phpFox Community Update

community update

We have received much feedback since the new phpFox community release last month. We believe every contribution plays an important role to make phpFox better. 

Today, we’re back to inform an update of our community with some improvements below

  • Add the subcategories on the main menu to optimize user navigation. This allows the community member to navigate and go direct to their destination right at the menu bar.
  • Make the user activity feed automatically load more activities when users scroll down the page.
  • Improve the thread position on the community homepage to automatically update when users delete a recent comment.
  • Fix the missing cursor on the Sign-in Page when users open to login

These are all the improvements to our community this time. We are constantly trying to improve phpFox community for our user better experience. 

We always appreciate any feedback to make phpFox better. Please feel free to contact us at our Client Area if there are any further recommendations.

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