• Different Types Of Online Communities

    Different Types Of Online Communities

    Online communities are built on various platforms with many purposes. Indeed, before creating an online community, the purpose and the platform are the two most crucial influencing factors. There are many different types of online communities. Let's go through some of them to see their purposes.
  • How to monetize online communities

    How to monetize online communities

    The key objectives of developing online communities include increasing user engagement, offering more cost-effective support, creating customer satisfaction, and turning clients into advocates. However, there are individuals and organisations who have begun to monetize their online communities by extracting money off them. Have you ever asked how you should do the same thing?
  • Labor Day Sale 2020

    Labor Day Sale 2020

    Happy Labor Day to everyone. Let's celebrate this day with our Sale. We're happy to offer a 15% discount on all license & solution purchases and upgrades from Sep 7th to 11th 2020.
  • phpFox 4.8.1 & Mobile App 1.7.1 Official Release

    phpFox 4.8.1 & Mobile App 1.7.1 Official Release

    How's it going? We are so happy to receive good feedback from our phpFox 4.8.0 release last time. It has been a great motivation for us to keep improving phpFox better. We are back to announce the official release of phpFox 4.8.1 and mobile app 1.7.1
  • The importance of user experience

    The importance of user experience

    User experience (UX) is the overall experience of a user with a particular product, website, mobile app, or service. UX includes not only the use of features, but also other aspects such as the experience, emotions, and value. These are gained from interacting with that product, website, application, or service. So, what is the importance of user experience? Increase search engine rankings To increase the traffic of users to your website, SEO is the first thought tool. However, having many visitors to the website does not mean that the website is running effectively. Having a good web experience, customers will stay on the web for longer. This leads to bouncing rates reduction and the rise of conversion rates.In recent years, Google's algorithm has made some changes when it comes to ranking web pages on search engines. Accordingly, the search engine data is not only based on the traffic (website traffic) but also the average time users stay on the page and the rate of returning to rank the website. Keep customers staying Not only attracting new customers, but a company with good user experience is also likely to maintain brand loyalty and reap more benefits from its old customers. According to a 2009 US market research report, companies that provide a good user experience compared to companies in the same category will:Have a higher rate of 14.4% of customers who are willing to buy the next time Have a lower rate of 15.8% of customers who are willing to buy from their competitorGreat effect on revenue The speed factor in the user experience greatly affects the purchase decision. According to statistics from Amazon, just one of their websites has a speed of 1 second slower than normal will cost them 1.6 billion dollars per year. Another example, Microsoft's Bing search engine, which claims a 2-second delay in page load speed can result in a loss of 4.3% in revenue per visitor. In the opposite direction, the investment to have good UX brings very positive signals in terms of revenue. According to the Forrester report, on average, every dollar invested in UX results in $100 return (meaning an ROI of up to 9900%). Reduce costs for businesses Economic efficiency from UX is not just about revenue. Numerous studies have found a pretty clear correlation between investing in UX and saving other types of costs for businesses.According to a Forrester report, companies that invest in UX will have lower costs of customer ownership and customer support. Technology makes thousands of tasks much easier, without which certain tasks would not be feasible at all. Yet when it comes to developing applications, the rivalry is fierce. Ten applications that do the same job well, but the one with the better UX will always be the one who wins the game. Businesses can not ignore the importance of user experience If they want to stay safe in the battle on the market. phpFox always try to bring a good UX from our platform to the users. We keep improving and enhancing both the web platform and mobile app to make phpFox better over time. If you are planning to create your own community, do not hesitate to contact us via our Client Area. We provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for building an online community on both web and application.
  • How to improve customer experience

