• ChatPlus and Live Streaming requirements

    ChatPlus and Live Streaming requirements

    We would like to remind you of some requirements which are necessary to know when purchasing our solutions ChatPlus and Live Streaming. So let’s dive in. ChatPlus In order to set up ChatPlus for you, we would like to get the following information:The admin user credentials of your phpFox site and the cPanel/SSH user credentials to the server for phpFox website. The SSH root access to the dedicated server or VPS where you want to set up ChatPlus. This server should be Ubuntu OS and different from the one used for the phpFox website.ChatPlus Server Requirements Minimum:Single-core (2 GHz) 1 GB RAM 30 GB of SSDThe above minimal configuration is fine for small deployments of 200 users with up to 50 concurrent users and minimal level of mixed uploads, sharing, and chat activities. Recommended:Dual-core (2 GHz) 2 GB RAM 40 GB of SSDThe above configuration can accommodate small deployments of 500 users, up to 100 concurrent users and moderate levels of mixed uploads, sharing, and chat activities.We utilize Docker to deploy the ChatPlus solution, so the server must have Docker and Docker Compose installed.To avail ChatPlus solution, you need to purchase it separately as it is not included in phpFox License and its pricing is $999. Live Streaming  Live Streaming installation requires Mobile Build Service because our current live solution allows you to go live only from phpFox Mobile app. This solution uses MUX services to encode, store and broadcast live videos. Clients need to register and provide us with their MUX credentials to do the needful setup.There is no requirement for the server to set up Live Streaming.To avail Live Streaming, you need to purchase it separately as it is not included in phpFox License and its pricing is $799. *Upon the receipt of all necessary information, it takes us 2 days to complete the setup process. Please feel free to raise a ticket in our client area if there is any hesitation.
  • 6 Steps to build an online community

    6 Steps to build an online community

    The online customer community has rapidly grown in recent years due to the considerable development of technology and it is really necessary to build an online community for your business. In our latest article, we have discussed how the customer community benefits businesses...
  • Independence Day promotion 2020

    Independence Day promotion 2020

    Independence Day is almost here   Let's celebrate this day with our Sale. We're happy to offer a 15% discount for all purchases from July 3rd to 8th 2020.   You are a free man living in a free country, so enjoy your life to the fullest. Happy Independence Day!   Click below for the promo code now    [sociallocker]4JULY2020[/sociallocker]   BUY NOW    *Please note that this offer is not applicable to subscription licenses or services   Build your niche social network or online community with us
  • New phpFox Apps and Themes in December 2018

    New phpFox Apps and Themes in December 2018

    The year 2019 is finally here! Gear up to take on new challenges as new year resolution by refreshing your Social network with new apps and themes. Last month, December, was a whole month of holiday and festive spirit, yet phpFox Store still shook with several new and incredible products. Let's find out these new phpFox Apps and Themes to equip your site with the best tools! 1. phpFox Mobile Apps by phpFox  As an ultimate solution, our phpFox Native Mobile Apps can boost to amplify users’ awareness of your community. Enhancing connectivity with instant access, phpFox Native Mobile Apps will surely return a higher conversion rate and cost-efficient values to your Social Network.Learn More... 2. Video Popup Viewer by FoxExpertUsers love watching and sharing videos on Social networks. With Video Popup Viewer app, users on your network will have better ability to browse videos. This app also allows easy AJAX functions to edit videos. You can play video in the popup or in the bottom of the website. Additionally, the app has many other different options like downloading, featuring and sponsorship. Browsing videos with Video Popup Viewer guarantee the best experiences for users.Learn More... 3. Feed Bypass by Scheinwelt-MediaThis app allows you to select which apps can add items to the main feed. If you don't want a specific feed item to show up, simply add it to the list of bypass feeds. This could be very useful to clean your main feed and database by bypassing items like friendships, forum replies, profile changes.Learn More... 4. AdBlock Detector by FoxerAdBlock Detector checks if the visitor uses any sort of ad blocker. If they are, you get the opportunity to display a targeted message to them. You have control over that message and can customize it freely.Learn More... 5. Apps Downloads Buttons by FoxExpertA simple solution which helps you add links for your mobile apps downloads in any page, the footer, or on the Material Landing page. Done with best Phpfox practice and without changing core files.Learn More...  That's all for now. If you want to learn more about the functions and features of these new products, you can contact directly to our third-party vendors for inquiries. Or you can let us know your thoughts on these products by writing to or create tickets in the Client Area.Wanna purchase new licenses? As you may know, the very new version 4.7.2 was just officially released. We have been receiving much positive feedback about this release. You can purchase phpFox right now to enjoy these above perks just by clicking on the button below.Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news and deals in upcoming events.
  • Upgrade phpFox 4.7.0 the right way

