phpFox Developer Program

Your Apps - Your Income

Earn steady income by making apps, themes, or language-packs for the phpFox Community Builder platform

Free License & Guide

As a Developer, you get a free dev license to start making your apps.
Check out our guide on Developer Document page for getting started.

AppStore Listing

Listing your phpFox apps and themes in our MetaFox App Store is free.
Focus on making quality apps and start promoting to thousands of customers.

Earn Money

You earn for every purchases of your product on our MetaFox App Store.
The more quality apps, the more sales, the more you can earn.

How To Apply?

Just follow 4 simple steps to join and start building your awesome apps starting today!

MetaFox Code App Theme Lang

1. Register

Begin your journey with the phpFox developer program by creating an account

2. Apply

Submit a ticket to our "3rd-party Developer" department to register as a Developer

3. Create Apps

Follow our Developer Guideline to create your awesome Apps, Themes, or Language Packs

4. List & Earn

Submit your apps to phpFox AppStore and start making steady income from sales

Join phpFox Developer Program

Earn steady income by creating awesome apps and themes