    How to improve customer experience

     About a third of customers report that after just one negative experience, they would avoid doing business with a company. In the other side, they tend to spend more money and come back more frequently because of good experience. Customers always prefer a brand which makes them feel satisfied and happy upon their choices. So, knowing how to improve customer experience is very important for every business to access the success door. Deeper understand your customers Focus your attention on your goal customers and dive deeper into what pushes them. Build and develop different marketing personalities focused on these customers and define the particular traits that inspire them. Then, around this persona, build your marketing and product experience. Diversify the ways of communication We live in a world of omnichannel. During the shopping journey, 73% of customers use different kinds of channels. It could be mobile, laptop, email, chat, social media or in-person. Whatever the way is, you ought to be able to interact with them as they desire. And, all the communication platforms should provide a consistent experience. Available as always Besides communicating with the customers the way they want, you also need to be available for them whenever they connect to you. If you do not have the 24/7 customer service, try creating the content to serve them when you're not around. Now there are many tools that allow your channels to automatically answer for the preprogrammed questions. As well as that, you can create how-to guides or FAQs on your website. Furthermore, build your own customer community for your customer to share their experience to help others. You can consider phpFox as a partner to help you build that community. If you are interested, contact us via our Client Area. Grow relationships Why customers have to choose you when there are lots of brands serving the same services/products out there? It’s a piece of cake that they could be swayed by your competitor. That's why you need to engage with your customers and build relationships with them. Make sure you reach out to customers by all the channels such as email marketing, social media, advertising, etc. Create valuable and educational content to connect with them. Keep being in touch with your customers and let them know every update of your brands or your products. Listen to customers Regularly conduct surveys to get feedback from your customers. This helps you find out many hidden problems that are so important for your business. You can also add the review section on social media or your Google My Business account to let them share their experience. Hearing your customers helps you easier measure and evaluate the improvements. To sum up, customer experience is one of the most crucial factors to differentiate your business from your competitors. No matter how outstanding your product is, If customers experience is not great, your customers will not choose you the next time. Businesses should try their best to build good customer experience to turn the customers into brands advocates and build good brand reputation.
  • phpFox survey with big promotion is here!

    phpFox survey with big promotion is here!

    We are really happy that you are interested in phpFox. Thanks for choosing us as your partner. We always keep trying our best to make phpFox great. We want to hear from you. And, we value your feedback with interesting reward. Let's take phpFox survey and save big!We would really appreciate If you could help complete this survey, all the information collected will be valuable reviews and feedback for further enhancement of phpFox. There are two different surveys along with rewards for current and potential clients. Please go through this article to get the details of the survey and promotion. For current clients We will reward you with a $200 credit on your survey submission via the email associated with your phpFox license.  TAKE THE SURVEY Terms & Conditions to use the credit 1. This credit can be used for purchasing phpFox licenses, phpFox Solutions (Live Streaming, ChatPlus) and phpFox Development Services. 2. If you opt for Development/Customization the below rules will be applicable:The projects above $1,000 can use 100% of the credit ($200 credit) received through this campaign. If the project is below $1,000 then only 50% of the credit ($100 credit) can be used. If the project is below $500 then only 25% of the credit ($50 credit) can be used.3. This credit cannot be used along with other phpFox promotions or discounts. 4. This credit has a validity of 6 months and will expire by 12nd of February 2021. 5. For subscription users - You are only able to use this credit to purchase our self-hosted license or solutions.For potential clients We would like to reward you with a 25% discount for the survey submission.Do not forget to leave your email ID which will be associated with phpFox license at the end of the survey to which you will receive the promo code. TAKE THE SURVEY Terms & Conditions to use the discount25% off can be used on all phpFox licenses and solutions purchase 25% off cannot be used along with our other promotions or discounts The discount has the validity of 3 months and will expire by 12nd of November 2020.*Note: No third-party apps can be purchased using this promo code. The reward will be sent after the survey is closed.Please contact us via our Client Area if there is any hesitation.
  • Live Streaming benefits for business

    Live Streaming benefits for business

    The impact of technology on business has become more evident. And, Live Streaming is not an exception. It is becoming much more popular nowadays. Not only individuals, but businesses can also go live to build their brand and make their message reach more users. Live streaming must be considered the next generation of radio, television or loudspeaker. Brands who find out this and react to it early on will have an advantage over other brands. In this article, together let’s figure out what are Live Streaming benefits for business.  Grow your audiences The internet is an incredibly large place that cannot be measurable. A live broadcast provides the ability to interact with lots of perspectives around the world. Nowadays, people have absolutely embraced streaming. Therefore, tapping into this medium will help drive your brand right in front of them.  Create engagement The sudden and unpredictable aspect of live streaming generates further interest. Furthermore, it encourages audiences to engage with the content.Face to face interaction with customers helps companies to humanize themselves and communicate with their communities.  Generate sales conversions Live streaming can have higher selling yields than other forms of event. Especially, businesses providing eCommerce products or services, in particular, will benefit from live streaming. It's quick to combine exclusive deals into your live streaming show, which will immediately produce a huge amount of purchases.  Reduce costs - increase revenues Hosting a live event must take into account the cost of travel, lodging and security. Opting for live streaming an event and downgrading the live event itself can reduce a lot of costs. In this case, reduced expenses imply higher revenues. Time and money saved encourage you to devote more time and effort increasing your brand awareness and marketing your product. In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits that your business can achieve from live streaming. This medium offers a sense of excitement for your audience. Moreover, It brings you closer to your customers to create real engagement. Businesses should utilize this way to grow their brands and generate leads.  Live Streaming solution is available on phpFox website.  It's now priced at $999. Clients need to purchase this solution separately from phpFox license. Let's build a comprehensive community today with phpFox to achieve your business goals. Along with consultation, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal customer community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion through our Client Area or drop us a message to
  • ChatPlus and Live Streaming requirements

