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The Advanced Features of phpFox

Let's dive into the world of phpFox and discover how it can revolutionize the way you connect and engage with your target audience.

Engage Better

Create a community with lots of social and engagement features like activity feeds, photos, groups, chat, video call, live streaming & more

Monetize & Earn

Monetize your community: Unlock revenue potential with features like subscriptions, activity points, e-commerce and more

Mobile Ready

Seamlessly engage your community on the go with phpFox's web-app and mobile access, ensuring effortless interaction and participation.

Connect, Collaborate, and Thrive

Social Network Features

Elevate community interaction with phpFox's Social Network features, fostering genuine connections, seamless sharing, and a sense of belonging.

Activity Feeds

A dynamic activity feed keeps users informed about relevant updates, discussions, and interactions in real time.

Friends & Follow

Enabling effortless networking and streamlined activity tracking for effective relationship management.

Empower Members with phpFox

Engagement Features

Unlock community potential: Empower engagement, foster connections, and unleash possibilities with engagement-boosted apps.


Enhance instant messages and connection-building with our seamless and user-friendly chat functionality.


Spark vibrant discussions, foster community unity, and gain valuable insights through phpFox's interactive forums.


Empower community administration with powerful controls for a unique user experience.
Effortlessly manage and moderate your community, no technical expertise needed.

Layout Editor

We empower the Admin to customize the appearance and content blocks with live previews easily.

Theme Management

Full control to change the entire look of your site from the HTML layout to the CSS styling.

SEO Friendly

Utilize our tools to increase the visibility of your content and index by search engines.


Enable multiple authentications via email, social sites or SSO and add custom fields or user groups.

Sustains & empowers your community


Monetization Made Easy: Drive platform sustainability and empower user & admin earnings through Online Marketplaces, Advertising, Subscriptions, and more.


Buy, Sell, and Connect: Explore the Marketplace Functionality on Our Social Network Builder Platform.


Turn your community into profit: Enable site owners to generate revenue by allowing Ad placements on site.

Enjoyable Mobile Experience

Build For Mobile

Flawless Mobile Experience: Design prioritized for all devices. Build connections, share content effortlessly with our premium Mobile Apps.

Mobile-First Web App

Create an Immersive Web Experience: Access phpFox seamlessly on any device through innovative Web App.

Mobile App

Enhanced Mobile Experience: Interact, Connect & engage with Your Community via our Feature-Rich Mobile App.

Create a unique, engaging experience


Harness the power of customization for community success. Personalize Your Online Community or Social Network platform to your communities unique needs, making them truly special. 

Content Editor

Customize your community: Easily edit content on pages and site to craft a distinctive and appealing experience.

Layout & Style

Effortlessly adjust layout and style to shape your platform in alignment with your vision using our platform.

Security & Privacy

A secure platform gives peace of mind to its moderator and users alike, our platform covers all the core areas from the start
to secure your platform and its users.

2-Factor Authentication

Enhance your community security for registrations and logins with an additional layer of protection.


With the use or Captcha App and Anti-Spam questions with images to block spammers.

Platform Privacy

Privacy is important; it helps a user to control how others view user content.

GDPR Compliant

We have several features and functionalities to comply with EU data protection policies.


Our Premium Apps

Our premium apps are available through our App Store for an *additional cost



Enjoy your conversation with fun reactions, voice messages, video calls, GIFs and more.

  • Advanced Messaging
  • Group Chats
  • Voice & Video Calls
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Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Get closer to your audience and share moments in real-time with our live streaming app.

  • Broadcast Live
  • Playback live Video
  • Integrated Social Features
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Experience the art of storytelling with MetaFox Stories - where moments become unforgettable narratives.

  • Browse Stories
  • Craft Stories
  • Privacy & Admin Controls
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