Advertising app lets you create and manage ads that reach your ideal customers. You can target your ads by gender, location, age, and languages, and control your budget and settings from the Admin CP. You can also use the live editor to preview and adjust your ads on your website before publishing them. And you can track your ads performance with real-time statistics on views and clicks.


To turn your social network into a profitable business, you should consider using phpFox, the ultimate online community platform. phpFox allows you to create membership subscriptions that charge your users for accessing exclusive content and features. You can customize your user groups, manage your subscription plans, and compare them simply and intuitively. With phpFox, you can immediately start making money with your social network.


The marketplace is a phpFox app that turns your community into a social marketplace where users can easily upload and sell their products. Whether handmade crafts, merchandise, or digital products, Marketplace lets your users easily buy and sell. Start your e-commerce business today and monetize your community with Marketplace.


Paypal is the most convenient and secure way to enjoy the premium features of your favorite social network. Whether you want to upgrade your plan, buy more points, or access exclusive content, you can do it all with Paypal. Just link your Paypal account to your social network profile and you’re ready to go. Paypal lets you pay with confidence, knowing that your personal and financial information is protected by advanced encryption and fraud prevention systems.

Activity Points

Activity Points is a gamification app that rewards your social network members with virtual points for their interactions. You can use these points as a website currency to manage your users and offer them various incentives. You can also convert the points to real money or other rewards. As an Admin, you have full control over the point system and its settings. Moreover, the app allows developers to integrate Activity Points with other features and apps.


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