    ChatPlus and Live Streaming requirements

    We would like to remind you of some requirements which are necessary to know when purchasing our solutions ChatPlus and Live Streaming. So let’s dive in. ChatPlus In order to set up ChatPlus for you, we would like to get the following information:The admin user credentials of your phpFox site and the cPanel/SSH user credentials to the server for phpFox website. The SSH root access to the dedicated server or VPS where you want to set up ChatPlus. This server should be Ubuntu OS and different from the one used for the phpFox website.ChatPlus Server Requirements Minimum:Single-core (2 GHz) 1 GB RAM 30 GB of SSDThe above minimal configuration is fine for small deployments of 200 users with up to 50 concurrent users and minimal level of mixed uploads, sharing, and chat activities. Recommended:Dual-core (2 GHz) 2 GB RAM 40 GB of SSDThe above configuration can accommodate small deployments of 500 users, up to 100 concurrent users and moderate levels of mixed uploads, sharing, and chat activities.We utilize Docker to deploy the ChatPlus solution, so the server must have Docker and Docker Compose installed.To avail ChatPlus solution, you need to purchase it separately as it is not included in phpFox License and its pricing is $999. Live Streaming  Live Streaming installation requires Mobile Build Service because our current live solution allows you to go live only from phpFox Mobile app. This solution uses MUX services to encode, store and broadcast live videos. Clients need to register and provide us with their MUX credentials to do the needful setup.There is no requirement for the server to set up Live Streaming.To avail Live Streaming, you need to purchase it separately as it is not included in phpFox License and its pricing is $799. *Upon the receipt of all necessary information, it takes us 2 days to complete the setup process. Please feel free to raise a ticket in our client area if there is any hesitation.
  • How to promote your products on social media

    How to promote your products on social media

    The rise of social networks puts together millions of citizens from various parts around the planet. Such social networks are one of the most important topics for all those who have their own businesses to advertise their products on the Internet. This leads to a great opportunity for businesses to raise their brand awareness. Choosing the right platform based on a customer's insight database and building an appropriate social media campaign will bring the brand closer and friendly to customers. This is why businesses must know how to promote products on social media. Draw publicity by running a competition on social media  A contest is a great mean of promoting a brand without directly advertising it. Running competitions on social networking sites can attract the interest of your customers to your company. To optimize the advantages of the contest, make it enjoyable, easy, and give prizes to all participants. This builds customer loyalty;  therefore, it will help you to generate leads in your sector. Show proofs of your product quality on social media Consumer rating & testimonials serve as an influencer to promote the product to the market in a positive light. This is often safer for shoppers to make educated decisions by understanding the views of other buyers rather than by getting swayed by social network advertisements. That's why it's crucial to render consumer testimonials or user-generated content the brand's social face. Drive hot deals and sales on social media Tweet the sales and coupon codes on the social networking pages. Yeah! You promote your brands and products; however, you offer your customers the ability to save money on their transactions. Seek to run unique offers on your social media to attract your followers and make them feel special. Use ads to spread your products worldwide People like your social networking page because they're interested in your brand. However, for businesses, there is a restriction in the organic reach of social media, which is why they ought to make special efforts to ensure that their ads are perceived by the target market. Social networking advertising will improve your visibility and help you gain millions of views on your content. Post visual artistic material for better interaction Photos, videos and other visual material have proved to be most successful for reaching social media users. Therefore, by sharing imaginative images or product demo videos on various social networks, you will attract a lot of interest to your brand. Collab with bloggers or influencers One of the strongest ways to boost brand recognition is to collaborate with prominent bloggers and influencers. So, reach out to the influencers and hammer out plans to get reviews of your products to specific clients in order to keep them interested with your business or brand. In conclusion, social media is constantly proving its powerful ability in mass media. It not only brings many benefits to the business but also greatly reduces operation costs and time. Understand exactly how to promote your products on social media to utilize its advantages and increase the revenue for your business. Let's create your social networking sites with phpFox today. Along with consultation, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal customer community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message to