Upgrade to phpFox 4.7.0 today!

Today the long wait is finally over. Let’s upgrade to phpFox 4.7.0 today!

From the beginning, we always dream to provide the best platform for everyone to build Niche Social Network sites. And with this version, phpFox surely solidifies this statement by bringing you the most impact and finest release than ever.

4.7.0 Official Release

This version ultimately not only redefines the current structure of the Core system to improve functionalities and performance but also introduces several new features. Let’s take a look at what’s new on phpFox 4.7.0.

What to expect in phpFox 4.7.0?

In this update, we mainly set our focus on enhancing user experience with phpFox. Therefore, we spent our effort to modify and optimize several Core components of the system to ensure a fast, responsive yet stable platform.

Additionally, bolstering up the scalability of phpFox is our another target in version 4.7.0. The platform is now flexible and applicable to the expansion on server and database to deal with the large scale of requests from users.

Aside from technical improvements, we also introduce you Template Skin, the pre-defined color sets for your template. This new feature brings you a completely new experience and exceptionally change the way you manage your social network appearance.

phpFox 4.7.0 Highlights

– Compelling Improvements on Performance.
– Revamp Cache System.
– Optimize Database Structure.
– Improve Database Queries.
– Revise Codes.
– Improve Scalability.
– Support multiple App servers.
– Support multiple Database servers.
– Template Skin.

You can check out the full features and improvement of phpFox 4.7.0 in our Documentation.

Installation & Upgrade

We encourage you to back up your site and database before performing the upgrade. Make sure to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.

Also, take advantages on useful guides below if you want to upgrade the site yourself.

– Download
– Upgrade Instructions
– Installation Guide

Important Note

The phpFox 4.7.0 requires PHP 5.6 or later. If your server is using older PHP version, please contact your hosting provider for help to upgrade PHP version first. PHP 7.2 is highly recommended.

Change Log

You can refer to Changelog for phpFox 4.7.0 here.

New to phpFox?

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Make phpFox Even Better

After months of hard work and dedication, we hope phpFox 4.7.0 will be your best experience with the platform.

As we committed for your total satisfaction, we welcome any feedback to make phpFox better and better every day, so feel free to let us know your thoughts on this release by emailing us at

Also if you found any issues with this version, please let us know by submitting tickets or reporting immediately to our GitHub Tracker. We also encourage you to join and stay connected with the Community Forum.

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