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  • Pros and Cons of Online Meetings

    Pros and Cons of Online Meetings

    In recent years, online meetings have drastically increased, making communication more accessible, effective, and efficient. Online meetings have provided businesses everywhere with several advantages, from improving their business to connecting with their employees. Let's find out more about them.   RELATED: How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan on Social Media   In This Article: Advantages of Online Meetings Disadvantages of Online Meetings A Solution for Online Meetings   Online Meetings - Improvements for Corporate Communication   Advantages of Online Meetings   Quick and Easy Access for Stakeholders   In order to organize a business-related meeting, it might be challenging to gather all of the stakeholders in one location. This will not only raise the expense of the meeting but will also create a chaotic environment. When it comes to getting all the stakeholders together in one location, online meetings have made it easier and more cost-effective. Everyone can participate in these face-to-face meetings with only a few mouse clicks.   Improved Communication    Online meetings provide a robust and effective platform for participation and conversation between two or more distantly located persons or groups using web conferencing software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting or Skype. Online meetings have made it feasible for audiences worldwide to see the whole presentation put together by the pros. This means that online meetings may be a handy and successful communication tool for businesses.   Easy access for participants of choice   Inviting an expert to a business meeting is sometimes requested by the organizers. Even in actual gatherings, the host may simply ask anybody who wishes to join without going to his location.   Efficient medium of interaction between all the participants   An online meeting allows all participants to engage with one another, which may not be possible if an actual meeting is organized. A typical meeting of more than 20-25 people usually doesn't have enough time for all attendees to communicate; however, this may be accomplished with online meetings. It is possible to participate in an online conference even quickly using web conferencing technologies such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting.   Disadvantages of Online Meetings   On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages regarding online meetings.   Format Problems   As there are a variety of online meeting formats, some people prefer one while others prefer a different one. It all depends on your point of view whether you think some of the formats are charming or obnoxious. This is an unusual position for others, even if such things don't make any difference. Some people will have to change to avoid the uncomfortable circumstance; however, preparing certain people for a specific format's modification may take time.   Worth of participation   Some of the participants in online meetings may not perform as well as they should. Due to their poor performance, these competitors will be overlooked by others. However, even the best performers have to perform at a lower level due to online meeting technology constraints. As a result, the degree of performance of the participants might be compromised.   Lack of knowledge    Online meetings can be a new experience for some participants, and they may need some time to adjust. People who learn new things more rapidly may find these things annoying. If a senior participant acts like a fool at the meeting because he doesn't know what he's doing, the meeting will fail.   Not Worth the Money   Many businesses consider online meetings to be a significant roadblock to their success. Instead of seeing online meetings as a powerful tool for their business, most see them as an updated version of a cartoon program. Although there is a lot of room for information exchange in an online conference, it will not be beneficial if this unfavorable view is strong.   RELATED: How to Build an Effective Social Video Platform   A Solution for Online Meetings   That's why many business owners and managers are still skeptical about using online meetings to replace traditional meetings. However, there is a quick and effective way for you to solve many problems: build your online meeting platform, where you, the business owner, can take matters into your own hands.   By having your own corporate online meeting format, you can make it easy, straightforward and user-friendly to everyone related to your business. To have a proper format or platform to organize efficient online meetings takes a lot of effort and money. Free to use online meeting applications and media tend to limit you in some aspects, such as the length of your meeting, which can be very annoying as people have to rejoin every time the meeting is time out.    phpFox is an excellent social networking platform for creating niche communities online. Holding online meetings and events contains built-in capabilities such as live streaming, group chatting, and phone calls. As a result, building your online meeting format is a smart option for getting the most out of your time and work.   With a user-friendly design and simple interface, anybody may use it, regardless of their level of knowledge of technology or experience. phpFox will surely be the right choice for hosting your online meetings and being more productive with your business.    Are you ready to step up your game? Build your ideal online meeting platforms with phpFox. Contact us now! And let us know how we can help!  UP NEXT:  How Localization Can Affect Your Business Tips to Build a Great Online Community Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?  
  • What Are Online Communities? What Are Their Values?

