• phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN as Standalone Apps!

    phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN as Standalone Apps!

    phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN are now available for download directly in the store as we have released the phpFox version 4.5.3. These two apps are now standalone apps and are separated from the core platform of phpFox. In other words, they can be easily installed directly from the store through your AdminCP for free. Why CDN is important? Having CDN or what we call Content Delivery Network on any website is very important as it gives customer satisfaction guarantee by providing fast browsing experience. It is advisable to have a CDN installed on your phpFox site especially if your site is getting bigger. It helps to pull out the needed content of your user from the main storage server to the nearest available. As a result, having these apps installed on your social network site makes your users experience the best browsing ever. Difference between phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN apps. Both apps have file storage functionalities. phpFox CDN stores the files to your specified server storage while the Amazon CDN stores the files in Amazon S3 Service. Installing phpFox CDN will require you a bit knowledge of setting up a server while Amazon CDN doesn't. You just need to get the setting provided by the Amazon S3 and that's it. Advantage of Standalone Apps As you all know, you can also install other core apps of phpFox directly from the store. You can find the list of these apps on this page. Porting these apps and make them as standalone apps from the core platform has a lot of advantages. You can easily select those core apps your site need to install from the store. We are also planning to release all the other core apps of phpFox and make them as standalone apps when we release version 4.6.0. This way, you don't need to worry about your site putting offline whenever you are having any issues. You just need to tell us which app is being affected and we'll fix the affected app itself and not the whole site. As a result, it can save you money and time for fixing the issues. For more details, follow the links below phpFox CDN: CDN: our website at or submit a ticket in your client area if you have any problems with the installation.
  • phpFox 4.5.3 has been released!

    phpFox 4.5.3 has been released!

    We are pleased to announce the release of phpFox 4.5.3. We are talking about the latest stable version of phpFox. This version is focused on only 1 main objective: improving significantly the quality of the Core script. We also studied thoroughly and fixed all the issues you have submitted on phpFox Community and GitHub. You can also find some new features added as we mentioned on our recent blog and you would be surprised about the great changes, improvements, and additional features in this latest version.  Because of this, we are confident to tell that this will be the most stable version of phpFox ever.  We will have full focus on phpFox 4.6.0 to make our Core script even better while you are enjoying this latest version, Fixed Issues We have already fixed all major bugs from 4.5.2. You can get the full list here.Improvements A lot of improvements have been also implemented in this version. Visit here  to view them all NoticeThe phpFox CDN and Amazon CDN are now separated from the Core platform and published as standalone apps from this version 4.5.3. Check out this blog to know more details about these apps. While installing / upgrading platform, phpFox allows admin to choose which apps from Store will be installed/upgraded along with the platform. However, because the newest version of Video and IM apps are so different to the previous ones, if admin wants to use these new apps, admin has to re-check all configurations as well as installation guide of themInstallation InfoDownload Upgrade Instructions Installation Instructions Please note that if you have phpFox 4.5.2 or lower installed, you do need to run the full upgrade routine. Development Updates If you are developers and you have a concern about our changes in the Core script on this version. Please visit here to get more detail information. Change logChanged file listFind bugs with this version? Please report them at our Github tracker.Need support? Don't hesitate to submit tickets right from your account to reach out just visit our website and chat with our live chat agent. We will reply to you very soon then.We hope that you feel interested and joyful in this release. Stay tuned as we will get back with more updates soon.
  • phpFox 4.5.3 is coming out soon!

    phpFox 4.5.3 is coming out soon!

