Why ChatPlus can leverage your community’s communication

ChatPlus - leverage your community's communication

Live chat plays an important role in creating a good user experience of an online community. It allows members to connect with each other in real-time. This feature is completely stronger than the rest of other communication methods as it responds to the needs of users in a timely manner. Live chat has brought huge benefits to online communities and that’s why you should integrate ChatPlus into your phpFox site. Now let’s dive in to figure out what ChatPlus can do to leverage your community’s communication.


Develop relationships with ChatPlus

A community’s engagement will depend on many factors including the frequency, quality, and type of interactions it has. The more of them, the closer everyone is.

ChatPlus provides a bunch of features to develop and improve the relationship among members of your community. It allows the administrator to set the role for users which makes each position more specific and efficient in communication. In the chatbox, users can manipulate many things with messages to enrich the conversation including reacting, sending emojis, enclosing attachments, mentioning others, replying to other messages, etc. 


Set up online conferencing 

ChatPlus enables users to make real-time video/audio calls with others. Especially in this challenging time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online calls have proved their strength to maintain communication in the most convenient way. Meetings, online events, appointments, etc. can be organized with video conferencing no matter how far the distance is. In addition, ChatPlus also supports the call screen actions including but not limited to switching the front/rear camera, enabling/disabling low bandwidth mode, raising a hand to notice others when users want to speak, and more.

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Know others to communicate better

ChatPlus’s new coming version is developed to display user status. There are 3 kinds of them

  • User status: you can know when people in your friend list are online, offline, busy, or away and the status is completely updated in real-time. In addition, users can actively change between these statuses as they wish. 
  • Typing status: ChatPlus supports showing the typing status in the chat room when someone triggers the typing action.
  • Seen status: this status is shown in the chat room to let users know if others had read the message. 

With these new features, users will be able to communicate more effectively as they could know well the status of others. 


The live chat widget adds a dynamic aspect to the website, attracting both current users and new clients. If a person is thinking about entering an online community in a specific niche, it will work as a dealmaker. It would take very little time to add it which will result in a large benefit. 

Integrate ChatPlus today to bring your community to a higher level and leverage its communication. With just $999, you will have a comprehensive solution to start setting up a communication hub. Buy now HERE


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