• Live Streaming Sneak Peek

    Live Streaming Sneak Peek

    How are you doing? We hope you had a good time during this Thanksgiving season. Time flew so fast and we have been going through the last moments of the year 2019.  We are quite busy with our plan and we are also happy with what we have done so far. However, we will have some tasks to complete before the year-end. One of them is the Live Streaming solution that we believe that you are looking forward to, the Live Streaming solution is going to be available very soon. But today, we would like to give you a quick look at this product.Live Streaming At Glance The Live Streaming feature is so popular in every online community nowadays. This is obviously a great tool for users to create exciting video content and broadcast instantly on the community. People always love to interact with others, so we believe Live Streaming is the best solution to engage your community. That's why our team has been working so hard on this product. Its official release is coming soon. Let's see how this product looks like now. On the Web   On the mobile app [gallery size="medium" ids="7937,7936,7940"]Is it cool? Should you have any questions or would like to share your thought with us, please feel free to drop us a message to or submit tickets in our Client Area.That's it for now, stay tuned. We are going to get back very soon.
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019

    Hi everyone, snow is falling around here and Thanksgiving season gets back to us again. It is always the perfect time of the year for us to gather together to be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, for friends we cherish, and for the blessings that will come. At this special moment, phpFox team would like to show our great appreciation for your continuous support. Thank you so so much. Also, we are excited to announce that our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2019 is already here. Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to join with us in our biggest promotion of the year from now.Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2019 25% OFF on new phpFox licenses and upgrades From November 28 to December 3, 2019 (PST) Don't miss on this amazing deal to start your own Social Network with phpFox! Promo Code: BLACKCYBER2019What are you still waiting for? Let's get or upgrade your phpFox licenses.3rd-party Deals are also here If you are intending to get more 3rd-party interesting apps on phpFox Store, let also check out these marvellous deals, grab them with impressive price, and empower your community with products from our Experts. YouNetCo YouNetCo is proud to provide the best solutions and services to help you build and manage your Social Network effectively and productively. Joining with phpFox Black Friday promo, we would like to offer you 25% Off to all products and packages on phpFox Store from Nov 28th to Dec 3rd, 2019. Coupon code is YNBLAFRI19. So let grab these great deals now while they last. FoxExpert Get 25% discount for any App/Theme or Package for best Phpfox apps of Foxexpert from 27 November to 2 December. Coupon code is blackfridayfoxexpert Foxer We're about to offer you some great discounts on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale (November 28th to Dec 2nd): 1) We offer 30% off for our top-rated apps: Verified Members, Flags, Geo filter, InstaFox, Desktop Notifications, Interests, StoriesDo you plan to order more than 2 apps? Notify us and get a stunning 50% discount for any app or theme of your choice.2) We offer 30% off for the phpFox Complete package (save $300 now).Coupon: FOXERBF19 That's it for now. We are going to update the blog for more deals from 3rd-party experts. However, don't wait until tomorrow. Let's come and get these deals from today.And again, Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family!
  • phpFox 4.7.9 Official Release

    phpFox 4.7.9 Official Release

    Howdy everyone. We are excited to get back to you after the release of Comments app last week. It's so great that you love the new app. We have been receiving much positive feedback so far. Thank you for that. Definitely, with your support, we can and continuously try our best to make phpFox become the top community builder. As you may know, our team has been quite busy with a major phpFox upgrade as well as new products for months. However, based on the new issue reports and valued suggestions from Client Area and our Official Github Tracker, we have decided to have one more minor maintenance version prior to our major version 4.8.0. So, we are pleased to inform you about the official release of phpFox 4.7.9 today.Upgrade to phpFox 4.7.9 today The phpFox 4.7.9 is released along with new versions of the Material template. You can review the full details of improvements and bug fixes in the Release Notes and Changelog.To upgrade your phpFox site to 4.7.9, you will need to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions. We highly recommend you to back up your site and database before proceeding the upgrade. And, don't forget to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, please see our recommendations.For new phpFox installation, the following articles will be helpful to you:– Download – Installation GuideHave any issues with this version? Please don't hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area for support.We always appreciate any feedback to make phpFox better, so please feel free to share with us your ideas. Want to get more updates? Please keep watching our blog and subscribe to our newsletters as we are going to get back with more interesting updates very soon.
  • New standalone Core app released: Comments

