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    Are you a full-time employee looking for an additional way to Earn Money? Or maybe you're one of those freelancers working in the most flexible way in their chosen field. Either you belong to any of these two or you are anyone who is looking for a faster way to earn money, you're on the right page. You will learn here on how you can make an income in a faster way with just a few and easy steps to follow. Many of our Affiliates are earning not just hundreds but thousands of dollars within few days for doing great and effective strategies in Affiliate Marketing. You will discover those strategies in the next parts of this article. But the first thing you need to know is to learn what an Affiliate Marketing is all about and how you will get money from it. In general, an Affiliate Marketing is one of the forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to an online product, and when that person purchase that product from your recommendation, you will receive a commission. In phpFox's Affiliate Program, you will not receive just a commission but a big commission for every purchase from your recommendation. We will discuss in details later on this article what products and services are covered in this Affiliate Program. How can I become an Affiliate? A good question to start with. The very first step towards your goal is to register yourself to become an Affiliate. Don't worry, registration is FREE. You don't have to pay anything to become an Affiliate.  Anyone can become an Affiliate. Whether you are a student or a professional, you are welcome to register. As long as you have your own PayPal Account where we can send your earnings, you can be an Affiliate. Once you successfully registered as an Affiliate, you will have an account in our Client Area. In the Client Area, you can see all your earnings and the numerical figures in your Affiliate Account. Here's the step by step guide on how to register as an Affiliate. Go to the Affiliate section on our website Click the Join Now Button You will be redirected to this page Since you don't have an account yet, you need to Register first. You can find the registration option on this page under Account menu. Just select the Register menu. Once clicked the Register menu, you will be redirected to this page to create a client account in phpFox. Just make sure to fill up the text fields with your correct information as we will use this as a reference to send your earnings. You will need to verify your account with the link sent to your email address. After verifying, you can now log in to your account. Once login, you can activate your Affiliate Account in the Affiliates menu. After activating your Affiliate Account, you can see your unique referral link. Affiliate real-time statistics are also on this page. Statistics show the figures for clicks, signups, and conversions to keep you up to date. You can also see the list of all your referrals on this page. Referrals are the names of the people who purchased the script under your recommendation. Why do I need to have a Paypal Account? You need to have a PayPal account because this is where we send your earnings. You will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of $100. What should I do to earn money? Now, this is the most important part of being an Affiliate. There are many ways you can do to earn money in Affiliate Program. One of the most effective strategies to become a successful Affiliate is by creating blogs about phpFox. You can start blogging for free via WordPress. You can post your blogs to different social media sites, pages, forums, groups, etc.  Just make sure to highlights the social network features especially the monetization feature on your blog to attract more readers.  And don't miss to put your unique referral link on your blogs as this will serve as the bridge to connect these readers to become potential clients. There are some tips you can learn in the article How to Make Money in Social Network that you can use in writing your blogs. Remember, your goal is for the people to click the unique referral link given to you. You can also research other strategies online about Affiliate Marketing to gain more traffic on your blogs. The more people you reach, the more clicks you will get. The more clicks you will get the bigger the chances they will purchase and the bigger commission you will earn. What will I get after people purchase? You will get 20% commission for every purchase in any of these phpFox products and services including license, hosting,  and other services such as Quick Start and Launch packages.  To give you an idea, imagine a scenario when someone purchased a license from your unique referral link. In phpFox, we have three different license packages. The LITE, BASIC and PRO.  When someone purchases the PRO package worth $539, you will automatically get 20% commission on this purchase It means, you will receive $107.8 since this is the 20% of $539. Therefore, you can earn $1078 commission with just 10 license purchases. How much more if you've got more purchases? Obviously, you will get higher earnings. One great advantage as an Affiliate is you manage your own time. We are not going to require you to do it. You can do it anywhere. You can do this at home, coffee shops, or anywhere you'd like to be. As a result, as an Affiliate, you will be able to earn money by doing things at your convenience while having fun. You can also contact us via live chat on our website or send us an email at if you have any question. In Addition to this, you can also check out the Affiliate Policy at for more details about commission rules of our Affiliate Program. There are a lot of more ways you can advertise your affiliate link. Some are paid and some are free. Google has a plethora of results for marketing and advertising so feel free to also do your own searching but we'll put a few tips here. Add it to your signature in websites you are a member. Make sure they allow this first. Become a member of websites for webmaster help and answer questions about the phpFox script, about social network scripts, about cms scripts or about starting a website. Family, friends and business associates are a good free way to market. Some might want a site of their own or maybe they know someone that does. Put your affiliate link in your email signature. Take out some ads in search engines, on hosting forums, on technical support forums. Put an ad on your own site if you don't mind folks knowing what script you use. Offer services to make websites. Let your clients purchase the phpFox script with your affiliate link and then set up the site for them after. Post on social media with tips for starting websites and include your affiliate link in some of the posts. You won't want to put it in every post as that can turn people off from reading your posts. You need to grow your following with relevant posts. We hope the above tips help you to take your affiliate account to high levels and grow your bank account! Disclaimer: phpFox cannot guarantee that you will earn specific amounts, or anything at all, with the affiliate program. Your earnings are directly impacted by your efforts. As such, it is out of our control as to how much you may or may not earn.
  • How to make money in Social Network?

