Editor Mode

One of the features that our platform offers is the editor mode, which allows the admin to customize the platform according to the needs and preferences of the community. The editor mode gives the admin the ability to edit various aspects of the platform, such as the page or content, the layout and the style. By doing so, the admin can create a distinctive and appealing look and feel for the platform that reflects the identity and values of the community. The editor mode is easy to use and does not require any technical skills or coding knowledge. 

  • Edit Content & Page
  • Edit Layout
  • Edit Style

Theme Management

Another feature that our platform offers is the theme management, which gives you full control over the appearance of your site. You can change the entire look of your site by modifying the HTML layout and the CSS styling. The HTML layout determines the structure and elements of your site, such as the header, footer, sidebar, navigation and content. The CSS styling defines the visual aspects of your site, such as the colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders and animations. Our platform also enables the admin to choose dark mode or leave it in auto.

  • HTML Layout
  • CSS Styling
  • Dark Mode


One more feature that our platform offers is the localization, which enables you to cater to different audiences and markets around the world. You can use the localization feature to adjust your platform to the preferences and needs of your members based on their location and language. The localization feature includes features like active translation, allowed countries and currencies, and language settings.

  • Active Translation
  • Country & Currency
  • Language


Our social network software includes an announcement feature exclusively available for Admin users. This feature allows you to create and send important announcements to all users on your platform. You can use this feature to communicate effectively with your user community and share valuable information, updates, events, and other related content. An announcement feature is a powerful tool that helps you to keep your users informed and engaged.

  • Manage
  • Basic Analytics
  • Announcement Types

SEO Friendly

Our platform also provides you with tools that help you to optimize your content for search engines. You can use these tools to improve the visibility and ranking of your content on search engine results pages. The tools include features such as meta tags, keywords, sitemaps, robots.txt, and more.

  • Meta Tags
  • Keywords
  • Sitemaps

Member Management

Our platform is a powerful tool for admin to manage their members efficiently. It allows admin to customize the registration form, collect and store relevant member information, create custom fields, segment members into categories, define access levels, membership fees, and benefits for different groups, and more. Our platform helps admin save time, increase engagement, and grow their membership base.

  • Registration
  • Custom Fields
  • Permissions

Apps Management

Our platform gives the admin complete control over all the apps. It lets the admin install and uninstall apps, modify app settings, and monitor app performance and usage. Our platform enables the admin to optimize the app ecosystem for their community’s needs and goals.

  • Install Apps
  • Edit App Settings
  • Purchase New Apps

Administration Features

Attain absolute control over your online community

These admin features are important because they give you the power and flexibility to create and manage your platform according to your vision and goals. You can customize and optimize your platform to suit your brand, your audience, and your market. You can also communicate and interact with your users effectively and efficiently.

These features can contribute to a unique online community experience by creating a platform that is distinctive, engaging, relevant, and accessible. You can create a platform that reflects your identity and values, and that attracts and retains your users. You can also create a platform that fosters a sense of belonging, trust, and loyalty among your users. These features can help you to create a successful and sustainable online community.


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