Profiles, Friends & Follow

The Profile, Friends & Follow are features that allow users to connect and interact with other users on a social network or online community.

The Friends feature enables users to send and accept friend requests, view their friends’ profiles and activity feeds, chat with their friends, and join groups or events with their friends.

The Follow feature enables users to follow other users who have public profiles, such as celebrities, influencers, or businesses, and view their posts, stories, videos, photos, and live streams. The Friends & Follow features enhance user experience and social interaction on the platform.

Activity Feed

An activity feed is a feature that enables users to keep track of the most recent activities and interactions of their friends, groups, or topics of interest on a social network or online community. It displays various types of content, such as posts, comments, likes, shares, reactions, mentions, and more.

An activity feed fosters user engagement and connection with the content and people they value.


The Groups feature is a feature that allows users to create or join communities of users who share common interests, passions, or causes on a social network or online community. It enables users to post and comment on group-related content, invite and add members, create and participate in group events, and chat with other group members. The Groups feature enriches user involvement and collaboration on the platform.


The Pages feature is a feature that allows users to create or follow public profiles of businesses, organizations, celebrities, or influencers on a social network or online community. It enables users to view and interact with the pages’ content and access their contact information, reviews, ratings, and offers. The Pages feature expands user awareness and connection with the brands and personalities they admire on the platform.


The Invitation feature is a feature that allows users to invite other users to join or participate in various activities or events on a social network or online community. It enables users to send and receive invitations, view the details and status of the invitations, accept or decline the invitations, and adjust invitation expiry. The Invitation feature enhances user participation and interaction on the platform.

Comments & Reactions

Leverage phpFox’s robust comments and reactions features to enhance engagement on your social network. Enable seamless conversations with interactive comments, allowing users to express their thoughts and ideas. Foster deeper connections by offering a variety of reaction options, empowering users to convey their emotions instantly. With phpFox, you can create a vibrant and interactive user experience, cultivating a thriving online community.


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