Gamification in Business – New Way to Attract Customers

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More than just games, gamification strategy may be utilized in organizations to improve employee engagement, marketing, and much more. To get the most effective outcomes, we may also make the most of new approaches’ advantages.


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In This Article:

  1. Look at the Big Picture
  2. Include Giveaways 
  3. Use Instant Win Games
  4. Example of Successful Gamification Strategies


Implementing Gamification in Business Can Drastically Improve Your Revenue


Look at the Big Picture


First and foremost, you need to take a look at the bigger picture, regardless of what you’re trying to gamify. Customer and staff engagement initiatives that use gamification may significantly impact the company’s ability to acquire and retain customers. To make an experience more fun for customers, you don’t have to make a game for them. Game mechanics and mobile game design can be used in non-game contexts in the form of gamification.


By rewarding consumers for particular actions, gamification may influence customer behavior. A better understanding of consumer behavior allows firms to plan their future business goals better, and therefore, it may be utilized to enhance customer and employee engagement tactics. When these behaviors are adopted, they will lead to long-term engagement.


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Include Giveaways 


Gamifying your business with giveaways is another exciting option. Your email, social media, and website are all included in this plan, making it even more effective. In general, this form of marketing has a broader reach than our other recommendations, which implies more chances for people to interact with it.


For example, more than 3.96 billion users are on Facebook. On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, giveaway contests are more likely to go viral. If they can win anything for free, people are more than ready to engage in these kinds of activities.


When making giveaways events, you should come up with creative rewards and prizes that will appeal to the participants and benefit your business. For example, for SaaS businesses, you can offer a year of service to the winner of your contest. Alternatively, you might provide smaller rewards to folks who submitted by email or social media. There are many ways to encourage customers to complete their purchases, such as offering them discounts or a gift.


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Use Instant Win Games


Instant win games are another great approach to engage clients using gamification in business. People prefer simple wins, so you’ll have more chances to recruit them than other contests. Simple spin-to-win wheels work well on social media and websites.


Visitors to your site are greeted with a wheel that offers rewards ranging from 10% off a purchase to free products or licenses when they land on the page. Customers that are interested in your brand will spin the wheel and win a prize.


You may build up this game with odds and offers relevant to your business, but one thing is sure: visitors are more likely to become clients following this experience. Because most of your customers have a chance to win anything, this is one of the advantages of this game type.


Just thinking about this: you’re browsing a website and considering making a purchase. Suddenly, a game appears, and you earn a 25% discount. Would you be more inclined to finish your transaction if you received this offer?


If you’re like most people, you’ll say “Yes!”


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Example of Successful Gamification Strategies


People say that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Here are some of the good examples for creating successful gamification in business strategy. 


M&M’s Eye-Spy Pretzel


When M&M’s introduced a pretzel-flavored variant of their candy, they used gamification and social media to advertise their new product. The basic and low-cost plan included an eye-spy game published on the brand’s Facebook page. They shared an image of several multi-colored M&M candies and challenged their followers and customers to identify a small “pretzel boy” hiding amid the candy. 


The game immediately became popular. Over 25,000 people liked, 6,000 shared, and 10,000 commented on the Eye-Spy Pretzel game.




In addition to engaging with consumers, Nike+ and Fuelband accessories collect crucial information about them. Personal data collected may be used to strengthen targeted content marketing efforts. While running or exercising, the Nike+ Fuelband encourages users to compete with others. The NikeFuel app may be linked to social media to share and compare results.


Trophies and badges are given to people who meet milestones and achieve athletic achievements, motivating customers to utilize their goods and seek additional prizes.


My Starbucks Rewards


Starbucks uses gamification approaches to enhance consumer engagement and assure repeat business through its Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. Customers who join Starbucks Rewards enjoy benefits such as free food and beverages, and they earn points or “stars” with each transaction. 


Customers may then use their stars to buy goods or prizes. As customers earn more stars, they may get extra incentives like free birthday drinks and refills. Gold-status players will be awarded the most. Starbucks, for example, offers rewards to customers who are loyal to the brand.


Want to apply gamification in business? You can start with creating your own social network. Having your own online social network means you’ll be able to proactively engage with your customers while having a better connection with them. 


With phpFox’s built-in features, you can quickly integrate gamification into your social network to improve the overall user experience and get them HOOKED. phpFox has already established ways for accumulating points, which will serve as the foundation for creating gamification for any social network.


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