    New standalone Core app released: Comments

    How's it going? As you may know, we have been separating default phpFox apps into standalone apps on phpFox Store. With standalone apps, we will be able to maintain and upgrade them faster and easier instead of waiting for new phpFox releases. It is even more convenient for you to upgrade standalone apps directly within AdminCP by a few clicks. Many phpFox Core apps have been separated so far. Today, we would like to announce that the new Comments app is also available on phpFox Store as a standalone app.Try the new Comments app today! Commenting is obviously the most significant way for users to interact with others in every online community. The more comments they added, the more engagement people have on your community. In the first release of Comments app, in addition to the basic comment functionalities, we have also added more interesting features to give your users a much better experience. Your users will be able to add comments with images, stickers/emoticons, link preview, etc. Is that cool?And, the new Comments app can be installed on all phpFox licenses (Lite, Pro and Ultimate). You can search this app in AdminCP > Apps > Find More page and install it as normal.I hope that you are satisfied with this new Comments app. Should you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to share with us by submitting tickets in Client Area or dropping us a message to email address . Definitely, we always love to listen to your feedback. Are you new to phpFox? If you are looking for a completed solution to build up your own Social Network, phpFox is the right platform for you. Thriving to be the best platform for Social Network, phpFox can definitely help you build your online community: Full-featured, Fast, Responsive, Stable, Easy to customize, Scalable, Mobile-ready with iOS and Android apps, and several extensions from 3rd-party developers on phpFox Store.You can build up your own Social Network within minutes with our best Support service. That's all for now. But please stay tuned. We are going to get back with more updates very soon. 
  • Happy Halloween 2019 with Spooktacular Sales

    Happy Halloween 2019 with Spooktacular Sales

    Spooktacular Halloween Sale 2019 Saving 10% OFF on new phpFox license purchase and license upgrade right now This special offer starts from October 25th to October 31st, 2019 (PST).Promo Code: HALLOWEEN2019Don't miss this chance and start building your online communities from today
  • Have you considered this top 5 most popular social networks for branding?

    Have you considered this top 5 most popular social networks for branding?

    Nowadays, the social network has become more popular. Many people are using channels to find new companies and engage with their favourite brands. However, most companies cannot display their online-presence easily, especially small businesses with a tight marketing budget. Hence, it’s necessary for businesses to be strategic about choosing social media platforms to build a presence. Let have a look into the most popular social networks in the world. Top 5 popular social networks Facebook Facebook has within 12 years managed to gather more than 1.59 billion monthly active users. Its ability to interact with sites around the web by providing a single login that works across multiple sites. This automatically makes it one of the best mediums for connecting people from all over the world with your business. It is estimated that more than 1 million small and medium-sized businesses use the platform to advertise their business. Twitter Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006, with its head office in San Francisco, California. If you think that limiting your posts to 140 characters is no way for your business advertising, you will be shocked to know that this platform has more than 320 million active monthly users. People use Twitter regularly on the desktop to look for information, and it tends to be around their interests. Moreover, many businesses used Twitter to interact with imminent clients, answer questions, release the latest news and use targeted ads with particular audiences.  Pinterest Pinterest announced in September 2015. Although Pinterest is a relative newcomer,  it is a source for photo creator with 100 million users. This platform consists of digital bulletin boards where businesses can pin their content. Small businesses whose target audience is mostly women should definitely invest in Pinterest as more than half of its visitors are women. Instagram Like Pinterest, Instagram is a visual social media platform. The site, launched on October 6, 2010, has more than 400 million active users and is owned by Facebook. Instagram is as the art-related information hub for travellers, fashionistas, food-addict, photographers all over the world. The platform is also distinguished by its unique filters together with video and photo editing features. Almost 95 per cent of Instagram users also uses Facebook. LinkedInLinkedIn was founded on December 14, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003. This is the most popular social networks for finding a job with over 400 million registered users. The website is accessible in 24 languages. LinkedIn is famous for its customised database, people can connect with others in similar industries, easily to network with local professionals and approach to business-related information and statistics.Moreover, LinkedIn provides social networking for professionals and C-levels. When the site has grown, it is one of the best ways to build your personal brand, explore a new career, and network within your professional circles. An effective social network script by using phpFox phpFox is an effective social network script that can allow almost webmaster to develop their own unique niche-based social networking site. Same as Facebook, new social networking websites are emerging globally, as smart internet marketers find the benefiting potential of having a niche-based social networking site of their very own.Taking the unique features of phpFox, you can take part in an active forum full of members who want to assist you to start. When it comes to set up a social network script-based as phpFox, this forum can be a blessing. You can get a lot of assistance and learn more information about add on scripts and adjustments. This helps you make use of the phpFox social media network script full of its best. You can make the installation of phpFox with three basic steps:– Creating a database– Uploading your script files according to the instructions– Visiting the installation page and put in your details. The details you need is your database name, your username, and your password. After that, just run it and the setup file will do the rest of the work for you Based on the above list of the most popular social networks, we guess you may have at least one to add to our most popular social network list. The social network has changed our life and our media behaviour more in-depth. However, we have to aware of how we use them. If we could use social media smartly, having social media will become a good chance. PhpFox is the Leading platform to build online communities. Being trusted by more than 20,000+ community owner worldwide, we believe with our outstanding features, diversified functions and comprehensive ecosystem of addons/ themes, phpFox is now capable of bringing the best solutions with excellent customer service to customers at the global scale. Let's get FREE TRIAL today!
  • Special Offer: 13% Off until Sep 30th 2019