    What Are Online Communities? What Are Their Values?

    An online community is a place where people of the same interest can talk, discuss and interact with one another about a particular issue or topic is proven to be essential for building brand awareness, especially in this digital age where everything is digitized, and everyone tends to be affected by the things they see and read on the internet. Let's find out more about online communities and their values.    RELATED: Reason Why You Should Join an Online Community   In This Article: What Is an Online Community? Different Kind of Online Communities Values of Online Communities    Online Communities Can Offer You More Values than You Know    What Is an Online Community?   An online community is a group of people who interact with each other on the internet. A community is a group of individuals working together to accomplish a common interest. An online community differs from a neighborhood in that members communicate via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ rather than in the common yard. Even in the comments part of blog posts or news items, they express their thoughts and ideas with others.   Community members chat about the same things they do in real life and gather around a certain topic or product or cause to exchange ideas and provide advice. In many cases, they join online forums since their offline friends don't have the same interests. As a result, they seek out those who "get it" online.   More than just a place for people to talk about their hobbies, online communities have evolved into more than just a place for people to share ideas about their interests. There are now dedicated Facebook and YouTube channels for household companies that are solely dedicated to selling things. It's also functioning.   Not only that, many other people are creating their niche online communities for different purposes, from connecting people, promoting their brand/service, raising awareness, spreading out a particular message.    However, not everyone is good tech-savvy and great at using the internet or know coding to create their online community. That's where phpFox comes in; we help businesses across the globe to create one of the most unique and interactive social network/ online communities.     phpFox software includes the most powerful social networking capabilities found on the most popular social networks. The phpFox script is ideal for developing niche social networking or online communities with a wide range of social features and extensive management. In addition, the program may be tailored to meet the needs of individual users in terms of functionality.    Different Kind of Online Communities   There are various kinds of different online communities out there that serve different purposes. Here are some of the popular ones.   Interest Communities Social Communities Local Communities Advocate Communities Insight Communities Professional Communities Support Communities   To learn more about each of these communities, click here:  [Different Kinds of Online Communities]   Values of Online Communities    Online communities offer a variety of different values that help you reach your goals. This include:   Increased Customer Service and Satisfaction   It's no longer enough to rely just on the quality of your goods, services to attract customers. 61% of customers say they've discontinued doing business with a brand because of bad customer service.   In order to counteract this, corporations are using online communities to enhance their customer service. Creating an online community allows customers to connect with your business, ask questions, and learn more about your product. And having your own online community can help you stand out from the rest of the competition. Meaning you will have a higher chance to be the top priority of your customers when they make their buying decisions.    An Incyte Group whitepaper found that 27.3% of customers use online communities dedicated to a product or service while completing research before making a purchase.   Provide Better Data and Insights   Online communities facilitate direct engagement between brands and customers. These lines of contact are also critical for gaining the trust of your consumers. In fact, Microsoft discovered that while 90% of consumers feel they should be able to submit feedback to the business, just 24% say they are given the option to do so frequently or almost always.   Using an online community will allow you to collaborate with your consumers and enhance your product and customer experience. These initiatives have a great ROI as well; according to Bain & Company research, organizations that take consumer input and focus on improving their company from a customer experience aspect produce 4 to 8% more revenue than rivals.   Improved Brand Loyalty and Advocacy    Customer retention and loyalty may be improved via the use of online communities. What's the big deal? Customers that are satisfied are five times more likely to return to your business, and they are also four times more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family.   No, these recommendations will not go unnoticed. 83% of customers believe recommendations from their peers, according to Nielsen's 2015 Global Prefer in Advertising survey; 81% of people trust advice from peers above advice from companies, according to Hubspot.   So if you want to stay relevant and keep up with the competitors, then you had better start considering getting your own niche online community. phpFox has all the tools you need to build an effective online community that speaks values. With various built-in features, highly customizable, our mission is to help community builders and their users do great things together.   We just recently launched the new version of phpFox 4.8.8 with many features and improvements to enhance the user experience even further. CLICK HERE to find out more about it.   Contact us now and let us help you bring your ideal social network to life.   UP NEXT:  How Do I Join an Online Community? Ecommerce on Social Networks Marketing on Social Networks
  • phpFox 4.8.8 Official Release

