Pros and Cons of Online Meetings

Pros and Cons of Online Meetings | Feature | phpFox-onlmeeting

In recent years, online meetings have drastically increased, making communication more accessible, effective, and efficient. Online meetings have provided businesses everywhere with several advantages, from improving their business to connecting with their employees. Let’s find out more about them.


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In This Article:

  1. Advantages of Online Meetings
  2. Disadvantages of Online Meetings
  3. A Solution for Online Meetings


Online Meetings – Improvements for Corporate Communication


Advantages of Online Meetings


Quick and Easy Access for Stakeholders


In order to organize a business-related meeting, it might be challenging to gather all of the stakeholders in one location. This will not only raise the expense of the meeting but will also create a chaotic environment. When it comes to getting all the stakeholders together in one location, online meetings have made it easier and more cost-effective. Everyone can participate in these face-to-face meetings with only a few mouse clicks.


Improved Communication 


Online meetings provide a robust and effective platform for participation and conversation between two or more distantly located persons or groups using web conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype. Online meetings have made it feasible for audiences worldwide to see the whole presentation put together by the pros. This means that online meetings may be a handy and successful communication tool for businesses.


Easy access for participants of choice


Inviting an expert to a business meeting is sometimes requested by the organizers. Even in actual gatherings, the host may simply ask anybody who wishes to join without going to his location.


Efficient medium of interaction between all the participants


An online meeting allows all participants to engage with one another, which may not be possible if an actual meeting is organized. A typical meeting of more than 20-25 people usually doesn’t have enough time for all attendees to communicate; however, this may be accomplished with online meetings. It is possible to participate in an online conference even quickly using web conferencing technologies such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting.


Disadvantages of Online Meetings


On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages regarding online meetings.


Format Problems


As there are a variety of online meeting formats, some people prefer one while others prefer a different one. It all depends on your point of view whether you think some of the formats are charming or obnoxious. This is an unusual position for others, even if such things don’t make any difference. Some people will have to change to avoid the uncomfortable circumstance; however, preparing certain people for a specific format’s modification may take time.


Worth of participation


Some of the participants in online meetings may not perform as well as they should. Due to their poor performance, these competitors will be overlooked by others. However, even the best performers have to perform at a lower level due to online meeting technology constraints. As a result, the degree of performance of the participants might be compromised.


Lack of knowledge 


Online meetings can be a new experience for some participants, and they may need some time to adjust. People who learn new things more rapidly may find these things annoying. If a senior participant acts like a fool at the meeting because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, the meeting will fail.


Not Worth the Money


Many businesses consider online meetings to be a significant roadblock to their success. Instead of seeing online meetings as a powerful tool for their business, most see them as an updated version of a cartoon program. Although there is a lot of room for information exchange in an online conference, it will not be beneficial if this unfavorable view is strong.


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A Solution for Online Meetings


That’s why many business owners and managers are still skeptical about using online meetings to replace traditional meetings. However, there is a quick and effective way for you to solve many problems: build your online meeting platform, where you, the business owner, can take matters into your own hands.


By having your own corporate online meeting format, you can make it easy, straightforward and user-friendly to everyone related to your business. To have a proper format or platform to organize efficient online meetings takes a lot of effort and money. Free to use online meeting applications and media tend to limit you in some aspects, such as the length of your meeting, which can be very annoying as people have to rejoin every time the meeting is time out. 


phpFox is an excellent social networking platform for creating niche communities online. Holding online meetings and events contains built-in capabilities such as live streaming, group chatting, and phone calls. As a result, building your online meeting format is a smart option for getting the most out of your time and work.


With a user-friendly design and simple interface, anybody may use it, regardless of their level of knowledge of technology or experience. phpFox will surely be the right choice for hosting your online meetings and being more productive with your business. 


Are you ready to step up your game? Build your ideal online meeting platforms with phpFox. Contact us now! And let us know how we can help! 



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