    Special Offer: 13% Off until Sep 30th 2019

    phpFox Special Offer Celebrating the new release of phpFox 4.7.8, we delightedly offer 13% OFF on new phpFox license purchase and license upgrade. The promotion starts from now to September 30th, 2019 (PST).Promo Code: PHPFOX478Let join us and start building your online communities today
  • phpFox 4.7.8 officially here

    phpFox 4.7.8 officially here

    Hi everyone, we would like to announce that the new phpFox version 4.7.8 is officially available now. For the full list of improvements and bug fixes of the phpFox version 4.7.8, please see Release Notes and Changelog. You can download its package in Client Area and start upgrading your phpFox site from now. Upgrade to phpFox 4.7.8 today – In order to upgrade your phpFox site to phpFox 4.7.8, you will need to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions.– Please don't forget to back up your site and database carefully before starting the upgrade.– We highly recommend temporarily disabling all 3rd-party apps during the phpFox upgrade to avoid unexpected issues.– And, you should check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using before enabling them then.– For phpFox sites having customizations in Core source, you can refer to our recommendations.– It is necessary to note that new versions of the Material template, Photos, Events, Marketplace and Music apps which have been recently released are only compatible with phpFox 4.7.8. Thus, you can upgrade them along with phpFox 4.7.8Having any issues or Looking for help? Please feel free to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area. What's next? We are super excited to inform that our team has been working really hard on new interesting phpFox apps: Chat Plus and Live Stream.Generally, with Chat Plus app, on top of basic instant messaging features, your members will be able to make group chats with friends, have audio/video call with not only a friend but also multiple members simultaneously in an online conference.The Live Stream app will allow users to make videos and broadcast them in real-time. Live-streamed videos are also recorded as normal videos on your social network for members to view again later.These functionalities are so significant and popular for successful online communities. That's why our team have been putting many efforts to analyze and develop them. These apps are under testing progress at this time and will be released to the public in the 4th quarter of 2019. Certainly, they will support both the web version and phpFox mobile apps. We are going to have sneak-peek of these apps very soon.Moreover, according to our development plan, the phpFox Mobile app will be upgraded with the new mobile version 1.6 between the releases of these new products. We hope that you are interested in the new release as well as what we have been working on. Since we are looking forward to hearing your feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and share your thoughts.
  • 5 reasons why enterprises should create a social network