    Latest news from phpFox! Hey, fellas! We have good news for you! Our latest version of phpFox is coming out pretty soon before this month end. We are excited to announce the latest feature improvements in this upcoming version. While you are waiting for the release of phpFox 4.6.0, let us give you this latest version release of phpFox 4.5.3.  This version will have some new features, improvements, and some changes compared to the current version 4.5.2. The list below includes New Features, Changes and ImprovementsAdd new setting "Secure with SSL or TLS" to configure mail server The ability of the site admins to add themselves to be page/group's admins Add some improvements on Photo app as following:Change title/description of setting "Display Profile Photo within Gallery" into "Display User Profile Photos within Gallery" and apply this setting to profile photos only Add new setting "Display User Cover Photos within Gallery" Click on user cover photo/profile photo to go to photo detail pageBreadcrumbs now only show the first and the last level, the rest will be shown if clicking into "..." between them Allow user to expand or collapse a category to show hide all its sub-categories at Front EndException for Pages and Groups App. The feature will be implemented in the standalone apps of Pages and Group after the release of 4.5.3.Allow admin to configure which pagination will be applied to the listing page of each app. There are 3 options to select:  load more, next prev buttons, pagination with page number Add the "Error 500" page Support new log system as following:cron log error on screen in debug mode (development mode) debug level link to download log fileNow the following are some of the most important updates in phpFox 4.5.3Put all mail processes into message queue Support flag photos for languages Add the new page for admin to approve all pending comments at AdminCP --> Comment app Clean up all special characters in all URL of site New settings for Event app to allow admin to select the default value for sorting all events by time. Hide the button to create new item (photo, music, event, friend list, etc) to users who do not have permission to perform this action at Front End The user will be redirected to a photo detail page when clicking the cover photo. Allow users to check-in while sharing photo or video on feed (this feature will be applied to newest version of Videos and Photos) Allow admin to configure which block will be hidden on responsive size as well as the number of items will be shown on it Admins now have the ability to edit information of admin at AdminCP Support CKEditor on custom pages at AdminCPHighlights of phpFox 4.5.3Add one more step while upgrading/installing platform to check and list out all apps on Store which compatible with this version of the platform and also are valid with the license of the site. Admin can check to select which apps will be installed/upgraded during the upgrading / installing platform. These apps will be disabled while processing and then be enabled again after finish Admin will be redirected to app detail page at AdminCP if click on the "Upgrade now" link on Manage Apps at AdminCPYou can find a complete list of updates for phpFox 4.5.3 on this page.  We also fixed some of the issues you submitted in our GitHub. If you have any feature request, you can also submit it here. Just keep an eye on our blog post for the announcement of the official release of phpFox 4.5.3.  And don't forget to visit our website for any news and updates.
  • phpFox Affiliate – How It Works

    phpFox Affiliate – How It Works

    This post is to explain more how the phpFox Affiliate works, provides you with all affiliate banners and necessary instructions. phpFox Affiliate banners To those who are already active Affiliates of phpFox sales, the following banners are for you to use on your websites, blogs or wherever you want to put it together with your Unique Referral Link.Medium Rectangle banner (300x250):This banner should be embedded within text content or at the end of articles.  Leaderboard banner (728x90):This banner should be placed above main content, and on forum sites.  Affiliate Panel How to get your Unique Referral Link and see Your referralsLogin Client Area Click Affiliates on the menu Get Your Unique Referral LinkSee your referralsThe current Affiliate Earning Percentage is 20% It is the percentage of each payment that you receive. The current Affiliate Commission Delay is 30 days It is the number of days from the date your referral purchased phpFox's product (license or service) to the date its commission is available for you to withdraw (if accounts are still active). How to withdraw your commission You will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of $100.00 USD.In the above example, the affiliate needs to wait until the Commissions Pending Maturation: $59.80 USD becomes an available commission and is added to its Available Commissions Balance. The Available Commissions Balance then will be $149.65 USD and ready to withdraw.Click the Request Withdrawal button. It will create a ticket on your behalf. Our staff will then follow up with you in the ticket and proceed to send you your available commission payment.See also the instruction how to register as a phpFox Affiliate.
  • Earn Money in phpFox’s Affiliate Program

