How to convert offline customers to online?

How to convert offline customers to online?

It’s the era of technology, technique appears in every corner of every business. If you are running a retail brand without any website presence to sell your product or service, you are seriously limiting your access to potential customers. This makes them flock to the other competitors. A friendly website which shows your product for selling and delivers them to the customer doorstep is an important part of your success in this digital era. So, it’s really crucial to start building your business website and then convert offline customers to online.


Below are some ways which might be useful to start your strategy

Collect customer email addresses at the POS

Ask the customers to sign up their email right after they enter your store. Then, give them an offer for a 5% discount on the next purchase, which will be sent to their email. Once you get their email, you have more data to add to your mailing list for future email campaigns.

Know about the customers

Besides the fundamental information like email addresses or mobile numbers, you should also try to get other information like gender, age, location, interest, etc. to have a clear demographic view about your customers. This will help to create accurately many customer segmentation. Therefrom, you can target them more efficiently.

Concentrate on the customer segmentation

You need to segment the collected data following specific use cases which help you to approach the customer in the most effective way. Below are some particular ones:

  • Segmentation based on their transaction frequency.

Depending on this segmentation; you can make lists of loyal customers, frequent transactors, less frequent ones. Then, create suitable campaigns for each list to offer the customers discounts for their loyalty.

  • Segmentation based on customer demography.

This information gives you a clear view to build and develop your marketing strategy effectively. Based on the customer age, gender, behaviour and hobbies, businesses can approach them with the right offer at the right time in the right way. 

Geolocation is the future of Marketing

When customers search for information on the web, thanks to the Location Targeting function, businesses can locate their exact location. If they’re close to the stores, they will be approached with app push or text notifications of exclusive deals already going. This method has the effect of promoting the effectiveness of the advertisement much more. This will contribute to making customers find more businesses by geographical convenience.

Recommendation notification for nearby customers

Businesses should provide customers with better offers at the offline shop depending on their location and the closest store to them. This will take more footfall to your shop. Recommendations have a great influence on the customers since they are direct mails targeted to their needs.


To sum up, the offline store is the place where customers come to you, while online one will help you to reach out to them. Your online presence will help you not only convert the offline customer to your online but also provide more ROI as you go forward.


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