phpFox Memorial Day Sale 2022

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In honoring all the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces, we are celebrating this Memorial Day with a special deal.

📅From: May 25th to May 30th
🎁Get: 17% Off on all Purchases
💥 Promo Code: FOXMEMORIAL22

We recently introduced the latest version of phpFox Mobile, phpFox Mobile 1.8.1 with new features and improvements that will be perfect for creating a powerful social network. 


  • 2-step Verification. This additional improvement is an excellent way for you to prevent bots and helps you collect new data from potential customers when they register into your social network.
  • Location and Tags. You will be able to attract more people to your stream by providing them with more information about where you are streaming and the people you’re with
  • Customizable URL Link. Let people find you faster and easier with your own customized link


Build your niche social network with phpFox NOW!



In addition, 3rd-party experts are also offering Discounts for all their plugins. Check them out!

YouNetCo 17% OFF for all Plugin Purchases | 

Promo Code: YNCMEMORIAL22 | May 25th to May 30th


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