    Are you a full-time employee looking for an additional way to Earn Money? Or maybe you're one of those freelancers working in the most flexible way in their chosen field. Either you belong to any of these two or you are anyone who is looking for a faster way to earn money, you're on the right page. You will learn here on how you can make an income in a faster way with just a few and easy steps to follow.Many of our Affiliates are earning not just hundreds but thousands of dollars within few days for doing great and effective strategies in Affiliate Marketing. You will discover those strategies in the next parts of this article.But the first thing you need to know is to learn what an Affiliate Marketing is all about and how you will get money from it. In general, an Affiliate Marketing is one of the forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to an online product, and when that person purchase that product from your recommendation, you will receive a commission.In phpFox's Affiliate Program, you will not receive just a commission but a big commission for every purchase from your recommendation. We will discuss in details later on this article what products and services are covered in this Affiliate Program. How can I become an Affiliate? A good question to start with. The very first step towards your goal is to register yourself to become an Affiliate. Don't worry, registration is FREE. You don't have to pay anything to become an Affiliate.  Anyone can become an Affiliate. Whether you are a student or a professional, you are welcome to register. As long as you have your own PayPal Account where we can send your earnings, you can be an Affiliate. Once you successfully registered as an Affiliate, you will have an account in our Client Area. In the Client Area, you can see all your earnings and the numerical figures in your Affiliate Account. Here's the step by step guide on how to register as an Affiliate.Go to the Affiliate section on our website Click the Join Now Button You will be redirected to this page Since you don't have an account yet, you need to Register first. You can find the registration option on this page under Account menu. Just select the Register menu. Once clicked the Register menu, you will be redirected to this page to create a client account in phpFox. Just make sure to fill up the text fields with your correct information as we will use this as a reference to send your earnings. You will need to verify your account with the link sent to your email address. After verifying, you can now log in to your account. Once login, you can activate your Affiliate Account in the Affiliates menu. After activating your Affiliate Account, you can see your unique referral link. Affiliate real-time statistics are also on this page. Statistics show the figures for clicks, signups, and conversions to keep you up to date. You can also see the list of all your referrals on this page. Referrals are the names of the people who purchased the script under your recommendation.Why do I need to have a Paypal Account? You need to have a PayPal account because this is where we send your earnings. You will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of $100. What should I do to earn money? Now, this is the most important part of being an Affiliate. There are many ways you can do to earn money in Affiliate Program. One of the most effective strategies to become a successful Affiliate is by creating blogs about phpFox. You can start blogging for free via WordPress. You can post your blogs to different social media sites, pages, forums, groups, etc.  Just make sure to highlights the social network features especially the monetization feature on your blog to attract more readers.  And don't miss to put your unique referral link on your blogs as this will serve as the bridge to connect these readers to become potential clients.There are some tips you can learn in the article How to Make Money in Social Network that you can use in writing your blogs. Remember, your goal is for the people to click the unique referral link given to you. You can also research other strategies online about Affiliate Marketing to gain more traffic on your blogs. The more people you reach, the more clicks you will get. The more clicks you will get the bigger the chances they will purchase and the bigger commission you will earn.What will I get after people purchase? You will get 20% commission for every purchase in any of these phpFox products and services including license, hosting,  and other services such as Quick Start and Launch packages.  To give you an idea, imagine a scenario when someone purchased a license from your unique referral link. In phpFox, we have three different license packages. The LITE, BASIC and PRO.  When someone purchases the PRO package worth $539, you will automatically get 20% commission on this purchase It means, you will receive $107.8 since this is the 20% of $539. Therefore, you can earn $1078 commission with just 10 license purchases. How much more if you've got more purchases? Obviously, you will get higher earnings.One great advantage as an Affiliate is you manage your own time. We are not going to require you to do it. You can do it anywhere. You can do this at home, coffee shops, or anywhere you'd like to be.As a result, as an Affiliate, you will be able to earn money by doing things at your convenience while having fun. You can also contact us via live chat on our website or send us an email at if you have any question. In Addition to this, you can also check out the Affiliate Policy at for more details about commission rules of our Affiliate Program.There are a lot of more ways you can advertise your affiliate link. Some are paid and some are free. Google has a plethora of results for marketing and advertising so feel free to also do your own searching but we'll put a few tips here.Add it to your signature in websites you are a member. Make sure they allow this first. Become a member of websites for webmaster help and answer questions about the phpFox script, about social network scripts, about cms scripts or about starting a website. Family, friends and business associates are a good free way to market. Some might want a site of their own or maybe they know someone that does. Put your affiliate link in your email signature. Take out some ads in search engines, on hosting forums, on technical support forums. Put an ad on your own site if you don't mind folks knowing what script you use. Offer services to make websites. Let your clients purchase the phpFox script with your affiliate link and then set up the site for them after. Post on social media with tips for starting websites and include your affiliate link in some of the posts. You won't want to put it in every post as that can turn people off from reading your posts. You need to grow your following with relevant posts.We hope the above tips help you to take your affiliate account to high levels and grow your bank account!Disclaimer: phpFox cannot guarantee that you will earn specific amounts, or anything at all, with the affiliate program. Your earnings are directly impacted by your efforts. As such, it is out of our control as to how much you may or may not earn.
  • How to make money in Social Network?

