How Localization Can Affect Your Business

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How Localization Can Affect Your Business


With billions of people from various region spend their time online know how to utilize localization can create a big impact on your business.


In This Article:

  1. What Is Localization?
  2. Localization Is More than Just Translation
  3. Gain Customers’ Trust with Localization
  4. Increase Brand Relevance
  5. Reduce Risk
  6. Go Global More Rapidly


What Is Localization?


The word “localization” refers to the process of adapting a product or content to a particular market or nation, as well as modifying its functional features to account for linguistic, cultural, political, and legal variations.


Localization is sometimes mistaken with translation, which is the act of translating text from one language to another. While both names may seem similar, translation is only one part of localization, with the latter being the more comprehensive of the two procedures.


Localization Is More than Just Translation


In addition to translation, it also includes various other factors which will be adjusted as a part of the localization process:


  • Converting to local measurement units and currencies
  • Addressing local legal requirements and regulation
  • Adapting the graphic and visual 
  • Using the proper format (Phone numbers, addresses, date, punctuation, symbols)
  • Adapting content to the target market’s interests and consumption habits


By the end of the localization process, your product should appear and feel as though it was produced in the market or country you’re targeting.


Furthermore, you may localize more than simply the product or the website. If you genuinely intend to broaden your audience, you should also localize marketing materials (TV, radio, printed advertisements), product manuals, user interfaces, and product warranty papers.


Gain Customers’ Trust with Localization


Monolingual corporations are now recognizing that they are missing a large number of prospective consumers from their client base. User-generated material, such as customer reviews and social media, is a significant source of possibility for sales development with translation services. After viewing one to six reviews, more than half of potential buyers purchase a product.


This alone demonstrates the importance of multilingual online reviews. Businesses experience a boost in buyer trust when localization processes for customer-created content in native languages are in place. Customer-generated content is developed by choice rather than necessity, and its authenticity influences customer trust when purchasing a product.


Increase Brand Relevance


Nowadays, trends can change in a blink of an eye; that’s why keeping your brand and your product relevant is a necessary process that requires a lot of attention.


A relevant brand represents more than simply a product or service; it develops and markets items that address critical requirements in people’s lives. As a result, these brands become an indispensable element of the consumer’s behaviors.


Take a look at brands that do well, such as Apple. Many companies have attempted to provide quicker, alternative versions of iPads and iPhones. It still manages to remain one of the most relevant goods on the market.


Therefore, with the help of localization, you will not only be able to expand your brand to new markets but also keep it stay relevant. 


Reduce Risk


Along with all the benefits that the new market brings come potential risks such as a shift in currency value, misunderstanding the cultural sensitivities and customer needs


Localization serves as a safety measure, mitigating these risks and ensuring that your organization operates smoothly on a global scale. Keep in mind that for some countries, certain gestures, expressions, and even colors can have a negative meaning. With the help of the localization process, you’ll be able to avoid this mistake easily.


Go Global More Rapidly


It’s tempting to believe that entering a new market is as simple as running an online ad targeted to a certain area or nation. But, it takes a lot more than that as it will have a variety of barriers that need to be overcome, including: 


  • The technological environment
  • The socio-cultural/demographic environment
  • The political environment


Localization allows you to overcome these hurdles faster, personalize your product or service to a certain culture, and help your prospective consumers to adapt to your product with less effort. 


In other words, localization will allow you to flourish in new markets while also assisting your product or service in adapting to your target region. As a consequence, customers are more inclined to spread the news about your company, and you will establish a favorable brand image. As a result, your customers will be more engaged with your products than those of your rivals who are not localizing.


So if you’re a business owner and you want to make yourself known to the global market, then you might need to start the localization process now. PhpFox can help you build an online social community with users from different regions, which can help you start localizing your business and build your image on a global scale. 

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With billions of people from various region spend their time online know how to utilize localization can create a big impact on your business

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