Earning money with Your phpFox Social Network

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This article focuses on earning money with your phpFox social network community. Many people want to hear the Cha-Ching of fast cash coming from their website. The great news is that the phpFox social network script offers many different earning opportunities. We’ll focus on those so you can see various ways to earn money from your website.

Before we jump right into the built-in features that allow you to earn, you need to have a way to get the money. Great news! phpFox has a payment gateway feature and is integrated with Paypal. Later on, we’ll show you some apps that integrate other payment gateways in case you don’t have or don’t use Paypal. For now, if you want to enable Paypal, just see this tutorial for enabling the payment gateways.

Built-in Features for Monetization

This part of the article does require you to have a Pro license as these features are available in that version.


There are two ways to earn from ads. This ad tutorial shows each method.

  • You can earn with user-submitted ads that show in a “sponsor” ad block. You would set up your ad placements and then the users would purchase an ad based on your pricing.
  • You can earn with ads you place yourself. Perhaps selling ad space to local businesses. The tutorial shows how to manually create an ad.

Sponsor Items

You can earn when users sponsor their content such as photos and other things you set the user group settings for. Each user group has settings for sponsoring various things in the user group manager. You set the price for each thing and each user group. An example is you could set Photos to the Registered user group to allow sponsoring for $2 CPM and perhaps a Pro user group to pay $1 CPM.


You can activate subscriptions and charge for access to various areas of the site. You can allow free and paid membership. Each user group can be set to allow or not allow access to various features, space allowed for uploads, size of images allowed, pricing for ads, etc. This allows you to customize the site and earn from recurring memberships, one time, etc.


You can sell items in your marketplace. This is a good way to earn if you have products or services. You can even set it up so that some members can sell things and some can’t. It is all set in the user group settings.

E-Gifts and Points

The E-Gift system and the Point system also allow you to earn. You can set prices for the E-Gifts and earn. The Points system allows you to let users purchase with points on the site, and it allows them to purchase points. They can even gift points to their friends if you allow it.

Third Party Products

If you need other ways to earn, this part of the article focuses on some third party products that might help you earn from your site.

Payment Options

In case you need more options or advanced gateways, here are a few apps offering that.

Stores, Auctions, Marketplace Additions

Here are some different ways to sell or allow things to be sold.

Other Ways to Earn

As you can see from the above suggestions, you can find many ways to earn money from your website if that is a goal. Built-in features and third party apps, combined with your imagination and efforts, can help you build a successful business venture, charity site, or even just earn a little side money.

Disclaimer: For any of the third party products listed here, please contact any of the developers that make them if you have questions. We’ve not received any compensation for them appearing here, it is just a general listing and not endorsements or official recommendations. It is a courtesy listing only and for informational purposes.

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