$299One-time fee
  • Photo
  • Music
  • Pages & Groups
  • Events
  • Community Support Only


$539One-time fee


$1,199One-time fee
  • Premium White-label Mobile Apps
  • iOS & Android Platforms
  • Full Native Mobile Source
  • Free 3 Mobile Builds
  • 60-day Ticket Support
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Notice: License comes with a Free 14-day full version trial. Refer to our Terms Of Support here.
The support plan is available on paid licenses only and can be purchased separately or extended at a later time.


Do you brand the product with phpFox?

No, your users will not see it is “powered by phpFox” anywhere

Can I change the domain name of my license?

Yes, you can change the domain name for your license at any time. This can easily be done via our “Client Area” without the need to even contact us.

Can I have a different design than the one on the demo?

Yes, definitely. You can either download awesome free/premium themes at our phpFox Store, or you can have a Custom Designer design something very unique to your needs.

Is the source code encrypted?

No, not one bit of it is! The phpFox source code is 100% non-encrypted, giving you the power to customize the script without limitation.

I know neither anything about programming nor PHP/MySQL, can I still run phpFox?

Definitely! Our vision is to create the most effective social networking script that allows you to easily install the product on your server with a few clicks and without the hassle of knowing any programming language or code!

I don’t know how to install a script, do you provide this service?

Yes, you just order the Installation Service for $30. Note that an installation is a one time service.

What payment method do you offer?

We accept orders from PayPal and all major credit cards. We also accept Bank Wire Transfers and Western Union. To order phpFox using a Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union you will need to notify our Sales Team.

If I buy one license, how many phpFox sites can I have?

You may run one instance per license. You may run a publicly closed and password protected development site in addition to your live site. Further details can be read at the phpFox License Agreement.

What are the required server softwares to run phpFox?

You can send the System Requirement to your host to ask for necessary softwares

Do I need to know HTML and/or CSS to use phpFox?

Only if you wish to change the layout and design of your phpFox site. You can always order a template/theme/style from third party designers or have a designer change the site design especially for you.

Can I download future updates?

We update our product regularly for security patches as well as new features. Updates for a product line (4.x.x) are totally free.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

We’ve found that giving clients the opportunity to fully test the phpFox script on their server or localhost via a 14-day trial version for free is a far better option than requiring a purchase with a refund term. As such, due to the free trial, we do not provide refunds unless the phpFox script can’t be installed on the client’s.

Can I change the logo?

Yes, you can change almost anything! The design, the images, and the layout – all within your AdminCP.

How long does it take for me to be able to get phpFox?

Depending on the payment method you chose, you can download your phpFox script instantly after a successful payment. However, with a PayPal eCheck order, it can take up to 14 business days before you can download the script. If you request a bank wire transfer it can take up to 7 business days.

Can I move my phpFox site from one server to another?

Yes, as long as you update your license’s domain name. Note that you can only have one phpFox site for each phpFox license you run, so you will need to remove the script/site from the old server you are moving from.

Can I create a copy of my site for development purposes?

Yes, as long as it is publicly closed and password protected. Further details can be read at the phpFox License Agreement.

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