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It’s almost the end of November, and do you know what’s happening during this time? If the answer is “Black Friday,” then you’re correct. That’s right, the BIGGEST, BADDEST SUPER SALE of the year is here. It’s an excellent time for businesses big and small to get ready to boost their sales and gain more customers. Here are some Black Friday Tips for businesses. 


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In This Article:

  1. Know Your Goals
  2. Improve Online Presence
  3. Check Your Stock
  4. Come up with a Promotion Plan
  5. Offer Steep Discounts
  6. Stay Relevant with Your Community
  7. Hype Them Up
  8. Spread the Word
  9. Combine with Cyber Monday


Great Black Friday Tips You Should Follow 


Know Your Goals


Preparation is essential. Decide what your end goal is; for some, it’s to raise sales; for others, it’s to improve profits; for still others, it’s to simply get new clients. By defining your goals, you may better connect your products and services with your marketing strategy.


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Improve Online Presence


Research shows that 44% of UK people will be buying altogether online on Black Friday, compared to just 17% who shop exclusively online outside of the holiday season. Therefore it is imperative that your website is up and operating. Browse through your website and make a purchase to see how you can make it as simple as possible for customers to avoid abandoning their carts. 


Meaning you might need to think about simplifying the purchasing process, which can potentially improve your user experience and encourage them to purchase more. 


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Check Your Stock


Determine what your potential clients want and ensure that you can meet their needs and be prepared in terms of stock once you know what they want. However, you must be cautious not to place an excessive number of orders for specific things. For many firms, Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to get rid of unsold inventory before Christmas.


Come up with a Promotion Plan


This is probably one of the most useful Black Friday tips for your business to follow. Though it may sound obvious, many people seem to forget it. As soon as possible, devise an advertising strategy for Black Friday. Determine which items and services you want to market, where you want to advertise, and what kinds of promotions you plan to give. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s helpful to have a high-level marketing plan in place.


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Offer Steep Discounts


If you want to attract new clients this year, you must be prepared to provide substantial discounts. Of course, the actual discount may vary depending on your sector and what your competitors provide. However, according to a CreditDonkey survey, 43 percent of customers are prepared to clip a coupon provided they earn at least a 25% discount.


Stay Relevant with Your Community


Letting your brand community know what is going on is the best way to get them interested in joining your promotion. Not only that, having an online brand community is a lot more beneficial than you think. You will be able to get the information about the upcoming Black Friday promotion to your targeted audience a lot faster and give them a heads up about what’s going to be on sale. This, as a result, will give them some time to think about what are the best things they can get during this promotion. 


Building a good online brand community can be a lot of work, not to mention time-consuming if you’re not familiar with how coding works. Worry not! phpFox is here to help. You don’t have to write any code to construct a social networking site with phpFox. In terms of features, it is one of the greatest social networking programs commercially available for individuals who want to create a Facebook or MySpace-like social network. All of the functionality needed for a Facebook-like social networking site may be found in this one package.


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Hype Them Up


Using whichever channel is available at your disposal to convey the message and information about the promotion is another good Black Friday tip. Giving them sneak previews of the deals and building up the momentum ahead of the Big Sale. That’s why having your own online community is absolutely essential.


Spread the Word


Ask consumers whether they’d like to share their experience with their social media followers, write a review, or geotag the business when they make a purchase in-store or online. Support for purchasing locally and supporting local businesses has increased since the outbreak of the pandemic. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Many consumers are glad to assist a small company by sharing their purchases from local establishments, so it never hurts to ask.


Combine with Cyber Monday


It’s good to know that even if you miss out on Black Friday this year, there are still lots of possibilities to boost your sales over the weekend and on Cyber Monday. For small businesses, it is crucial to think about what they have to offer customers that large corporations do not. Shoppers aren’t only looking for the best price; they’re also looking for perks like unique goods and reward programs.


We hope that with these Black Friday tips, you will be able to up your game and make some preparation before the Biggest Sale of the year! 


Are you fully prepared for this year’s Black Friday? If you have any questions or want to create your very own online brand community, Contact Us! Let us know how we can help.




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