1. Areas of Coverage


phpFox support will cover common software related issues such as:

  • Current product version and the previous minor version (latest stable versions).
  • Feature questions
  • Error report of the default software


Our support coverage does not cover:

  • Older product versions, legacy or “end of life” versions.
  • Assistance or creation of any sort of modification done to the package which includes editing the PHP core source code, CSS, Images and HTML layout.
  • Browser or computer issues.
  • Non phpFox software related issues.
  • 3rd party products or plug-ins.
  • Sites with source code modifications of any kind.
  • Patching bugs (Clients need to install patches to fix the bug(s) themselves. In case clients want the phpFox team to install, installation fee is required).

2. Methods of Support


The manual should be the client’s first stop for information. It is consistently updated by our support team and provides all the configuration and how-to steps a client needs in order to get the system up and running quickly.


While the Community Forum is not a resource for receiving direct support, our customers maintain a great sharing community for new ideas and common problem-solving. We monitor the forums to spot issues that are common but support is only offered through the helpdesk. Stay up-to-date on the latest news, releases, and bug fixes.


The priority help desk is available to all clients with up-to-date support plans. The help desk should be used when you are unable to find answers to your questions using the Free Resources. All tickets are first reviewed by our dedicated 1st level support team. Tickets that require further assistance will be escalated to 2nd and 3rd level support depending on the type of issues.


Not included


Direct email support, phone support, live chat and IM.


  • Support requested is for an unsupported area or non-script related area.
  • Support requested is for an unsupported area or non-script related area.
  • Abuse of support representatives. We do not allow any abuse from clients to our support representatives in any way. If a situation occurs you will be given a reminder and then if the issue continues ticket options will be removed from your account.
  • Invalid license or account.

3. Procedure of Support

Listed below are methods taken by our phpFox Support Staff when issues arise and the clients need technical help to solve it.

  • Check if the server meets all the requirements found here.
  • Check if any of the default files have been modified. If any of the files have been modified client must backup their site and upload the default phpFox files.
  • Check to make sure all the files/folders are in place and all permissions are set correctly to each of the folders.
  • Compare issues with our live demo found here.
  • Turn on PHP “error reporting” via phpFox debug. This does not include enabling PHP settings on the server.

If the above steps do not help solve the case for the client, then the case is sent to the developers for further attention.


4. Multiple Support Tickets

If you have multiple issues, please submit the most critical issue first. Once an issue has been resolved we will close that ticket so you can submit a new ticket.


5. Service-level agreement

1 business day answer

Support term starts on the date of license purchase or date of support purchase if purchasing additional support.


6. Installation Service

  • We will take care of installing the phpFox on your server, including required softwares for VPS/Dedicated/Cloud servers.
  • An installation will be done within 36 hours.
  • In case you request us to install required softwares for VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, please make sure the Server OS is a clean CentOS 7 (bare OS).
  • Our phpFox Installation service in all cases is fresh installation (not upgrading). It replaces existing phpFox installation if there is in advance.