’s available. 


Live ChatPlus is a powerful asset for your business as it creates a unique approach for every visitor on your website. By directly interacting with each user, your business will build a brand image on a personalized level. Here are some other you can do with Chatplus:


  • Add multilingual support
  • Provide guidelines, directory for users with self-service or low-tech solutions
  • Offering to carry on the conversation in other formats (such as email)
  • Managing Service and Product Expectations


Create Mutual Benefits with Live ChatPlus Data


Last but not least, ChatPlus is an excellent source of information for you and your business to use. Data-driven user experiences are usually the best. Any adjustments you make should be based on client feedback and website statistics and ultimately linked to results. ChatPlus offers a unique way to collect and use data from users who visit and engage with your website. 


According to the 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, 2/3 of consumers expect businesses to know about them and their purchase history when they contact customer care. And don’t forget about the human factor; it’s always good for you to have customer service staff on standby and interact with the users whenever possible. You directly and proactively create a good impression with new potential customers by personalizing the interaction. 


Now that you learn about ChatPlus and how you can actively use it to improve your business, build credibility and improve relationships with your customers. Are you ready to get started on your Live Chat feature? What is your next step? 


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