• Different Types Of Online Communities

    Different Types Of Online Communities

    Online communities are built on various platforms with many purposes. Indeed, before creating an online community, the purpose and the platform are the two most crucial influencing factors. There are many different types of online communities. Let's go through some of them to see their purposes.
  • How to monetize online communities

    How to monetize online communities

    The key objectives of developing online communities include increasing user engagement, offering more cost-effective support, creating customer satisfaction, and turning clients into advocates. However, there are individuals and organisations who have begun to monetize their online communities by extracting money off them. Have you ever asked how you should do the same thing?
  • phpFox 4.7.3 Official Release

    phpFox 4.7.3 Official Release

    The flowers are blooming, the sun is peeking through the clouds, the scent of grassy air, the pastels are in full force... All these beauties signal another wonderful Spring season is already here! It is time to refresh your ideas to start something new, and we firmly believe you already have great plannings ahead to peak out this year. Building up from clients' opinions and feedback from Github Tracker, community and ticket system, we are fascinated to announce that phpFox 4.7.3 is officially released. As a push to lift up Spring spirit and a tribute to our clients, we release this version to ultimately maintain the stability and usability of the platform. So let's start upgrading and replenishing your Social Network with phpFox 4.7.3 now to enjoy all the latest improvements and features!   Improvements Since the last release, we are continuously tweaking and improving the platform to meet any needs and demands based on clients' feedbacks. Some highlighted key improvements in this release are: - Responsive embedded videos in blog posts. - Message to indicate if a profile is Private. - Support better multi-language feature. - Update language & phrases. Fixed Issues Aside from the improvements to current features, we also make sure user experiences. This is leveled up by eliminating all the reported issues in this release. Some of the highlights fixed issues include: - Can't access installed apps if phpFox Store is down or unavailable. - Thumbnail image of user profile doesn't update until clearing the cache. - Can't cancel or save cover photo when repositioning. - Privacy settings are reverted when update Profile menu settings. - The deactivated menu will be re-activated after re-arranging menu order. - Site-wide block 3 or 10 positions in unusual places after refreshing the page. For the full list of improvements and bug fixes, please visit the Release Notes. Changelog If you are developers and looking for the changes in the Core script in this version, please refer to the complete changed files. Installation & Upgrade We highly recommend you to back up your site and database before performing the upgrade. Also please check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are currently using. Take advantage of useful guides below if you want to upgrade the site yourself. – Download – Upgrade Instructions – Installation Guide Important Notes - All the apps from phpFox are fully compatible with the phpFox 4.7.3. - If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, please go over our recommendations to have a swift and safe upgrade process.   If you found any issues with this version, please let us know by submitting tickets or reporting immediately to our GitHub Tracker. We also encourage you to join and stay connected with the Community Forum. We welcome any feedback to make phpFox better and better every day. So feel free to let us know your thoughts on this release by emailing us at   Let's enjoy phpFox 4.7.3 today with us! 
  • Christmas Sale 2018 – The Gifts Are Coming To Town!

    Christmas Sale 2018 – The Gifts Are Coming To Town!

    Christmas is definitely one of the greatest events in the year, being the celebration of the greatest gift ever given by God to mankind. There is no Christmas spirit without Christmas gifts. As usual, we want to take advantage of this moment to show our appreciation to all our clients with our special gifts in our phpFox Christmas Sale 2018 promotion. phpFox Christmas Sale 2018 We delightedly offer the warmest deals with  25% OFF on new phpFox license purchase or upgrade during this promotion From Dec 24, 2018 to Jan 1, 2019 (PST). Gift Code: XMAS2018 Happy Holiday and Don't forget to join with us. We wish you a warm and wonderful Christmas season!  
  • Make your creative Home page with Custom blocks