    5 reasons why enterprises should create a social network

    A social network may in the form of a website that allows people with similar interests to come together and share information, photos, etc. Nowadays, almost enterprises create a social network in order to push their customer engagement effort far beyond common practices. Here we may find some advantages of creating a social network for the business owners. Personalize client relationships by social networking Social media is a two-way channel that you have chances to build relationships with your clients and expectations. These platforms are not about pushing sales to the audience. Creating social networking helps enterprises have more interactions and open dialogues with users. Social media enables many changes to educate about a brand and build real relationships with your customized community. This shortens the distance from your audience, especially when you address them from personal accounts. Promote your business more effectively Almost small and medium businesses attract new customers through social media. Therefore, it is obviously essential to create a social network. One of the most common ways to promote a business is advertising on the social network. Thanks to the advanced options of targeting and remarketing, the enterprises can address the message to the audience that would more likely be interested in your products and services. Increase website traffics Attracting traffic to a website is one of the most factors for enterprises. For these reasons, creating a social network is really necessary. This is not only directly drives traffic to a page, but it also improves search ranking.SEO is a durable and challenging process that helps you get to the top of Google’s search results. External links, number of visits, selected keywords and website content have an impact on how well you turn out against your competitors in search engines. Besides, social media can help you improve these factors, both thanks to direct traffic, but also shared links through social media users’ profiles.Mine valuable insights on products and services Creating a social network helps you get ideas, feedback from your customers. They are the ones who use your service, so they know best what can be improved to fit their needs. If something does not work well, they are likely to report it on social media, exposing it to plenty of other consumers. By this way, you can get valuable insight into your customer’s preferences and behaviour. They are using it to find inspiration and ideas for new variants of your products and improve in current offers. Enhance brand loyalty Brands which regularly engage in social media conversations tend to observe the increased brand loyalty. When your company is on social networking sites, you are more approachable and reliable in the eyes of customers. Moreover, if you can build more personal and real relationships with a community, customers will be less likely to switch between brands. Showing them a human face will increase their loyalty to your brand than just another company that sells good products.Each enterprise has different goals to create a social network and ways it measures success. However, it’s important to stick to the basics and use them in ways that help your brand succeed.PhpFox is the Leading platform to build online communities. Being trusted by more than 20,000+ community owner worldwide, we believe with our outstanding features, diversified functions and comprehensive ecosystem of addons/ themes, phpFox is now capable of bringing the best solutions with excellent customer service to customers at the global scale. Let's get FREE TRIAL today!
  • 5 Benefits of Building an Online Brand Community

    5 Benefits of Building an Online Brand Community

    Remove dependency on ads and promotions for traffic We usually love the favourite brands we shop because how they make us feel, not because they continually give us a discount or wave an ad in our face. Obviously, people mostly prefer to your brand if you have a robust online community. This is done by connecting your brand to social causes, creating a mission statement for your brand, and even with a rewards program. Customers will invest in your brand since your community represents the values your brand is all about. It allows you to sever your dependence on promotions and advertising. Increase customer retention Take a look at brand communities for some of the most luxurious brands in the world, like Rolex watches, Porsche cars, etc. We all know someone (maybe yourself) who is a die-hard fan and would never consider purchasing from a competitor - whether you have the money to buy one or not. When your community members are connected to your brand and the community around it, it creates a switching barrier. As a result of their dedication and investment in the community. By tapping into the emotions attached to looking and feeling your best, they’ve built a large online brand community.Create valuable brand advocates Your community can’t grow if nobody knows about it. When you inspire your community members, you can transform them being customers into a brand advocate. Advocates love your brand and become a valuable marketing channel, acting as a community megaphone to help bring others into your brand experience. When your community grows, it can only mean positive things for your business. By inspiring brand advocates, they can share the value of your brand to help bring in new delighted customers, and create a more engaging community experience. Help you understand your customers The only way to make your customer experience better is if you know what your customers are experiencing. Creating an online brand community allows them to learn what makes your customers tick, as well as what they do and don’t like about the customer experience. Armed with all the product reviews, feedback forms, and social engagements, there are lots of ways to find out everything you can do to make every interaction with your brand a delight. Create value-adds for your end-users End-users who come across your online community are not always customers yet. Before they purchase anything, then, you need to show the value your brand can provide. By using value-add marketing, you can create value for both your community and your not-yet customers. Creating value for your community members, shoppers, end-users and even casual website visitors will help your brand stand out, cutting through the marketing noise. PhpFox is the Leading platform to build online communities. Being trusted by more than 20,000+ community owner worldwide, we believe with our outstanding features, diversified functions and comprehensive ecosystem of addons/ themes, phpFox is now capable of bringing the best solutions with excellent customer service to customers at the global scale. Let create a social network with our FREE TRIAL now!