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Ecommerce Marketing Strategies on Social Networks for Businesses

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies on Social Networks for Businesses | Feature | phpFox-ecommerce

Online stores all want to increase traffic and create more conversions, and however, not many have successfully put together an effective strategy to do it. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with your ecommerce marketing strategies. 


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In This Article:

  1. What Is Ecommerce Marketing?
  2. Engage Online Store Visitor with Live Chat
  3. Upsell Your Products
  4. Set up a Facebook Store
  5. Integrate Instagram 
  6. Consider Mobile Factors
  7. Make Sure Your Website Is Easy to Navigate
  8. PhpFox Is the Solution for You


What Should You Do to Make a Good Ecommerce Marketing Campaign?


What Is Ecommerce Marketing?


Ecommerce marketing is promoting your online business, turning visitors into customers, and keeping those consumers once they’ve purchased all part of ecommerce marketing.


A well-rounded ecommerce marketing approach includes both on- and off-site techniques. A well-executed internet marketing plan may help you establish brand awareness, boost client loyalty, and eventually increase online sales. ‘


You may use ecommerce marketing tools for advertising your online store as a whole or for increasing sales for individual goods, depending on your needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Engage Online Store Visitor with Live Chat


You will miss your chance to make a conversion if you cannot answer the concerns or questions from visitors quickly and timely. One of the most important factors affecting customers’ buying decisions is the interaction and satisfaction from your shop/business. 


Aside from direct consumer chats, live chat allows you to answer and handle customer problems while they’re in the process of making an order.


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Upsell Your Products


Many of us are familiar with the phrase, “Would you like to upsize your order?” “Upselling,” or selling a somewhat more expensive item than the one the consumer was originally contemplating, is an example of this.


Many businesses find that cross-selling and upselling can be a lot more effective than getting a new group of customers. This is because sometimes your customer may not know about the availability of the premium product, or they just need more information about the product and how the upgraded version is better than the original. 


In addition, you should also consider these two main factors when using upselling: 


  • Be sensitive to the expected price range of the customers 
  • Make sure that you’re upselling the product/ service related to the original product/service. 


Set up a Facebook Store


Having an online store where you can display all of your available products is essential. Giving your customer the ability to see all of the possible options before making a buying decision can help convince them to purchase.  


Even better, you don’t have to have a separate inventory for your Facebook store because it can be integrated with an ecommerce platform like Shopify.


Integrate Instagram 


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, connecting customers, influencers, and marketers with its more than 500 million daily active users.


You’ll have a much easier time attracting a huge Instagram following of potential customers if you post regularly, include relevant hashtags, and shoot great photographs. Engaging with your followers is the best way to build a strong organic Instagram following.


For example, you can try to run a contest or go behind the scenes to reveal how your product is made. Instagram also has a “pay to play” option. Your Instagram posts and stories should include product links to encourage your followers to buy, essential to boosting your online sales.


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Consider Mobile Factors


Increasing numbers of people are accessing social media networks via their mobile devices. Consequently, you must have a functional website that performs properly on both computers and mobile devices.


Mobile-friendly payment alternatives are a need. For example, in the case of Apple Pay, you may allow customers to make purchases from their mobile devices. More payment choices will be discussed in the next section of the website.


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Make Sure Your Website Is Easy to Navigate


User experience (UX) and User interface design (UI) should be your top priorities when making ecommerce marketing strategies. You want your customers to be able to easily identify the things they’re looking for and make an informed decision about whether or not to make a purchase.


People are more likely to buy from you if you make it as simple as possible for them to do so. Maintain user-friendly navigation and avoid design features that are difficult for consumers to use.


PhpFox Is the Solution for You


  • It is possible to create specialized online communities with PhpFox, a high-performance social networking platform. phpFox allows you to develop an online store within your online community where customers may connect with one other and with your brand directly. Because communication is streamlined and quick, you don’t have to worry about having consumers wait long for their replies.


  • Additionally, phpFox will assist you in showcasing your business’s top items and services to customers using images. Ad campaigns allow you to target the proper audience depending on their demographics (gender, age, and region). Your community can be readily accessed on desktop computers and mobile devices thanks to our adaptable site design.


  • No coding is necessary for your online community’s fully adjustable appearance and feel, and UI and UX will no longer be an issue. Having the ability to accept various payment methods is an important aspect of any ecommerce marketing plan. In other words, your buyer will have a wide range of possibilities from which to pick.


Contact us now and let us help with your ecommerce marketing. Run your business FASTER, BETTER, SMARTER with phpFox. 





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