Live Videos

Key Features

Go Live on Web or Mobile

Go live on the go with our live streaming app for any device, be it Web or Mobile we got you covered.

Engage While You Stream

Engage your audience with reactions, replies and comments when you stream live with us.

Revisit a Live Video again

Turn your live stream into a video for your community to watch or making it as an additional resource.

Go Live on Web or Mobile

With the phpFox Live Streaming app, you can stream live from any device, whether it’s web or mobile, and from any location. This feature allows you to create exciting video content and broadcast it instantly on your community platform. 

  • Web Live Videos App
  • iOS & Android Live Videos App

Engage While You Stream

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience and grow your brand. When you live stream with reactions, comments, and chat, you can enjoy the benefits like increased audience engagement, building trust and loyalty, showcasing your products or service, and more. 

  • Reaction
  • Comment
  • Chat

Revisit a Live Video again

With our live videos app, you can easily revisit or watch a live video again at any time any where on any device.

This feature has many benefits like catch up on any live video that you missed, reviewing the live video and learning from your mistakes or successes, sharing the live video with your friends or followers, and repurposing the live video for other platforms.

PhpFox Live Videos

Connect with the world Real-Time

phpFox Live Streaming app is a powerful solution that lets you reach your audience anywhere by instantly sharing your moment with live video. You can stream from your webcam or use OBS/Streamyard software to broadcast your screen or picture-in-picture mode.

You can also record your live streams and save them as videos for later viewing or sharing. With phpFox Live Streaming app, you can enjoy real-time interactions with your viewers using comments, likes and chats. You can also monetize your live streams by setting up user group permissions for streaming and watching. phpFox Live Streaming app is a great way to engage your community and showcase your personality with live video content.

Yes, Live Videos is a separate app and can be purchased directly from our phpFox appstore.

No, live videos comes with a one time free installation service from phpFox, however, you are still required to make payments for 3rd party services like MUX.

Yes, to operate the Live Streaming app, on top of a one-time payment, you will need to pay a monthly fee for infrastructure and external/third party services such as storage, video live encoding and streaming. You can see our rough estimation to help you control the budget here

MUX is an API-first video platform designed by experts to make world-class video streaming and analytics possible, however, you can choose to proceed with another provider but this will be a customization resulting in additional costs. 

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