• phpFox is not Ending – Celebrate phpFox Today!

    Great news! Contrary to some rumors circulating from questionable sources, phpFox is definitely not ending! In fact, we are doing quite the opposite. We are Rockin'! We have some amazing things planned and in the works to really knock your socks off!!(more…)
  • phpFox Neutron 4.4: Great Performance Improvement

    Efficient Investment For Your Growing Business The biggest challenge for Social Network Admins all time: what script is optimized for great performance and can scale up when the site is growing fast?Here are a few options when it comes to the discussion:Open Source Script and Commercial Social Network Scripts: easy to setup, can run on almost average servers. Mostly built based on existing frameworks, then it seems to be no problem to run on VPS. However, when it comes to thousands of members, it gets stuck, cannot load even scaled to run on very high servers. Technically, these scripts do not support that large-scale level. Many technicians say they can get it to work with a very nice proposal (cost is also high, of course), but the devil is in details. Expensive and Enterprise Social Network Solutions: basically it can run for thousands of members but requires very high servers at the beginning, and more servers needed for the small increase in online members. It’s paid up to a number of your site members, not really suitable for a start-up niche social network.(more…)
  • Earning money with Your phpFox Social Network

    Welcome to our July inFocus!This article focuses on earning money with your phpFox social network community. Many people want to hear the Cha-Ching of fast cash coming from their website. The great news is that the phpFox social network script offers many different earning opportunities. We'll focus on those so you can see various ways to earn money from your website.(more…)
  • phpFox Neutron 4.4 Stable Released

    [caption id="attachment_1364" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Neutron 4.4 Release[/caption]We are pleased to announce the latest release of our social network script: phpFox Neutron 4.4 Stable. This version will knock your socks off!Prepare to be wowed! As we mentioned in our Beta release blog, there are a lot of improvements for Neutron 4.4. Security, speed optimizations, new features and theme improvements make this version the best one yet!(more…)
  • Spice it up with Apps, Themes, and Languages!

    This article focuses on our phpFox store and how you can spice up your site with some third party products! Perhaps you have noticed that phpFox third-party developers have been busy adding Apps, Themes, and Languages to the store in recent months. These products should help you to make your site unique for your users.Just so you know, our store also features a listing of all third-party developers, complete with ratings! This will help you find a developer if you need custom work done.For more details...(more…)
  • phpFox Neutron 4.4 Pre-Release Sale and Survey!

    In preparation of our Neutron v4.4 release, we are having a special sale from Friday, June 17th through Sunday, June 19th. See at the end of our post how you can get a bigger discount!As we mentioned in this blog, our Neutron 4.4 focuses on optimizations and security and looks to be our best version yet! We also have the Groups app that everyone asked for so that front end Fan Pages and Groups are separate for versions going forward.The Discount is for the Neutron license purchase only and cannot be combined with Installation discounts.(more…)
  • Monetizing with phpFox Marketplace

    We had planned on doing our first one on a third party developer but he's still working on his interview and some things for the store so we'll do that article when he's ready. This time, we'll revisit the first phpFox inFocus we originally did for the Marketplace. Since our Neutron product line has a different look and features, we want to revisit old articles about Monetizing with phpFox Marketplace to bring new ideas and show some new apps that can be used with it.(more…)
  • Fox Insider News: phpFox 4.4 Progress

    Psst! Your buddy Phil Fox has some news to share. I've got the scoop on phpFox 4.4 Progress!It's been a while since I forayed into the developer caverns to see what's on tap. I can tell they've been working hard due to all of the keyboards in the trash and the crates of brand new replacements sitting in the corner. Looks like they've already gone through half a crate already.What's on board for v4.4? I didn't get screenshots because most of the improvements are for optimizations and security. However,  they've got a nifty spreadsheet and planning board of the stuff they're working on and it's massive. I fell over just looking up at the huge board filled with checklists, diagrams, tic-tac-toe (not sure who won), and a bunch of code stuff.Clean up no longer used configuration and source code. Support CDN: MaxCDN, KeyCDN via apps. Layout improvement for Poll, Quiz, Videos, Events and Pages. Theme manager improvements. Perform security testing and analyzing for the whole framework. Fix popular security issues, if found,  such as SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, etc. In-depth performance analysis, both front-end and back-end. Work on scaling solutions for sites with a high volume of data and high volume of online users. Analyze and improve high-load components such as activity feeds.Here's a big thing coming... Groups! Yes, that's right, the team is hard at work making front end Groups separate from pages, in its own app!!! Something phpFox clients have asked for, for years now.Hold onto your hats folks as it's getting wild around here. That all sounds like some great stuff in the works! Due to the nature of these improvements, the timeframe for release is not set yet as testing will be in-depth for these improvements. As such, v4.4 is anticipated to be a few months out yet. More details will come as testing gets more complete for the beta release of this version. Current clients will have access. No license? Get one here!"There are amazingly wonderful people in all walks of life; some familiar to us and others not. Stretch yourself and really get to know people. People are in many ways one of our greatest treasures. " ~Bryant H. McGill#website #phpFox #socialnetwork