• ChatPlus and Live Streaming requirements

    ChatPlus and Live Streaming requirements

    We would like to remind you of some requirements which are necessary to know when purchasing our solutions ChatPlus and Live Streaming. So let’s dive in. ChatPlus In order to set up ChatPlus for you, we would like to get the following information:The admin user credentials of your phpFox site and the cPanel/SSH user credentials to the server for phpFox website. The SSH root access to the dedicated server or VPS where you want to set up ChatPlus. This server should be Ubuntu OS and different from the one used for the phpFox website.ChatPlus Server Requirements Minimum:Single-core (2 GHz) 1 GB RAM 30 GB of SSDThe above minimal configuration is fine for small deployments of 200 users with up to 50 concurrent users and minimal level of mixed uploads, sharing, and chat activities. Recommended:Dual-core (2 GHz) 2 GB RAM 40 GB of SSDThe above configuration can accommodate small deployments of 500 users, up to 100 concurrent users and moderate levels of mixed uploads, sharing, and chat activities.We utilize Docker to deploy the ChatPlus solution, so the server must have Docker and Docker Compose installed.To avail ChatPlus solution, you need to purchase it separately as it is not included in phpFox License and its pricing is $999. Live Streaming  Live Streaming installation requires Mobile Build Service because our current live solution allows you to go live only from phpFox Mobile app. This solution uses MUX services to encode, store and broadcast live videos. Clients need to register and provide us with their MUX credentials to do the needful setup.There is no requirement for the server to set up Live Streaming.To avail Live Streaming, you need to purchase it separately as it is not included in phpFox License and its pricing is $799. *Upon the receipt of all necessary information, it takes us 2 days to complete the setup process. Please feel free to raise a ticket in our client area if there is any hesitation.
  • How to promote your products on social media

    How to promote your products on social media

    The rise of social networks puts together millions of citizens from various parts around the planet. Such social networks are one of the most important topics for all those who have their own businesses to advertise their products on the Internet. This leads to a great opportunity for businesses to raise their brand awareness. Choosing the right platform based on a customer's insight database and building an appropriate social media campaign will bring the brand closer and friendly to customers. This is why businesses must know how to promote products on social media. Draw publicity by running a competition on social media  A contest is a great mean of promoting a brand without directly advertising it. Running competitions on social networking sites can attract the interest of your customers to your company. To optimize the advantages of the contest, make it enjoyable, easy, and give prizes to all participants. This builds customer loyalty;  therefore, it will help you to generate leads in your sector. Show proofs of your product quality on social media Consumer rating & testimonials serve as an influencer to promote the product to the market in a positive light. This is often safer for shoppers to make educated decisions by understanding the views of other buyers rather than by getting swayed by social network advertisements. That's why it's crucial to render consumer testimonials or user-generated content the brand's social face. Drive hot deals and sales on social media Tweet the sales and coupon codes on the social networking pages. Yeah! You promote your brands and products; however, you offer your customers the ability to save money on their transactions. Seek to run unique offers on your social media to attract your followers and make them feel special. Use ads to spread your products worldwide People like your social networking page because they're interested in your brand. However, for businesses, there is a restriction in the organic reach of social media, which is why they ought to make special efforts to ensure that their ads are perceived by the target market. Social networking advertising will improve your visibility and help you gain millions of views on your content. Post visual artistic material for better interaction Photos, videos and other visual material have proved to be most successful for reaching social media users. Therefore, by sharing imaginative images or product demo videos on various social networks, you will attract a lot of interest to your brand. Collab with bloggers or influencers One of the strongest ways to boost brand recognition is to collaborate with prominent bloggers and influencers. So, reach out to the influencers and hammer out plans to get reviews of your products to specific clients in order to keep them interested with your business or brand. In conclusion, social media is constantly proving its powerful ability in mass media. It not only brings many benefits to the business but also greatly reduces operation costs and time. Understand exactly how to promote your products on social media to utilize its advantages and increase the revenue for your business. Let's create your social networking sites with phpFox today. Along with consultation, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal customer community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message to
  • Advantages and disadvantages of social media

    Advantages and disadvantages of social media

    In the last decade, social media has become more and more popular for any individual or organization. Things and humans are now able to interact with the world more easily. According to social media statistics, the number of social network users has reached 3.5 billion, equivalent to 46% of the total world population. A person spends an average of 2.6 hours a day using social networking sites. Using social networking sites bring great benefits to our life, but first, we need to define social media advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons that most people using social media are familiar with Advantages Education Support  Many educational technology experts have advocated the use of online social networks in the educational process, and also emphasized the advantages of technology. The growth of social networking sites and a general interest in students brought attention to the use of internet resources to establish distance learning. International Connectivity  We can use social media to communicate with others and exchange information. It's the connection that unites us all, and it's readily available. Online Marketing Creating relationships with your customers allows them more willing to utilize the services. Social networking is one of the best places to stay connected and keep involved with your customers.  Fast Way of Spreading Information Social media's biggest benefit is that you refresh yourself with the new worldwide happenings. Television and print media are typically skewed these days and don't deliver the real meaning. After doing any analysis, you will acquire the truth and accurate knowledge with the help of social media. Building Different Communities Since there are different interests and beliefs in our world, social networking allows us to create and engage in the community of each own interest and belief. In the same way, people from different communities can interact to discuss and share related issues.  Disadvantages Security Sometimes, social networking accounts can be attacked by hackers, resulting in personal information being leaked. This has caused a lot of serious consequences for users. It is also a painful problem that social network operators are still struggling to find a radical solution. Addiction The addictive aspect of social media is really negative and can even disrupt personal lives. Teenagers are the most impacted by social networking use. They get very extensively involved and are eventually cut off from society. It can also waste time on an individual basis that could have been used for productive works and activities. Health Issues Social media addiction can also have a negative impact on health. Since exercise is the key to staying healthy, most people get unmotivated due to the excessive use of social networking sites. Which, as a result, causes disorder in a daily routine. This discovery research will shock you by showing how bad the use of social media can affect your health. Family Intimacy Reduction Texting, browsing on the Phone, etc. divides people from our family more than we really know. In reality, when a family spends time together and watching a film, most kids are on their phones instead of enjoying the film with their parent. In conclusion, social media will bring great benefits if we use it for appropriate purposes in reasonable ways within a reasonable amount of time. Try to define social media advantages and disadvantages to use it most effectively. Start to use social media by creating your online community with phpFox today. Along with consultation, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal customer community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message to
  • phpFox 4.8.0 Official Release