    Make your creative Home page with Custom blocks

    In phpFox 4.7.1, we pushed an important update as a powerful supplement to phpFox Homepage (or Landing page). As now you can design and customize the whole creative home page with custom blocks. Let's take a look into how we can renovate phpFox Homepage on phpFox 4.7.1 now! It's not an exaggerating to say that the homepage is one of the most important pages on a site. It serves three significant key purposes, all with equal importance: – Attract and captivate visitors. – Educate visitors on your brand and objectives. – Encourage visitors to view other pages on your website.   In other words, the homepage serves as the first impression for new visitors. And generally, it will be the page that lands the most traffic. With this in mind, we have put several efforts on tweaking and perfecting phpFox home page. We firmly believe that the ability to add blocks will guarantee your site a beautiful and persuasive homepage.    As the guidance to walk you through on how you can take advantage of this compelling upgrade, below we are suggesting some examples layout that you can apply blocks to phpFox Homepage. Note: We are working on the Material template as an example. Any other template may require different setups, but the block orders still display accordingly. These layouts aren't shown by default. We just suggest you ideas on how to set up your home page, but you can have your own setup based on your creativity. Just like any page in phpFox, the homepage also has a 3-columns layout. From left to right, it's marked as Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3.   Additionally, there is a header block (Block 11) and a footer block (Block 8) for you to customize. Please note that the home page is Visitor Landing Page (core.index-visitor).   Sample Home pages with custom blocks. 2-columns Layout 3-columns Layout They're so amazing, aren't they? Now it's your time to setup phpFox Homepage, share and inspire others to build beautiful homepages. Having any questions about this feature? Please don't hesitate to let us know by writing to      
  • Upgrade to phpFox 4.7.0 today!

    Upgrade to phpFox 4.7.0 today!

    Today the long wait is finally over. Let's upgrade to phpFox 4.7.0 today! From the beginning, we always dream to provide the best platform for everyone to build Niche Social Network sites. And with this version, phpFox surely solidifies this statement by bringing you the most impact and finest release than ever. This version ultimately not only redefines the current structure of the Core system to improve functionalities and performance but also introduces several new features. Let's take a look at what's new on phpFox 4.7.0. What to expect in phpFox 4.7.0? In this update, we mainly set our focus on enhancing user experience with phpFox. Therefore, we spent our effort to modify and optimize several Core components of the system to ensure a fast, responsive yet stable platform. Additionally, bolstering up the scalability of phpFox is our another target in version 4.7.0. The platform is now flexible and applicable to the expansion on server and database to deal with the large scale of requests from users. Aside from technical improvements, we also introduce you Template Skin, the pre-defined color sets for your template. This new feature brings you a completely new experience and exceptionally change the way you manage your social network appearance. phpFox 4.7.0 Highlights - Compelling Improvements on Performance. - Revamp Cache System. - Optimize Database Structure. - Improve Database Queries. - Revise Codes. - Improve Scalability. - Support multiple App servers. - Support multiple Database servers. - Template Skin. You can check out the full features and improvement of phpFox 4.7.0 in our Documentation. Installation & Upgrade We encourage you to back up your site and database before performing the upgrade. Make sure to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using. Also, take advantages on useful guides below if you want to upgrade the site yourself. - Download - Upgrade Instructions - Installation Guide Important Note The phpFox 4.7.0 requires PHP 5.6 or later. If your server is using older PHP version, please contact your hosting provider for help to upgrade PHP version first. PHP 7.2 is highly recommended. Change Log You can refer to Changelog for phpFox 4.7.0 here. New to phpFox? If you are new and looking for a solution to build up your own Social Network, then phpFox is the right platform for you. phpFox is the ultimate solution for your social network. Thriving to be the best platform for Social Network, phpFox has everything you can expect from a social network: Full-featured, fast, responsive, stable, easy to customize, easy to scale up, Mobile-ready, several extensions from 3rd-party developers... You can build up your own Social Network within minutes with our best Support service. Ask us how and get your own license at Purchase New License You can purchase phpFox right now to enjoy these above perks just by clicking on the button below. We also have an exclusive 14-day Free Trial for you to try the platform before making any decision, and you can visit our Demo site anytime.   Make phpFox Even Better After months of hard work and dedication, we hope phpFox 4.7.0 will be your best experience with the platform. As we committed for your total satisfaction, we welcome any feedback to make phpFox better and better every day, so feel free to let us know your thoughts on this release by emailing us at Also if you found any issues with this version, please let us know by submitting tickets or reporting immediately to our GitHub Tracker. We also encourage you to join and stay connected with the Community Forum.
  • Earn Money in phpFox’s Affiliate Program

