Key Features

Explore & Craft Narratives

Engage with diverse tales to discover, interacting seamlessly and crafting personalized stories that captivate your audience.

Privacy Controls

Customize your story's audience, ensuring precision by selecting default options or crafting tailored settings for your captivating tales.

Manage & Admin Controls

Empower users with seamless engagement while offering administrators powerful control, shaping an enriched Stories landscape.

Explore Diverse Narratives

Dive into a rich tapestry of community stories, seamlessly interacting with each fleeting moment. Play, pause, react, and connect across platforms, amplifying your reach beyond your community.

  • User-Friendly Browsing
  • Message
  • Reactions

Crafting Your Story

Unleash your creativity! Customize your Stories with text or photos, diving into a spectrum of editing options. From modifying text styles, background images to local photo uploads and preview functionality – your story, your canvas.

  • Text Stories
  • Background Image Selection
  • Photo Stories

Personalized Privacy Controls

Control your narrative. Tailor your audience with customizable privacy settings. Choose from default options or personalize with custom settings, defining who experiences your story.

  • Default Options
  • Custom Settings
  • Story Expiration Time

User Controls & Administration

Enjoy user-centric control. Manage your stories, receive notifications, and engage with a growing audience. Admins wield power too, shaping the Stories landscape with multiple background collections, role-based permissions, and customizable display styles.

  • Granting Permissions
  • Manage Background Image Collection
  • Stories Display style on Home Page

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PhpFox Stories

Enabling reach & discovery

Immerse yourself in a captivating world of MetaFox Stories, where dynamic visuals and compelling narratives converge for an ephemeral storytelling experience. Share vibrant photos and engaging texts that vanish after 24 hours, ensuring a fresh canvas for each new tale.

The phpFox Stories app enriches the experience for license holders by offering a dynamic tool to foster community engagement. It allows users to share captivating, ephemeral content, fostering deeper connections and interaction within their communities. By leveraging Stories, license holders can amplify user engagement, encourage real-time interaction, and showcase diverse narratives, ultimately enhancing the vibrancy and appeal of their communities.

Yes, you are required to purchase Stories app separately from our phpFox V5 appstore.

No Stories app doesn't require any additional infrastructure, it is just an install away. Note that for mobile apps, you are required to rebuild the app.

No, upon purchase of our Stories app, you can easily install it from your AdminCP, however, we can support you with the initial installation as well. However, if you do not have any free mobile build service available then you are required to make payments for mobile app build service.

Yes, you can use stories app regardless of the type of license you use.