How To Improve Customer Experience

How to improve customer experience?

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About a third of customers report that after just one negative experience, they would avoid doing business with a company. In other words, they tend to spend more money and come back more frequently because of the good experience they received. Obviously, customers always prefer a brand that makes them feel satisfied and happy upon their choices. Therefore, knowing how to improve customer experience is very important for every business to access the success door.

What makes great customer experiences? 5 things you should know

Deeper understand your customers

Focus your attention on your goal customers and dive deeper into what pushes them. There are many ways you can do to collect customer insight such as conducting customer surveys, creating polls on social media channels, or using some digital marketing tool, etc. Then, develop different marketing personalities focused on these customers and define the particular traits that inspire them.

Diversify the ways of communication

We live in a world of omnichannel. According to reports, 73% of customers use different kinds of channels during their shopping journey. It could be mobile, laptop, email, chat, social media sites, or in-person. Whatever the way is, businesses ought to be able to interact with them in the way they desire. And an important thing when running multiple communication platforms, all of them should provide a consistent experience for customers.

Available as always

Besides communicating with the customers the way they want, you also need to be available for them whenever they connect to you. If your business does not have 24/7 customer service, try to create specific content to serve them when you’re not around. Now there are many tools that allow your channels to automatically answer for the preprogrammed questions. As well as that, you can create how-to guides or FAQs on your website to assist your customer to solve some popular issues that they often encounter. Furthermore, you can build your own customer community for them to share their experience to help others. You can consider phpFox as a partner to help you build that community. If you are interested, contact us via our Client Area.

Grow relationships

Why customers have to choose you when there are lots of brands serving the same services/products out there? It’s a piece of cake that they could be swayed by your competitor. That’s why you need to engage with your customers and build relationships with them. Make sure you reach out to customers by all the channels such as email marketing, social media, advertising, etc. Create valuable and educational content for them to use. Keep being in touch with your customers and let them know every update of your brands. This is also another effective way to improve customer experience.

Listen to customers

Regularly conduct surveys to get feedback from your customers. This helps you find out many hidden problems that are so important for your business. You can also add the review section on social media channels to let them share their experience using your product or services. Hearing your customers helps you easier measure and evaluate the improvements. Moreover, when you let them feel that they’re respected, that’s when you make great customer experience. 


To sum up, customer experience is one of the most crucial factors to differentiate your business from your competitors. No matter how outstanding your product is, If the customer experience is not good, your customers will not come back to you next time. Therefore, it’s essential for the business to get to know how to improve customer experience to take the appropriate action and build a good reputation for the brand.

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