    How to make money in Social Network?

    Have you ever thought of having your own Social Network? Do you imagine yourself how it feels to manage a famous website like Facebook? How about building your own community for professionals like LinkedIn? There are lots of popular Social networks out there but what do you think is the reason they are getting bigger and better every day?  What do they get in return?People have their own reasons why they want to build Social Network. Some just want to connect people by building a niche community. And others want to monetize or make money from it. The question is, how can you make money from Social Network? Alright, now you're in. Let's talk about money. We will show you how you can generate income from a social network. But in order to achieve that, you have to be proactively promoting your site. There are lots of ways you can do to promote your site. And this is very important in order to have your site gain popularity and achieve your desired target number of members. The more members your site have, the bigger income your site will get. We will also try to give you some ideas on how to grow your community in a different article. But for this one, we will focus on how you can make money from it.We have a lot of successful clients running social network sites using phpFox script who are actually earning not just hundreds but thousands of dollars from maximizing the monetization features of their site. What are the features to monetize your site? In phpFox, we didn't just build a script with essential features of a social network, we also made sure that it has a lot of features you can use for monetization.The following are some of the proven features used for generating income in a social network. AdsIf you're managing a social network, it will be easy for you to allow your members to run Ads on your site. You can allow your users to create ads and you will have the full control on how much these ads would cost. If you are running a social network with members all around the globe, Ads will be definitely beneficial to your users who want to showcase or promote their products or services in a specific location, with specific age range, or type of people. With this feature, your site will automatically generate an income by allowing your users to leverage the usage of Ads. SubscriptionAnother feature to consider in monetizing your site is a Member Subscription. As an owner, you can define the access level of your members on your site. Old members who are already familiar with your site can easily choose if they want to stay as normal users or wants to upgrade their membership to a paid one with full access to your site. But you'll have to accept the fact the newbies will register on your site and choose free membership. Members subscribed under the free membership level has a limited access on your site.As mentioned earlier, you as an owner have the power to set or define the access level of your members. As a result, setting limited access to free membership will make them decide to subscribe to a paid one or a VIP membership level to fully access the functionalities of your site. This clearly shows that your site will generate an income through the subscription process. MarketplaceThis feature allows your users to buy and sell items on your site. The seller can easily create their own listing and set the price for the product or item they sell. The buyer can easily contact the seller whenever they have questions regarding the product in the listing. The buyer can also directly purchase the product or item in the marketplace by activating the Buy Now button.  But how can this feature benefit your site?You can actually allow your sellers to purchase a sponsored ads space in the marketplace. As an admin, you can set the price for each sponsored ads.  This way, the product or item of the seller on sale will be displayed on top as a sponsored item and will be easily noticed by the buyers. Purchasing sponsored space in the Marketplace could bring the seller more sales so they will more likely to purchase the sponsored ads space wherein your site can earn from it. EventsEvent in any form is one of the very important factors in a social network. It can use to setup a simple meet up or create big parties. It can give your users a chance to organize a specific event to showcase their products or services for example.  As an Admin of the site, you can create a specific UserGroup that allows creating events. In order for your users to join this specific usergroup, they will need to subscribe by paying the membership fee or be promoted by using the activity points. Event organizers can also look for sponsors who could finance the promotion of their event. One way of promoting an event is by purchasing ads space. In return, event organizer will feature their sponsor in the said event. It's like an X-deal for both organizer and sponsor while your site generates income from it. Activity PointsThis feature plays a big role in the phpFox social network. Enabling activity points will allow your users to gain points in all their activities within your site. It could be earned by creating blogs, commenting on a post, creating a new item, etc. These activity points can be used to purchase items within the site or also be used to be promoted to a specific usergroup. The users can be promoted if they reach the required points.  Users who don't have enough points can purchase activity points in order to be promoted and to be subscribed to a membership or to purchase an item.All of these features mentioned above are just some of the ways you can do to make money using Social Network. You can check out the monetization page on our website to learn more on how you can generate an income when you own a social network website. You can also contact us for more information and we will provide the best solution for your social network project. Purchase your own license now and start earning.
  • Sneak Peek for phpFox 4.6.0