    Upgrade phpFox 4.7.0 the right way

    Since the release of phpFox 4.7.0 last week, we are delighted by all the love and support through loads of feedback and suggestions from you. As committed to completed satisfaction from clients, we truly appreciate and welcome all your constructive opinions and inputs, as these greatly inspire and help us in the process of perfecting the platform. On top of many positive feedbacks, we also received some reports about issues while upgrading to 4.7.0 and this may make you have concerns. To make sure the upgrade process goes smoothly on your side, we will now cover some frequent problems in common scenarios so you can prepare in advance and have a successful upgrade.  1. Should I upgrade when my site has only Core apps? → All Core default apps are fully compatible with phpFox 4.7.0 now, indeed all Core apps are already upgraded to work well on this new versions. Therefore, you can just go ahead and upgrade immediately. However, it is important to note that some apps such as Pages, Group, Activity Point, Messages, etc. are only compatible with phpFox 4.7.0. Please don't forget to upgrade all phpFox apps to their latest versions along with phpFox Core upgrade to prevent any compatible issues.  2. Should I upgrade when my site has only Core apps and some were customized? → When it comes to customization, the situation turns to a little bit complicated. The customized apps may need to be merged with the newest source code manually to avoid any missing or bug. If your site was launched, then you shouldn't apply the codes directly to your production site as it might cause unexpected malfunctions and conflicts which potentially crash your site. We recommend you to build up a development environment for this upgrade then perform the upgrade on this so you can test and fix bugs first. Once the development environment works smoothly without any issue, it's time to deploy source code to the live site.  3. Should I upgrade when my site has 3rd-party apps? → First of all, please make sure that all 3rd-party apps you wish to use on your site have to be compatible with phpFox 4.7.0. The risk of applying and using an incompatible app may cause your site down. So even you really want to use the apps, we recommend you to wait until all apps are checked and fully compatible. In case you are in rush, please contact 3rd party providers/experts to schedule the upgrading plan for the apps.  4. Should I upgrade when my site has customized 3rd-party apps? → This situation is the same to above, we recommend you to check for app compatible first regardless it's customized or not. Again, in case you are in rush, you can always contact 3rd party providers/experts to schedule the upgrading plan for the apps. Third-party experts can have good advices for you to upgrade customized apps as well as merge old custom work then. Moreover, it is always the best practice that you should have full backup your site before proceeding upgrade. When starting the phpFox upgrade, it is highly recommended to temporarily disable all 3rd-party apps to avoid compatibility issues. After upgrading your phpFox Core and default apps successfully, you can move to upgrade and enable 3rd-party apps. Upgrading your Production site should be taken place during low traffic time. Ideally, it's around midnight and 5 AM, but it's not right to all industries and you have to adjust accordingly. Hopefully, these walkthroughs on scenarios above will clear up of your concerns and help you in the process upgrading your site to phpFox 4.7.0. Feel free to let us know if you have any inquiry about the upgrading process and also about the platform so we can improve phpFox better through future releases.  Let contribute your thoughts and ideas by emailing us at
  • New phpFox Store is here!

    New phpFox Store is here!

    As we announced early this year, phpFox Store is one of our major updates in 2018. And now the wait is over. We are delighted to inform that the new phpFox Store is already available for you to experience.phpFox Store is the official phpFox marketplace developed by the phpFox team for third-party experts and our valued clients.In this new release, we bring a brand new look on the Store includes new layouts, designs, features... These changes primarily aim to improve user experiences upon finding apps, purchasing apps, installing apps and managing purchases. Aside from the significant improvements in user interfaces, the new Store also is a big leap in term of functionalities as several upgrades and extensions on features have been implemented or re-designed workflows. Surely, the new Store is capable of fulfilling any user's needs and demands.One epoch-making improvement for privacy and management is that accounts on the new Store (including Experts) are now synced with accounts in Client Area. This transition ensures that you can manage your account and your purchases more securely and conveniently.Since new phpFox Store has many new features and new layouts, it will take time for experts to update their products and profiles.So please try and enjoy this new release of phpFox Store. Also, let us know your opinions on this new release of the Store. In case you need any extra help from the team on Store inquiries, you can always reach us.