Taking a Facebook Clone to the Next Level

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This article focuses on how you can take the “Facebook Clone” with phpFox social network script and take it to the next level by customizing it. Our phpFox Neutron script is a great starting point for any type of website, however, you’ll want to put your own unique spin on it in order to compete with other sites out there. The great news is that our script is highly customizable and most things are done right within the AdminCP. Read on for details on how to achieve success with customizations for your social network!

Before we jump right into the nitty-gritty details of how to customize your site, you might want to read our article about Niche websites as it has some tips on it. As we have so many options to customize your site, we’ll go into a few of them here but we do recommend you check our documentation for all of the tutorials there to help you learn how to use the phpFox script.

AdminCP Customization Features

This part of the article does require you to be logged into your AdminCP and it would be good to have the documentation open if you don’t know how to use the settings.


Our phpFox script has a great Theme Manager that allows you to create and edit your themes. It also allows you to add third party themes from the store, right from the comfort of your AdminCP so you don’t need to leave your site to add them.

Though our default Bootstrap theme looks nice, changing the look of your site is an important way to make it stand out from everything else out there. As you would not want to edit a default theme, we provide all of the tools you need to create a copy of it, or to use other themes you might find in the store.

Our documentation has a lot of info regarding Themes and how to work with them.


Menus are also easily managed right within AdminCP in our Menu manager. It’s a good idea to arrange your menus how you think your users will find them easier. Most used things first and least used things last or even removed. You might also want to change Menu names to match your niche. Small details like this can really help your site stand out above your competition and make your users feel more comfortable on the site.


Phrases are another easy thing to manage in AdminCP, via the Phrase Manager. By changing the default Phrases to match your niche, your site will become much more than a “Facebook clone” and will be a customized experience for your users, further propelling you far above your competition. Use your creativity to make your site unique and focused on the niche you’ve chosen. Pokes, for example, could become Prayers on a religious site or even Honks on a car site. Anything is possible within the Phrase Manager.

Third Party Customizations

Perhaps you have other ideas for your site and they aren’t covered in the default phpFox script or in the store. In this case, you need to seek the assistance of the very talented third-party developers at our Developers area of the store.

Each developer there has a profile and ratings/reviews so you can see what other clients have to say about their work. Each developer there has experience with the phpFox script and are the best choice when seeking customizations for your site. You can see what apps/themes/languages they have and their reviews on those as well. This can help you when choosing someone to use. Perhaps contact a few of them today to get a quote for what you want to be done.

With customizations, you can really skyrocket your site to a whole new realm of possibilities and transform your “Facebook clone” into something amazing!

Disclaimer: For any of the third party developers listed, we’ve not received any compensation for them appearing here, it is just a general listing and not endorsements or official recommendations. It is a courtesy listing only and for informational purposes.

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