    Are you a full-time employee looking for an additional way to Earn Money? Or maybe you're one of those freelancers working in the most flexible way in their chosen field. Either you belong to any of these two or you are anyone who is looking for a faster way to earn money, you're on the right page. You will learn here on how you can make an income in a faster way with just a few and easy steps to follow. Many of our Affiliates are earning not just hundreds but thousands of dollars within few days for doing great and effective strategies in Affiliate Marketing. You will discover those strategies in the next parts of this article. But the first thing you need to know is to learn what an Affiliate Marketing is all about and how you will get money from it. In general, an Affiliate Marketing is one of the forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to an online product, and when that person purchase that product from your recommendation, you will receive a commission. In phpFox's Affiliate Program, you will not receive just a commission but a big commission for every purchase from your recommendation. We will discuss in details later on this article what products and services are covered in this Affiliate Program. How can I become an Affiliate? A good question to start with. The very first step towards your goal is to register yourself to become an Affiliate. Don't worry, registration is FREE. You don't have to pay anything to become an Affiliate.  Anyone can become an Affiliate. Whether you are a student or a professional, you are welcome to register. As long as you have your own PayPal Account where we can send your earnings, you can be an Affiliate. Once you successfully registered as an Affiliate, you will have an account in our Client Area. In the Client Area, you can see all your earnings and the numerical figures in your Affiliate Account. Here's the step by step guide on how to register as an Affiliate. Go to the Affiliate section on our website Click the Join Now Button You will be redirected to this page Since you don't have an account yet, you need to Register first. You can find the registration option on this page under Account menu. Just select the Register menu. Once clicked the Register menu, you will be redirected to this page to create a client account in phpFox. Just make sure to fill up the text fields with your correct information as we will use this as a reference to send your earnings. You will need to verify your account with the link sent to your email address. After verifying, you can now log in to your account. Once login, you can activate your Affiliate Account in the Affiliates menu. After activating your Affiliate Account, you can see your unique referral link. Affiliate real-time statistics are also on this page. Statistics show the figures for clicks, signups, and conversions to keep you up to date. You can also see the list of all your referrals on this page. Referrals are the names of the people who purchased the script under your recommendation. Why do I need to have a Paypal Account? You need to have a PayPal account because this is where we send your earnings. You will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of $100. What should I do to earn money? Now, this is the most important part of being an Affiliate. There are many ways you can do to earn money in Affiliate Program. One of the most effective strategies to become a successful Affiliate is by creating blogs about phpFox. You can start blogging for free via WordPress. You can post your blogs to different social media sites, pages, forums, groups, etc.  Just make sure to highlights the social network features especially the monetization feature on your blog to attract more readers.  And don't miss to put your unique referral link on your blogs as this will serve as the bridge to connect these readers to become potential clients. There are some tips you can learn in the article How to Make Money in Social Network that you can use in writing your blogs. Remember, your goal is for the people to click the unique referral link given to you. You can also research other strategies online about Affiliate Marketing to gain more traffic on your blogs. The more people you reach, the more clicks you will get. The more clicks you will get the bigger the chances they will purchase and the bigger commission you will earn. What will I get after people purchase? You will get 20% commission for every purchase in any of these phpFox products and services including license, hosting,  and other services such as Quick Start and Launch packages.  To give you an idea, imagine a scenario when someone purchased a license from your unique referral link. In phpFox, we have three different license packages. The LITE, BASIC and PRO.  When someone purchases the PRO package worth $539, you will automatically get 20% commission on this purchase It means, you will receive $107.8 since this is the 20% of $539. Therefore, you can earn $1078 commission with just 10 license purchases. How much more if you've got more purchases? Obviously, you will get higher earnings. One great advantage as an Affiliate is you manage your own time. We are not going to require you to do it. You can do it anywhere. You can do this at home, coffee shops, or anywhere you'd like to be. As a result, as an Affiliate, you will be able to earn money by doing things at your convenience while having fun. You can also contact us via live chat on our website or send us an email at if you have any question. In Addition to this, you can also check out the Affiliate Policy at for more details about commission rules of our Affiliate Program. There are a lot of more ways you can advertise your affiliate link. Some are paid and some are free. Google has a plethora of results for marketing and advertising so feel free to also do your own searching but we'll put a few tips here. Add it to your signature in websites you are a member. Make sure they allow this first. Become a member of websites for webmaster help and answer questions about the phpFox script, about social network scripts, about cms scripts or about starting a website. Family, friends and business associates are a good free way to market. Some might want a site of their own or maybe they know someone that does. Put your affiliate link in your email signature. Take out some ads in search engines, on hosting forums, on technical support forums. Put an ad on your own site if you don't mind folks knowing what script you use. Offer services to make websites. Let your clients purchase the phpFox script with your affiliate link and then set up the site for them after. Post on social media with tips for starting websites and include your affiliate link in some of the posts. You won't want to put it in every post as that can turn people off from reading your posts. You need to grow your following with relevant posts. We hope the above tips help you to take your affiliate account to high levels and grow your bank account! Disclaimer: phpFox cannot guarantee that you will earn specific amounts, or anything at all, with the affiliate program. Your earnings are directly impacted by your efforts. As such, it is out of our control as to how much you may or may not earn.
  • Welcome to the new phpFox Website!

