Different Types Of Online Communities

different types of online communities

Online communities are built on various platforms with many purposes. Indeed, before creating an online community, the purpose and the platform are the two most crucial influencing factors. There are many different types of online communities and each one has its specific objective to serve businesses.

Social communities

These are the most popular types of online communities. They include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Marketers often utilize social communities for marketing aims, building brand recognition, live streaming information. Therefore, they are able to approach a broader audience for advertising & promotional purposes.

Advocate communities

Such kind of communities helps brands to gather their loyal customers. Also, it is considered one of the most effective marketing tool. This kind of communities often offer rewards to encourage members to write a review, feedback or to post on social media about the brands. In addition,  advocate communities assist brands in spreading positive words of mouth.

Local communities

Such form of online communities focuses mainly on a limited location. They give neighbours the ability to share information and news. Also, they regulate and track marketing activities by limiting advertising to a single day a week or by slugging promotional messages to a certain section of the population. 

Communities based on circumstance 

These communities bind together individuals who have a common situation or similar affairs. Members of these communities use them for searching for knowledge. This type of communities inspires and motivate their members to contribute and share a lot of contents.

Communities of practice

Such kind of communities focuses on a particular interest or passion, etc. As their name, they can create a lot of fun. Hence, you need to make sure that the content is engaging and entertaining to attract members. Videos can be powerful when it comes to building these groups. 


The various types of online communities offer a specific range of benefits for your company. In order to figure out which sort correlates to the requirements of the business, you need to determine the objectives when creating them. 


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