    How to make money in Social Network?

    Have you ever thought of having your own Social Network? Do you imagine yourself how it feels to manage a famous website like Facebook? How about building your own community for professionals like LinkedIn? There are lots of popular Social networks out there but what do you think is the reason they are getting bigger and better every day?  What do they get in return? People have their own reasons why they want to build a Social Network. Some just want to connect people by building a niche community. And others want to monetize or make money from it. The question is, how can you make money from Social Network? Alright, now you're in. Let's talk about money. We will show you how you can generate income from a social network. But in order to achieve that, you have to be proactively promoting your site. There are lots of ways you can do to promote your site. And this is very important in order to have your site gain popularity and achieve your desired target number of members. The more members your site have, the bigger income your site will get. We will also try to give you some ideas on how to grow your community in a different article. But for this one, we will focus on how you can make money from it. We have a lot of successful clients running social network sites using phpFox script who are actually earning not just hundreds but thousands of dollars from maximizing the monetization features of their site. What are the features to monetize your site? In phpFox, we didn't just build a script with the essential features of a social network, we also made sure that it has a lot of features you can use for monetization. The following are some of the proven features used for generating income in a social network. Ads If you're managing a social network, it will be easy for you to allow your members to run Ads on your site. You can allow your users to create ads and you will have the full control on how much these ads would cost. If you are running a social network with members all around the globe, Ads will be definitely beneficial to your users who want to showcase or promote their products or services in a specific location, with specific age range, or type of people. With this feature, your site will automatically generate an income by allowing your users to leverage the usage of Ads. Subscription Another feature to consider in monetizing your site is a Member Subscription. As an owner, you can define the access level of your members on your site. Old members who are already familiar with your site can easily choose if they want to stay as normal users or wants to upgrade their membership to a paid one with full access to your site. But you'll have to accept the fact the newbies will register on your site and choose free membership. Members subscribed under the free membership level has a limited access on your site. As mentioned earlier, you as an owner have the power to set or define the access level of your members. As a result, setting limited access to free membership will make them decide to subscribe to a paid one or a VIP membership level to fully access the functionalities of your site. This clearly shows that your site will generate an income through the subscription process. Marketplace This feature allows your users to buy and sell items on your site. The seller can easily create their own listing and set the price for the product or item they sell. The buyer can easily contact the seller whenever they have questions regarding the product in the listing. The buyer can also directly purchase the product or item in the marketplace by activating the Buy Now button.  But how can this feature benefit your site? You can actually allow your sellers to purchase a sponsored ads space in the marketplace. As an admin, you can set the price for each sponsored ads.  This way, the product or item of the seller on sale will be displayed on top as a sponsored item and will be easily noticed by the buyers. Purchasing sponsored space in the Marketplace could bring the seller more sales so they will more likely to purchase the sponsored ads space wherein your site can earn from it. Events Event in any form is one of the very important factors in a social network. It can use to set up a simple meet up or create big parties. It can give your users a chance to organize a specific event to showcase their products or services for example.  As an Admin of the site, you can create a specific UserGroup that allows creating events. In order for your users to join this specific user group, they will need to subscribe by paying the membership fee or be promoted by using the activity points. Event organizers can also look for sponsors who could finance the promotion of their event. One way of promoting an event is by purchasing ads space. In return, the event organizer will feature their sponsor in the said event. It's like an X-deal for both organizer and sponsor while your site generates income from it. Activity Points This feature plays a big role in the phpFox social network. Enabling activity points will allow your users to gain points in all their activities within your site. It could be earned by creating blogs, commenting on a post, creating a new item, etc. These activity points can be used to purchase items within the site or also be used to be promoted to a specific user group. The users can be promoted if they reach the required points.  Users who don't have enough points can purchase activity points in order to be promoted and to be subscribed to a membership or to purchase an item. All of these features mentioned above are just some of the ways you can do to make money using Social Network. You can check out the monetization page on our website to learn more about how you can generate an income when you own a social network website. You can also contact us for more information and we will provide the best solution for your social network project. Purchase your own license now and start earning.
  • Earning money with Your phpFox Social Network

    Welcome to our July inFocus! This article focuses on earning money with your phpFox social network community. Many people want to hear the Cha-Ching of fast cash coming from their website. The great news is that the phpFox social network script offers many different earning opportunities. We'll focus on those so you can see various ways to earn money from your website. (more…)