Drive engagement, foster loyalty, achieve remarkable results with our ultimate community website builder


More user engagement, resulting in more insights and feedbacks


Reduction in support tickets, with the use of self service support and forum


Customer satisfaction, with proper customer success resources


Increase in website traffic through user-generated content


Powerful Advanced Features

With online community software, you can build, connect, engage and retain your customers or community members using our advanced features & apps

Engage Better

Engage Better

As a social community platform, we have numerous core apps to interact with your users, and they will transform your platform as per your expectation.

Such as Pages, Groups, Blogs, Forum, Polls, Announcements, Events, Reactions & more.

Gamify User Experience

Gamify User Experience

Gamification engages users by leveraging rewards and feedbacks to create a fun and rewarding experience.

Our community app builder offers some core features like activity points, e-gifts and promotions to drive engagement and reward members

Monetize To Earn

Monetize To Earn

Monetization allows the platform to sustain longer by generating income and also in enabling users to earn while being a part of your community.

We have online marketplaces, advertising campaigns, subscription and more experiences

Build for Mobile

Build for Mobile

Our platform is designed to offer an optimized experience for mobile users regardless of where they access it from.

We have a highly responsive mobile web and we also offer both iOS and Android apps.

Our community building platform is designed to offer an optimized experience for mobile users regardless of where they access it from

Customize To Fit

Customize To Fit

Make the platform look and work exactly as you want and to the liking of your community members.

Utilize our in-platform layout editor to personalize or we at phpFox can provide customization as a service to build your dream community.


Enterprise Ready

Customize and develop your community building platform to drive key business results

Custom Features

Develop a community-specific feature or customize an existing feature

Host with us

Have trouble finding your hosting partner, look no further host with us

Design to Fit

Need a design that truly inspires your community? Let us help

Migrate to MetaFox

We help you migrate with ease from your current platform to MetaFox

High Load Optimization

Growth results in more concurrent users; optimize the site with us

Integrate Tools

We are ready to integrate with other solutions of your choice

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Use Cases

Optimized For Business

Create a unique, resourceful, and engaging community app builder for your end users



Foster customer engagement and build relationships with your customers. Get closer to your customers, understand their needs, and create personalized experiences that can drive customer loyalty.

An online community platform also allows customers to connect with one another and share experiences, giving the company valuable feedback for product development. Having an online community also serves as a central hub for all of their support resources and help content, reducing strain on their customer service team while increasing satisfaction among users.



Brands need an online community platform to develop a deeper connections with their customers, gain valuable insights from customer feedback, and increase loyalty by providing a space for customers to engage with the brand, brand ambassadors or influencers and each other.

Having an online community software also helps brands create word-of-mouth marketing opportunities, build up brand advocacy, improve customer service and adding more value added service through their partners.



Creators need to develop and maintain a strong connection with their audiences. Online platform can serve as a means to promote their work, provide updates on progress, and create an open dialogue with fans.

Additionally, having a community building platform allows creators to build relationships with other creators that can result in collaborations, partnerships, and other opportunities.



Our platform can help the education industry engage with students, staff, and alumni in more meaningful ways. It can facilitate better communication between stakeholders, provide a place to share ideas and resources, and enable more effective collaboration.

Additionally, a social community software can help institutions build relationships with potential students by offering them a place to interact with current students and faculty.



Build a social community platform where customers, prospects and partners can interact, share advice, and build relationships.

Provide a quick response to customer inquiries and feedback, as well as provide resources related to their products or services. This increases brand loyalty and trust in the Social Marketplace. Finally, the community platform gives the business direct access to potential customers who may be unaware of their products or services – creating new sales opportunities.



Events offer the opportunity to meet new people and make connections while online communities offer a platform to stay connected with existing contacts, network, and access valuable resources. Combining these two elements can create a powerful combination for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike.

To maximize the impact of any event it is important to also leverage an online community platform. An online community offers a space where participants can continue discussions that began at physical events or spark entirely new conversations through various means like video calls or streaming services.



Employee engagement community website builder can supercharge company culture. It provides a centralized space where employees can share ideas, provide feedback, build relationships with colleagues, stay informed on corporate policies and participate in various programs or activities.

It also helps to increase morale among employees by providing them with a way to interact with one another more easily and feel more included in the organization's culture.


Our Happy Customers

We are incredibly greatful to our customers for chosing and supporting us on our journey

Been a user of PHPFox Software for 7 Years, Great Software Great Support. Refreshing ProsIt is such flexible and versitlie software program that it actually grows with your business needs. Its not just an of the shelf solution is feels like it grows and adapts to your needs. With the addition of 3rd Party addons you can get this software tailored to your needs. PHPFox is so robust, its excellent a real heavy weight that just doesnt fall down... Read More

Carlton Prescott


I came to phpfox from ads in google and started with a trial version. Besides phpfox, I also tried some of their competitors and some free solutions. However, none of them provided a free server and free installation, so phpfox gains a plus. I also tried support to ask for a scaling solution when my users grow. Most of them asked me to contact 3rd party developers. Whatttt? Luckily phpFox staffs proposed a scaling model... Read More

Jason K. J.


For several years I have remained a supporter of PHPFOX due to its scalability, social orientation, mobility and a large number of apps and software attached to it. All social solutions and functions for communication and content sharing are in the wonderful PHPFOX platform and there is no alternative to it on the Internet - people like to be on websites created with PHPFOX and they are delighted with it!... Read More

Ivascenko Sergej

Computer Software

There are several reasons why I like this software:
1. Support is very responsive
2. Feature Rich
3. Stable web based platform
4. Responsive design
5. EXCELLENT mobile responsive design. Fully replaces the need for a custom application design

Lawrence Minutella

Information Technology and Services

Well, I like the whole software in general. phpFox was not the first software I tried, but so far I think I'll keep it for a long period of time. Their support team is really great. They've assisted me in so many ways and I'm thankful for them.

Edens Piercin


The new phpfox platform is creative and innovative. It was exactly what we needed and more. I would also like to add that the quality and well-trained staff made it a pleasurable experience every step of the process.

Jerry McGraw


goodboog is the invite-only social network app. We tested more social networks for our platform and phpFox is one of the best community app builder for our business.

Peter Diveky

goodboog is a Cowboy Action Shooting social community and club resource. We have 52 clubs from 3 countries and nearly 1000 registered members. been using PhPFox for this site since 2015, I have had some custome plugins made for it to accommodate club matches and scoring.

Richard Fellows


When building our community page, we were seeking something easy to use, and no monthly fees. The phpfox platform was perfect, it is simple to use and only has a onetime cost. Over the years, we noticed they have the most supportive staff of any company, trustworthy, available to answer questions, and very polite. We are pleased with the phpfox platform and the ethics behind the brand.

Misty Lupinacci


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