• How To Get Your Businesses Through COVID-19

    How To Get Your Businesses Through COVID-19

    The world is facing serious health and economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has posed lots of challenges for each individual and every business to get over. In this extremely difficult period, leaders need to find solutions to maintain and bring the business through the crisis.
  • 5 Things Make People Spend Money On Your Online Community

    5 Things Make People Spend Money On Your Online Community

    Building an online community is hard, earning money from it is even harder.  Businesses have taken customer insights from the online communities seriously, and others even converted them into income sources by monetizing them.
  • Sale Of Love – Valentine’s Special Offer!

    Sale Of Love – Valentine’s Special Offer!

    We're happy to give the Special Offer for this season of love. 10% OFF on license purchases & upgrades and 15% OFF on solution purchases. Duration: Feb 12th to 17th 2021
  • Score A Great Deal of Super Bowl Sunday SALE

    Score A Great Deal of Super Bowl Sunday SALE

    ️Touchdown our Super Bowl Sunday SALE now. For the best Game Day celebration, we're excited to offer a 10% DISCOUNT on license & solution purchases and upgrades. Duration: Feb 6th to 8th 2021
  • How To Manage And Grow An Online Community

    How To Manage And Grow An Online Community

    If you are running an online community, you need to know how to manage your community successfully. Making your community a success helps you to improve your customer loyalty, boosting your revenue, and increasing your brand awareness.However, building a thriving community is not just a thing that can be done overnight. It requires a lot of effort from community managers. They need to set metrics to measure and monitor all the community activities. Besides, all the data collected needs to be organized and analyzed to get insight to improve the community better.Below are what you need to know if you’re new to community management. Determine the purpose Before starting to build a community, identify the purpose which will be the cornerstone of your community-building and growing. Remember to stick to the purpose while making all the members deeply understand it; therefore, they will provide valuable contributions to your community. Set metrics to measure resultsTraffic: Check the traffic to your community to understand the effectiveness of your promotion effort to adjust it. Through the traffic, you can see if your community grows over time and what brings the audience to your community. Thereby, you will have more insight on where to target more customers. Engagement: How many people are there in your community versus actually engaging? Which discussion topics they engage most? What makes them excited to participate and what not? Deeply understand these things may give you more ideas on how to create better content for your community. The number of members: How many people are currently joining your community? And, is it increasing or decreasing every month? Creare thrilling discussion Your community members are strangers that makes them rarely talk amongst one another. So, this is your responsibility as a community manager to create thrilling discussions. Great topics attract members to talk, discuss, and engage more. Moreover, you should collect data and analyze it to know when to create a topic and which topic is suitable for a different time. Host more “Live Streaming”  This is a world of technology, but somehow, people still ask for real interaction. Live Streaming allows you to interact and engage in real-time with your community members. No matter where you are, live streaming helps you easily connect with your audience. Live streaming not only humanizes you but also supports you to build trust loyalty effectively. Ban polluters Your community should have clear guidelines and policies for the members to join. If there’s anyone who ignores the rule, kick them out immediately. This makes the users provide valuable contributions to your community and increase the quality of the community content. Quality over quantity! Building a community is hard; however, managing, and growing it is even harder. But, the benefits a successful community brings are worth it. If you are planning to build your online community, or want to grow it more effectively, phpFox can help. We are a leading social network platform with a big collection of interesting features. Along with free consultancy, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal online community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message at 
  • phpFox 4.8.3 Official Release

    phpFox 4.8.3 Official Release

    We hope you’ve had a great holiday season with your family and friends. We are back to announce the release of phpFox new version. Let’s burn this year with phpFox 4.8.3.
  • Discussion Topics For Online Community

    Discussion Topics For Online Community

    Discussions play an important role in the success of any community. It enriches the content of the community, bringing more value to all the members. In this blog, we would like to share some ideas for the topics of discussion to help you increase the engagement of your online community. 
  • Small Business Goals To Set For This Year

    Small Business Goals To Set For This Year

    Every year, businesses need to look back on what they’ve done and evaluate their performance to set goals for the next year. Business goals support firms to orientate their way clearly to avoid inertia. To help you get started with your business goals this year, we've put together a list of goals that have the potential to improve your business.
  • New Year comes with SALE!

    New Year comes with SALE!

    Ring in the New Year and SAVE 18% on license & solution purchases and upgrades. SALE takes place from 31st of Dec 2020 to 4th of Jan 2021
  • phpFox 2020 Year In Review

    phpFox 2020 Year In Review

    We almost reach the end of the road 2020. It’s considered the most beautiful time as we can feel the spirit of Christmas and New Year full-filled in the atmosphere. Everywhere is covered with many twinkle colours and glorious decorations. These days must be an appropriate time to look back on what we’ve done, review, evaluate and to set the target for the next whole year. Let’s join phpFox 2020 Year In Review.