The importance of user experience

the importance of user experience

User experience (UX) is the overall experience of a user with a particular product, website, mobile app, or service. UX includes not only the use of features, but also other aspects such as the experience, emotions, and value. These are gained from interacting with that product, website, application, or service. So, what are the important things of user experience?

Increase search engine rankings

To increase the traffic of users to your website, SEO is the first tool to appear in our minds. However, having many visitors to the website does not mean that the website is running effectively. Having a good web experience, customers will stay on the web for longer. This leads to bouncing rates reduction and the rise of conversion rates.

In recent years, Google’s algorithm has made some changes when it comes to ranking web pages on search engines. Accordingly, the search engine data is not only based on the traffic (website traffic) but also the average time users stay on the page and the rate of returning to rank the website.

Keep customers staying

Not only attracting new customers, but a company with good user experience is also likely to maintain brand loyalty and reap more benefits from its old customers. According to a 2009 US market research report, companies that provide a good user experience compared to companies in the same category will:

  • Have a higher rate of 14.4% of customers who are willing to buy the next time
  • Have a lower rate of 15.8% of customers who are willing to buy from their competitor

Great effect on revenue

The speed factor in the user experience greatly affects the purchase decision. According to statistics from Amazon, just one of their websites has a speed of 1 second slower than normal will cost them 1.6 billion dollars per year. Another example, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which claims a 2-second delay in page load speed can result in a loss of 4.3% in revenue per visitor. 

In the opposite direction, the investment to have good UX brings very positive signals in terms of revenue. According to the Forrester report, on average, every dollar invested in UX results in $100 return (meaning an ROI of up to 9900%).

Reduce costs for businesses

Economic efficiency from UX is not just about revenue. Numerous studies have found a pretty clear correlation between investing in UX and saving other types of costs for businesses.

The Forrester report shows that companies that invest in UX will have lower costs of customer ownership and customer support.


Technology makes thousands of tasks much easier, without which certain tasks would not be feasible at all. Yet when it comes to developing applications, the rivalry is fierce. Ten applications that do the same job well, but the one with the better UX will always be the one who wins the game. Businesses can not ignore the importance of user experience If they want to stay safe in the battle of the market.


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