Martin Luther King Day Promotion 2022

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Martin Luther King, Jr., was awarded the 🏆 Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35, making him the youngest recipient of the award. While being congratulated on winning, he stated that all of the $54,123 prize money will be donated to the civil rights movement and became an inspiration for many people across the country. 


In honor of his contribution, this Martin Luther King Day, phpFox is offering a limited-time sale 


🎁👨🏾‍💼15% OFF👨🏾‍💼🎁

On all license & solution purchases & upgrades

🗓️Duration: From Jan 14th to Jan 18th
⚡Promo Code: LUTHERKING2022



We recently released a better, updated version of phpFox Mobile 1.8.0 that included many improvements for the mobile core features, ChatPlus, and Live Streaming. Making this more accessible and bringing more value to your business 


Mobile Core

  • Higher Security Levels
  • Better Quality of Life 



  • Improved Interaction
  • Better Layout
  • More Accessibility 


Live Streaming 

  • Improved Connection 


So if you want to try out this new promising updated phpFox Mobile 1.8.0, this is the perfect chance to do so. 


In addition, 3rd-party experts are also offering Discounts for all their plugins. Check them out! 


YouNetCo 15% OFF for all Purchases | 

Promo Code: YNCMLK22 | Jan 14th to Jan 18th


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