phpFox is not Ending – Celebrate phpFox Today!

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Great news! Contrary to some rumors circulating from questionable sources, phpFox is definitely not ending! In fact, we are doing quite the opposite. We are Rockin‘! We have some amazing things planned and in the works to really knock your socks off!!

It was brought to our attention that a disgruntled, minor third-party developer that had left his clients in the dust when he left the phpFox world has made some defamatory and libelous claims regarding the demise of phpFox in order to gain sales. First, our lawyers are on top of the slanderous and libelous claims. Secondly, and most important, if you got a notice or saw anything online stating that phpFox is ending, the claims are NOT from a key developer. That person was never a phpFox core developer nor was he a major player in the phpFox developer community.

Now to focus on our product, which is amazing and getting more amazing every day! We have some awesome features coming with our v4.5 Neutron release that is coming very soon. We’ll post a separate blog for that though, so we can really focus on the features we have.

We have some great things in store for our current and future clients. Our plans stretch years into the future, so we are here to stay and plan on a very long, happy and successful future in the Social Network Script market!

Now for the party!! To celebrate phpFox and its long life and brilliant future, we are giving a whopping 20% discount for our celebration!! You know you want this right? Of course you do! No other script compares to our phpFox Rockin’ Neutron!!

This discount is available until the end of August! WOW!!

The discount is for 20% starting on Thursday, August 25th:
The discount voucher is: celebratefox2016

This sale will start on Friday, August 25th at 12:00 a.m, and end on Wednesday, August 31st at 11:59 p.m EST as long as supplies of discount vouchers last.

Order Neutron without installation
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