How UI/UX Impact Your Business

How UI/UX Impact Your Business | Feature | phpFox-UIUX

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are two of the most crucial factors of your business website. So let’s find out what UI and UX are and how they can affect your business.


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In This Article:

  1. What Are UI and UX?
  2. How Do They Work Together?
  3. The Impact of UI and UX on Your Business


Things You Should Know About UI and UX


What Are UI and UX?


Before we go any further to the impact of UI and UX on your business, you first need to understand UI and UX. 


  • UI (short for user interface) design enhances the display and interaction of a software program or product. It emphasizes navigation, aesthetics, and how the product interacts with consumers. UI also handles concerns like responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility. Consistent layout and appropriate visuals design are other important characteristics of a hassle-free UI design.


  • UX (short for user experience) design is the process of improving the entire experience of the user when they engage with your software program or website. The objective of UX is to deliver maximum client pleasure. A strong UX design results in a software solution that is simple to use, intuitive, and appealing.


How Do They Work Together?


The overall feel and design of your company website may increase your credibility by 75%[1]. Furthermore, your website design influences the first impressions of your company. Finally, around 88% of consumers do not return to websites where they had a negative experience. That being said, when it comes to bringing your business online, your site’s UX and UI should be a top concern.


  • Information architecture. Also known as IA, it is the process of creating the information structure of a website or application to meet the needs of the business. The major goal of AI is to make navigation easier for users regardless of browser.


  • Usability design. The term “usability” is derived from the word “use.” It’s all about usability. Many people might be turned off by a complicated app or website. Users will quit a product if they believe it is too difficult, and they may never return. Usability design strives to create things that are simple to comprehend and simple to use.


  • Interaction design. The process of envisioning the product’s design and how consumers will interact with it is a component of UI/UX design. It entails brainstorming and designing/selecting, among other things, colors, aesthetics, typeface, pictures, music, motion, graphics, and space. How can you make the most of these aspects to improve user interaction and experience? That is the question that interface design is attempting to solve. 


  • Visual design. Finally, the visual design attempts to enhance a product’s aesthetic appeal and usefulness via the use of appropriate pictures, typography, layout, and color. It entails picking the appropriate pieces based on the region of the application/website and carefully positioning them to build interfaces that improve user experience and promote conversions.


The Impact of UI and UX on Your Business


1 Identifies Personas


Knowing your target audience is critical for every organization, and developing a persona is one of the numerous problems that arise during the UX design process. Creating a fictitious persona aids in the development of customer-oriented solutions.


2 Customer Journey


UX is a critical technique for improving the customer experience since it assists in identifying the consumer’s motivations and needs. This aids in concentrating on an acceptable design solution.

A great user experience and interface design set you apart. 


Excellent UI/UX design draws attention to your items, whether in app stores or search engine result pages. That initial impression is crucial. It can help you generate a lot of visitors. Once users are in your app/website, the frictionless UX/UI design will keep them browsing for a longer period of time. Increased conversions are directly linked to longer stay durations.


3 First Impressions and Credibility


According to research published on the Nielsen Norman Group website, initial impressions have a significant influence on consumers’ perceptions of aesthetics, usability, and trustworthiness. And we all know how important first impressions are, especially with so many competitors vying for the same customers like your company.


Meanwhile, another research released by The British Computer Society discovered that a website’s overall aesthetics contributed an astounding 75% to its credibility.


4 Returning Customers


A good user interface and user experience design are equally important in obtaining repeat purchases. Customers will return if they believe your website is simple to use and highly customized to match their demands. Needless to say, repeat sales are among the most lucrative. As you may have heard, it costs 3.5X more to acquire a new customer.


5 Brand recognition


Brand recognition can generate traffic for a long period. Branding also increases the trustworthiness of a company. Clients are immediately put at rest when they notice your brand colors and emblems. This can foster consumer loyalty, resulting in repeat transactions over time. A strong UI/UX design is an essential component of digital branding.


So what are you planning to do to improve your UI and UX? If you don’t know where to start, you should seek help from professionals. We here at phpFox will get you more customers by improving your UI and UX. Contact us now and let us know how we can help! 






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