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Are you looking to harness the power of online community?

Look no further than phpFox, the ultimate solution for creating your own vibrant and engaging enterprise social network.

With phpFox, you have the tools and flexibility to build a thriving online community that caters to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you're aiming to enhance customer engagement, foster collaboration among employees, or establish a niche community around your brand, phpFox empowers you to unlock the full potential of social network builder.

Let's dive into the world of phpFox and discover how it can revolutionize the way you connect and engage with your target audience.

Advanced Social Features

Our platform has evolved from a social network builder to an online community platform, so it includes a host of social features by default. A community platform must cover all the features to create social network for success and growth.

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Activity Feed

A delightful experience to share, discover and engage with rich media and other social media features


Say more with less and connect with others in a whole new way. Let’s add more fun, utilize our Emoji app to provide your users with the freedom to express

Pages & Groups

You can add, edit and customize pages and groups while also assign page roles and invite your friends to these interest communities

Friends & Members

Access your friends list, custom new friend lists or manage your page members with powerful search tools

User Profiles

User profiles are personal pages for your members, which covers all basic info of your users


A key feature for any platform to notify their users about recent activities. Don't miss a beat as we create social network and keep you updated on all the messages and activities buzzing in your community


It is important to have powerful admin features and controls to create a unique experience for your communities.
With our platform, manage or moderate your community with no specific technical background and at your own pace.

Layout Editor

We empower the Admin to customize the appearance and content blocks with live previews easily

SEO Friendly

Utilize our tools to increase the visibility of your content and index by search engines

Theme Management

Full control to change the entire look of your site from the HTML layout to the CSS styling


Enable multiple authentications via email, social sites or SSO and add custom fields or user groups


A community without engagement is hard to succeed, but not to worry, we've got you covered. Our platform provides engagement features
to keep them active and glued to your community interactions. It is important to have healthy on-going conversations.


Kickstart a discussion and bring your community together for a better engagement. Engage in meaningful discussions, get expert advice, and discover valuable insights

Photos, Videos & Music

Enhance social interactions on your network with our trio of interactive apps. These are engagement apps that any social networking builder needs to fast-track growth and engagement

Polls & Quizzes

Gather valuable insights or gamify your daily conversations to connect. From fun personality quizzes to opinion polls, these interactive features keep your followers hooked and eager to participate.


Discover the power of blogging on social network builder. Create engaging content for your community and also promote user-generated content from your community members

Activity Points & e-Gift

Reward your users with loyalty points and gifts and encourage regular usage. These are powerful tools to incentivize user engagement in building your own social media platform

Reactions & Comments

Ignite engaging conversations and build your own social media platform into vibrant communities. Let users have more options to express their emotions instead of just like.

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Security & Privacy

A secure platform gives peace of mind to its moderator and users alike, our platform covers all the core areas from the start
to secure your platform and its users.

2 Factor Authentication

Secure registration and logins by adding another layer of security

Platform Privacy

Privacy is important; it helps a user to control how others view user content


With the use or Captcha App and Anti-Spam questions with images to block spammers

GDPR Compliant

We have several features and functionalities to comply with EU data protection policies


Our Premium Apps

Our premium apps are available through our App Store for an *additional cost



Enjoy your conversation with fun reactions, voice messages, video calls, GIFs and more.

  • Advanced Messaging
  • Group Chats
  • Voice & Video Calls
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Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Get closer to your audience and share moments in real-time with our live streaming app.

  • Broadcast Live
  • Playback live Video
  • Integrated Social Features
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