    Sneak Peek for phpFox 4.6.0

    We are sure you are all excited to hear this news. You will discover some of the core apps improvements plus the newly added features of phpFox 4.6.0 in the next sections of this article.  But the most important question is, when is the release of this version? We know a lot of you are excited to know about this newest version release. What we can give you, for now, is we are planning to release this version tentatively by the last quarter of this year. For the meantime, let's have a quick sneak peek at phpFox version 4.6.0 What to expect with 4.6.0?The release of the new modern style template, The Material Template. Restructure HTML of all elements of phpFox. New Template for the AdminCP Release most of the default apps of phpFox to be a standalone app which will be published in the store. Add more improvement for each app.Here are some of the apps improvement in the phpFox 4.6.0Supports drag & drop when uploading image files or photos.2. Suggestion Block - when the user views an item, the user can also see a block that displays or suggests other items based on the category of the current viewing item. 3. Support feature/sponsor items for all apps 4. Support AddThis on item detail5. Make clickable images for some default apps such as events, quizzes, polls, pages, etc. 6. If deleting a category, admins will have an option to move items from one category to another. 7. Allow admin to manage sub-categories directly from the Categories page. 8. Admins can configure modules to integrate into page/group. 9. Supports SEO for all apps. 10. Supports collapse/expand categories in the frontend.11. Display total views in listing pages for all apps.Let's continue to learn more about phpFox 4.6.0. What else to expect in this version?New Features added in 4.6.01.  Support Site Statistics block at the frontend to monitor all the activities happening on your site. 2. Allow sorting data on tables at the backend. 3. Ctrl+Enter feature - this will be applicable to have a new line in the comment section. It can also expand the comment box if added or paste a long text. 4. Support log library 5. More new features are still in development mode and will be added as per clients request.Current features improvementA lot of improvements on the current features of phpFox will be also added in 4.6.0. Your AdminCP's new layout will bring your management experience to the next level. Here are some of the feature improvements in phpFox 4.6.0Improvement on managing your members/users. The layout for managing and viewing members on your site will be much cleaner and organize. The sorting feature will make your search faster than ever. And if you will notice, all the settings about managing members can be found under MEMBERS backend menu. Improvement on managing state/province at the backend Improvement on managing apps at the backend. The admins will have the ability to uninstall the apps which are not in use.  Move the search setting into global search at Back End    5. Bring back Redis. 6. Bring settings about cookie back. 7. Support submenu8. Friend request notification improvements.9. Custom field improvements at the backend. 10. Support embed code in BBCode 11. Additional Registration Step will be back as you requested.Can't get enough? That's it for now. These are just some of the improvements and new features included in 4.6.0. We are still currently in the development of adding more features. Can't get enough of updates? We'll keep you posted to our next blog announcement regarding this version. Don't forget to visit our website to check out the latest stable version of phpFox.
  • New Apps and Themes in June 2017

