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  • Trial Version Available!

    Great news! We've added a free Trial Version so you can fully test the phpFox script on your own server before purchasing.Our new trial version is the same script you would be purchasing. If you love it, all you'll need to do is pay when you get a notice before the end of your trial period and you can keep what you've already set up during the trial. You'll just need to unlock it via a simple process after purchase.Should you decide it's not right for you, during the trial, no problem, the script will be disabled and you should delete it from your server.Since we are adding a trial, we have changed our refund policy going forward. Those that purchased before the trial licenses started will still have the same 30 day guarantee that was in place for your purchase. Anyone that purchases after our trial is enabled will not have a refund period as the trial gives 14 days to fully test the script. The only exception to this would be if you are unable to install the script to your server after purchase and if you purchase install, if our team is unable to install. This requires the server meets our requirements.#socialnetworkscript #phpFox #freetrial
  • phpFox Neutron 4.4.3 build 2 Released

    We are pleased to announce this maintenance release. Please note that if you have Neutron v4.4.3 installed, you do not need to run the full upgrade routine.Any versions below Neutron v4.4.3 will need to run the full upgrade routine.Also note that our requirements are updated and you will need a minimum of PHP 5.5 in order to use Neutron v4. Install InfoDownload Upgrade Instructions Installation Instructions(more…)
  • Taking a Facebook Clone to the Next Level

    Welcome to our August inFocus!This article focuses on how you can take the "Facebook Clone" phpFox social network script and take it to the next level by customizing it. Our phpFox Neutron script is a great starting point for any type of website, however, you'll want to put your own unique spin on it in order to compete with other sites out there. The great news is that our script is highly customizable and most things are done right within the AdminCP. Read on for details on how to achieve success with customizations for your social network!(more…)
  • Earning from Your Social Network

    Welcome to our July inFocus!This article focuses on earning money with your phpFox social networking site. Many people want to hear the Cha-Ching of fast cash coming from their website. The great news is that the phpFox social network script offers many different earning opportunities. We'll focus on those so you can see various ways to earn money from your website.(more…)
  • phpFox Neutron 4.4 Stable Released

    [caption id="attachment_1364" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Neutron 4.4 Release[/caption]We are pleased to announce our stable release of our Neutron 4.4. This version will knock your socks off!Prepare to be wowed! As we mentioned in our Beta release blog, there are a lot of improvements for Neutron 4.4. Security, speed optimizations, new features and theme improvements make this version the best one yet!(more…)
  • Spice it up with Apps, Themes and Languages!

    This article focuses on our phpFox store and how you can spice up your site with some third party products! Perhaps you have noticed that phpFox third party developers have been busy adding Apps, Themes and Languages to the store in recent months. These products should help you to make your site unique for your users.Just so you know, our store also features a listing of all third party developers, complete with ratings! This will help you find a developer if you need custom work done.For more details...(more…)
  • Monetizing with the Marketplace

    We had planned on doing our first one on a third party developer but he's still working on his interview and some things for the store so we'll do that article when he's ready. This time, we'll revisit the first phpFox inFocus we originally did for the Marketplace. Since our Neutron product line has a different look and features, we want to revisit old articles to bring new ideas and show some new apps that can be used with it.(more…)