    phpFox 4.8.0 Official Release

    How's it going? We are super delighted to announce phpFox 4.8 version is now officially released. Our team has been working really hard on this major release. Many interesting and significant enhancements related to scalability, performance and core features which you would expect to see have been implemented. Let's go through what's new in phpFox 4.8.0 now.
  • 6 Steps to build an online community

    6 Steps to build an online community

    The online customer community has rapidly grown in recent years due to the considerable development of technology and it is really necessary to build an online community for your business. In our latest article, we have discussed how the customer community benefits businesses...
  • Independence Day promotion 2020

    Independence Day promotion 2020

    Independence Day is almost here   Let's celebrate this day with our Sale. We're happy to offer a 15% discount for all purchases from July 3rd to 8th 2020.   You are a free man living in a free country, so enjoy your life to the fullest. Happy Independence Day!   Click below for the promo code now    [sociallocker]4JULY2020[/sociallocker]   BUY NOW    *Please note that this offer is not applicable to subscription licenses or services   Build your niche social network or online community with us
  • How Digital Marketing benefits your business?

    How Digital Marketing benefits your business?

    In the current era, Digital Marketing is indispensable for every business. If you are running a business, you are using digital marketing techniques. This brings great benefits and value. Many people have realized the importance of digital marketing and started applying it to their business.One of the most popular and effective ways to grow your business is digital marketing. If you are an entrepreneur, it is worth taking time to understand digital marketing and learn how to use it.So, how has digital marketing brought benefits to your business?  Collect customer data There are many analytical tools to help collect and analyze customer data during the time they are on your website. It's even their demographic information - a kind of extremely useful information for customer analysis. Through the collected data, marketers will quickly get insights of customers, measure the effectiveness of websites and marketing strategies. Thereby, they can improve the marketing plan of the business.  Expanding the business If your business was known only in a certain area not long ago, now it can be known worldwide. Digital marketing helps your business get ranked on online platforms, from which people can find your brand on the search engines.  Improve customer service The ultimate goal of every business is to satisfy customers in every way. In other words, the expectations of customers are rising. Therefore, focusing on customer needs is very important. Establishing a customer forum or online customer community will help you easily connect with them. Moreover, it helps improve customer service before and after purchase.  Ecommerce People no longer like going to stores to buy things. Instead, they prefer shopping through websites or smartphone apps. To make sure your business reaches people, create and develop an online commerce platform. As a matter of fact, businesses can not hope to flourish if they do not use this medium. To sum up, Digital Marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to enhance your business performance. Hence, entrepreneurs need to keep up with the advanced technologies of the times to accelerate the development of business.Let's start to take great advantage of this powerful medium by creating your niche online community first with phpFox. Along with free consultancy, we offer an optimal package while setting up, and other services. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message to
  • ChatPlus Official Release

    ChatPlus Official Release

    Since the last pre-order of ChatPlus, we have received many good feedbacks from our clients.  ChatPlus official release is on 24th June 2020. Learn more hereEnjoy early bird pricing of $799 running until 30th June 2020.    BUY NOW   From 1st July 2020, pricing is going to be $999.Please note that data migration from IM to ChatPlus can only be done if you are on phpFox 4.8. phpFox 4.8 will be released on 1st July 2020.You can log in our Client Area today in order to purchase. Upon purchase, you can open a Support ticket in Client Area in order for us to set up. Build your niche social network or online community with us – phpFox
  • Summer Sale 2020

    Summer Sale 2020

    Let's break the summer's heat with our promotion!SUMMER SALE IS BACK! Avail 12% discount for all license purchases and upgrades Duration: 22nd to 26th June 2020Promotion Code: SUMMER2020 BUY NOW Please note that ChatPlus and Live Streaming are not included in this promotion ____________________________________ Build your niche social network or online community with us – phpFox
  • phpFox Service Promotion

    phpFox Service Promotion

    Promotion: phpFox Customization Service   We now provide customization and development services for both web and mobile applications. Special price is now offered for your customization needs until 30th June 2020 So what are you waiting for? Leave us a ticket now    SEND TICKET   Project budget starting from $30,000 and above    Build your niche social network or online community with us – phpFox