    Welcome to the new phpFox Website!

    We've got good news for you! We are excited to announce that we just published our new phpFox website! Our team worked hard to collect all the information needed and properly organized them into a one powerful, informative yet cool and user-friendly website. From the Developers to the Managers up to the Director, we collaboratively discussed and implement all the necessary details to give you the best experience exploring our website. That being said, here's a 10% OFF for you on your purchase. Please use the code NEWFOX to get the discount.   What's new on our website? How about a quick tour? Let's start with the main section HOMEPAGE Basically, this page will show you what phpFox is all about. A quick link for the 14-days trial can be found here. You will also have access to the live demo here. You can also find some of our featured showcases here. And most especially, support options are just one click away. Live chat, client area, and community support? You can find them here. FEATURES We didn't just change this page. We make sure to detailed everything in this section to give you a clear idea what core features are included in phpFox. SHOWCASE Showcase section proves that phpFox is a powerful social network platform for niche's communities. You can find some of our successful clients in this page. Don't hesitate to visit their stunning website. Who knows? Yours will be next in line? PRICING This page clearly shows the different packages that we have. With three different packages starting from $299, you can run a social network already. You will have a chance to compare each package and know its features. Take a look at the comparison page. There are also some answers to frequently ask questions on this page in case you need to know more details. ABOUT Here you can find the people behind phpFox. We, the phpFox team, are always making sure to give you a powerful social network script in the world. We listen to our clients and provide them with the solution. ADD-ONS Who wouldn't want to check out addons? This page will show you different menu link directly to our 3rd party add-ons. You can find 3rd party Apps, Themes, Packages, Languages and even the list of Developers in this section. MORE If you click on this menu, you'll find a client login and one way to contact us   Now, let's go to the footer section of our website. Here you can find some important pages you may be interested in. phpFox Store Resources Join our Newsletter Let's focus on Resources. This section gives you a list of some links to maximize your experience using phpFox. Product Documentation: This page is like a phpFlox manual where you can find everything about phpFox. Developer Program: This page is for all the aspiring developers' out there who would like to be listed as one of the experts in our store by creating powerful modules. Earn money - Become an Affiliate: Yes, we also have an affiliate program. This program is for those who would like to earn money by introducing phpFox to others. Recommended Hosts: This part of the website showcases our trusted hosting companies. Blog: Make sure to keep an eye on this page as we always post an update regarding the latest news for phpFox. Community Forum: You can find users and developers on this page. Discussing and sharing each other's ideas to solve any issues regarding phpFox. Customize your community: This page lists all the experts in our store who can help you customize your site. Other things you need to know, you can also find in the footer section: License Agreement Support Policy Privacy Policy Cookie Policy As we promised, we will continuously provide you a better solution for your social network niche. Our goal is to satisfy our clients' needs by keeping everything up to date and remain on top of the line. What are you waiting for? It's time to take a look at our new website
  • phpFox Neutron 4.4.3 Released

    We are pleased to announce this maintenance release of phpFox Neutron 4.4.3. Please note that if you have Neutron v4.4.2 installed, you do need to run the full upgrade routine. Any versions below Neutron v4.4.2 will also need to run the full upgrade routine. Also note that our requirements are updated and you will need a minimum of PHP 5.5 in order to use Neutron v4. Install Info Download Upgrade Instructions Installation Instructions (more…)
  • Fox Insider – phpFox Neutron 4.5 Sneak Peek – Part 2!

    Howdy everybody! I'm back with phpFox Neutron 4.5 Sneak Peek! I got another look at things coming in the Neutron 4.5 version and it is just astounding how much is coming! I've got the scoop below for some more great stuff being cooked up right now. (more…)