7 Reasons Live Chat Is More Popular With Customers

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When done right, live chat can improve many things inside a business, from customer service to sales and marketing to logistics. As live chat is becoming more widely available to all kinds of businesses, let’s find out why customers prefer it as a contact channel.


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In This Article:

  1. Instant Reply
  2. Time Saving for Your Customer
  3. User Friendly UI
  4. Customer Can Multitask
  5. No Awkward Phone Calls Needed
  6. Gain More Information
  7. Real-Life Interaction


Learn About Why People like Live Chat so Much with These 7 Reason 


Instant Reply


When asked why they chose live chat as a communication method, users’ top answer revolved around its ability to reply promptly.


Alternative agent-assisted communication modes, such as telephone, are typically associated with significant wait times, being placed on hold, and being moved from department to department. Customers are irritated and frustrated since this takes up an unnecessary portion of their day and feels like a waste of time.


Similarly, email as a communication medium feels disconnected to consumers — waiting days for a response to the first of what might be five follow-up inquiries is plain unrealistic, and it does not reflect favorably on customer evaluations or CSAT scores.


Because live chat can handle numerous client concerns at once, agent time may be used significantly more efficiently than in other channels. It implies that wait times are kept to a minimum, which reduces Average Handling Times (AHT) and, as a result, raises CSAT scores.


Time Saving for Your Customer


When it comes to providing a great customer experience and meeting their customer service needs, time is of the essence.


Telephone and email are notorious for long wait times and frequently unpleasant encounters. As your consumers’ lives get busier and their time becomes more valuable, it’s no surprise that such interaction channels are no longer meeting their demands.


The mechanics of live chat, on the other hand, allow your consumers to carry on with their daily activities while engaging with an agent and getting their difficulties answered. Customers may interact with agents from any location, even in a crowded outdoor setting or a loud environment.


If you have any issues with payment or checkout, you may use live chat to receive a rapid response. You can obtain answers about your order status since you’re talking to someone who knows what’s going on, rather than a computer-generated order system that hasn’t been updated yet. Waiting time is decreased, avoiding any further waste of energy, emotions, costs, and time.


User Friendly UI


With instant messaging apps and social media chat usage among your consumers on the rise, it’s no surprise that live chat is becoming increasingly popular as a communication channel.


Customers not only use messaging interfaces every day to communicate with others but generations such as Millenials and Gen Z, who have either grown up using instant messaging or know no other way, anticipate similar interfaces when interacting with businesses.


Customers appreciate live chat because it provides the comfort and convenience of a digital messaging app while also providing the depth of expertise associated with an agent-assisted channel.


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Customer Can Multitask


Live chat is very beneficial since you may participate in it while doing other things. You may communicate while at work while visiting other websites, and so on. We’re so used to having numerous tabs and apps open that we can focus on multiple things at once. We can continue doing what we’re doing while someone answers all of our queries through live chat. According to Nielsen research, 80 percent of UK tablet users and 78 percent of UK smartphone users prefer “dual-screen,” demonstrating that customers desire the capacity to multitask.


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No Awkward Phone Calls Needed


Following on from the comfort factor, the medium of communication makes it much easier for you to express your concerns. It is frequently better to sit down and think of something, type it out, and send it rather than babble over the phone. You can ponder your words. Furthermore, because many individuals dislike speaking on the phone, live chat makes their lives easier! There will be no awkward exchanges, but there will be the benefit of a live answer.


Gain More Information


The old way of asking questions via emails can take a long time, and you will only get a certain amount of information for one email. You can pose queries with several strands. Because of the nature of the medium, the responses you get will be clear and concise. There is also the option to browse back over the material without having to repeat yourself. You may even have the whole chat transcript sent to you once you shut the chat window. 


Real-Life Interaction


It doesn’t appear easy to locate the solution you need on certain websites. You save time using live chat instead of searching for the answer yourself. Someone else can do the legwork for you! It’s the same as being in a changing room and realizing you’ve chosen the wrong size and asking the attendant to get an alternative for you. When you go to the checkout, you see one of your eggs has cracked. A live chat representative can make your purchase much easier. They can discover a consumer on their website and lead them to the goods or answers they want.


You can’t overestimate the value of having a real person to connect with, debate a product with, or even provide an alternate viewpoint. With live chat, you may ask a representative to offer complementary goods, alternatives if the item you want is out of stock, and so on. When you are in the buying process, it is beneficial to be guided through the sale, especially if the things you are considering have high monetary or other worth.




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