    New Apps and Themes in June 2017

    3rd Party Apps and Themes Update Hey, fellas! Last month, our 3rd party developers have added new apps and themes in our store.  You can directly purchase and download these products in your AdminCP.  These products are independently provided and supported by the 3rd party developers. So in case, you have questions, just feel free to let them know.We summarized everything for you. Let's take a look at the following list. Transformer(theme) by Foxer FEATURESexpandable side menu with some features of the user dashboard configurable footer clean and attractive landing page includedStickybar by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app makes the main menu sticky when scrolling down. Your users are always able to switch to other pages and not have to scroll up to get back to the menu.Advanced Like by FoxExpert INTRODUCTION: Want to increase user interactions on your Phpfox? Add your own or use default package of 6 emotions (like Facebook). View liked users list in the tooltip for each emotion and special popup. Manage icons from the admin panel, add icons which fit for your idea.Side Menu by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app changes your default horizontal bootstrap menu to a side menu. On mobile devices, the menu is fixed at the top.CSV User Import by Foxer INTRODUCTION: CSV User Import allows you to create a number of users you need in minutes, set a shared password for everyone and their user group in your community. A few seconds – and your new members will be imported after uploading one file with their data in .csv format. CSV User Import allows you to assign one of available user groups of your particular system. Tracking the progress of import is easy with the AdminCP page we created. A brief description of fields to enter can be found in the example file you can find and download right from your AdminCP. Of course, if there are mistakes in CSV document users will not be created and you will get line-by-line information about that.Follow System by FoxExpert FEATURESAdd Follow/Unfollow button into profile page Follow Wall - show all feeds from followed users I follow, My followers browse pages. Suggest to follow popular users. My followers block in profile page Most followers, Most following blocks. Admin statistic page. Admin Enable/Disable follow feature. Enable/Disable for special user groups.Feed Colors by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app adds color to your feed. Set background and text color for specific feed item typesDIXIPAY® by ComeMore FEATURESPayment gateway for companies, legal entities Page hosted payment (HPP) Level 1 PCI DSS compliant Maximum security by reducing the credit card listed on your website Fast and easy integration Customize the payment page with your own Logo and your preferred language Use the dixipay brand to increase customer confidence Several methods of paymentEcwid Store Integration - free version by cespiritual INTRODUCTION: With this module, you can integrate your Ecwid shop into a phpFox installation offering to your members a modern and easy to use online store.TargetPay Bancontact by ComeMore INTRODUCTION: Cash Banksys is a popular payment system in Belgium. There you go. They are the updated list of apps and themes for the month of June. Please contact directly the 3rd party developers for any questions regarding these plugins. They would love to hear your thoughts about their products. See you next month for the new apps and themes!
  • Introducing the new amazing template in phpFox 4.6.0 – Material Template

    Introducing the new amazing template in phpFox 4.6.0 – Material Template

    Quick glance of the new template for phpFox 4.6.0 This is probably one of the best updates you will look forward to in phpFox 4.6.0. A new core template, which will be called the 'Material Template'.  Your site will look more attractive and stunning with the new look. Get yourself ready to preview some of the highlights of phpFox's new templateActivity FeedYour members will enjoy browsing on your site with the new look and feel and stay more on your feed. Aside from its looks, we enhanced some of the icons which are more attractive to the eyes of your members.Member ProfileIt is designed to change the cover photo by just clicking the camera icon at the upper left edge of the photo.  The member profile menu also displays more option which will make other pages accessible to your users. This way, they will likely to visit their page more often.BlogWith the new blog template, your users' blog posts will look more engaging and informative as it displays perfect size thumbnail, enough space for the title, and a quick introduction about the blog. The blog categories also display sub-categories to easily filter blogs based on which category they belong. The Top Bloggers section's new design will encourage your users to post more blogs as they want to see their profile is being displayed at the top. Under thumbnail of each blog, the number of reads and likes are also being displayed.VideoWe created three tabs to separate All Videos, My Videos, and Friend's Videos for a member's better view. In All Videos tab, each uploaded video thumbnail will display user's mini picture of the uploader aside from other information such as name, date, and title of the videos. The number of likes and views are also easily noticeable with this new template. Your users can also select the category of the videos they most likely to view.MarketplaceWe knows that Marketplace is one of the important and useful apps on your site. With its new style, your site will become more profitable to you and to your users. The thumbnail of the products or services on sale is a bit bigger than the current one.MusicMusic is one of the key features of your site to attract new members especially the music lovers. With this new material template, the experience of your members staying in your music app will be at the next level.These are just some of the highlights of the new templates. It can change a bit during the development. We will provide you more updates on our next blog posts. So make sure to keep an eye on our blog site to always get the latest news.
  • 20% OFF on 4th of July

    20% OFF on 4th of July

    What is 4th of July? Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776.phpFox, a powerful platform to create social network website, is giving away 20% off discount to all those who will purchase a new license. This is our way of showing gratitude in celebrating this year's Independence Day.This special promotion will be running for 3 days, July 3 - July 5, 2017 (PST).  Please use the coupon code 4JULY to avail the discount on your purchase.  This is a perfect time to purchase the license and start your own Social Network website.What's new with phpFox? As part of the celebration of 4th of July, we are excited to announce the newly added services of phpFox. Please take the time visit the links below to know the latest services of phpFox.phpFox Services Custom Design Package phpFox Hosting ServicesGot some questions? You can chat with us on our website or just simply send us questions via ticket.Get the 14 days trial for FREE to have the best experience in both frontend and backend and see how phpFox works.Please visit our demo site if you want to have a quick idea about phpFox.Happy 4th of July everyone!