    phpFox 4.8.8 Official Release

    The finest software is one that is always being updated. As a result, we at phpFox are always looking for new ways to better both our products and ourselves. Our ecosystem is better because of your efforts; we thank you for them. In every new release, we have taken into account all the complaints and ideas that our users raised. phpFox 4.8.8 has just been upgraded and greatly enhanced, and it includes many new features and improvements.   Highly Secure  Privacy and security have been and always will be one of the top priorities for internet users. So finding new ways to keep user data and personal information protected is a must with the help of the newly transferred "Enable 2-step verification," allowing the user to be more flexible and proactive about protecting their own account and personal information.      Users can also verify their account via phone, email, or QR code, which simplifies the process while increasing security.    Improve User Experience  On the Sign-up page, the warning message of missing fields will be displayed sequentially. Meaning that instead of scrolling up and checking each field, users will be able to check which field they miss faster and easier. As a result, making the process a lot quicker heightens the user experience and interaction even more.    Proactive management Sometimes managing the user in your online community can be a lot of hard work as they are active at different times. Therefore, searching for certain users while offline can be overwhelming, especially if you have thousands of users in your social network.    That's why with the updated web version 4.8.8, you can search for them with phone numbers. Not only that, the user will be able to see "SMS Notification" when something is added to their page.    Some other highlight Improvements/New Features   The phone number which has been verified will be displayed on the Account Setting page after the user signs up for an account via email. Support import users with Phone numbers and add warning alert when no file has been uploaded When mentioning a secret group in status, the hyperlink will be removed on the group name for users who have not joined that group When inviting a friend, it will be auto-tag data on the SMS field if clicking out of the box or on the 'Send Invitation' button The user profile avatar directory path will be added uploading time Support import users with Phone numbers and add warning alerts when no file has been uploaded.   → To see the full detailed update please click here: phpFox Mobile 4.8.8 Release Notes.   Upgrade phpFox 4.8.8     The package of phpFox 4.8.8 is available for you to download in our Client Area. To upgrade your phpFox site to version 4.8.8, you have to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions.    We highly recommend you backup your site and database before proceeding with the upgrade. And, don’t forget to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.   If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, please see our recommendations.   For the new phpFox installation, the following articles will be helpful to you: Download Installation Guide   There are more details for your information in the phpFox Release Notes and the Changelog.   Don’t hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area for any issue. We always appreciate any feedback to make phpFox better, hence please feel free to share with us your ideas.
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Super Sale 2021

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Super Sale 2021

    No more waiting because the 🔥BIGGEST SALE🔥 of the whole year is HERE!! With many new and improved products, apps and plugins and more has been added to the phpFox Store, this is the perfect time if you want to try them out. We are sure that many of them will be useful for improving your website, enhancing your user experience and bringing many other different values to your business.    This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, phpFox is offering 🎁 25% DISCOUNT 🎁 Duration: From Nov 26th to Nov 30th Promo Code: FOXBIGSALE21   Let's shop until you drop SHOP NOW Additionally,  3rd-party experts also offer special discount for all their plugins   YouNetCo 25% OFF for all Purchases |  Promo Code: BLACKCYBER2021 | Nov 26th to Nov 30th   FoxExpert 30% OFF for all Apps, Themes, and Packages |  Promo Code: blackfriday2021 | Nov 26th to 30th   Foxer 33% OFF for all Products and Packages |  Promo Code: PHPFOXER_COM_BF21| Nov 25th to Nov 30th   Kibcode 30% OFF for all Apps and Themes |  Promo Code: pureblack| Nov 26th to Nov 29th   Don’t miss out on this chance! Go and start shopping now!    GO TO STORE   For more information Contact us via email
  • Black Friday Tips for Small Businesses

    Black Friday Tips for Small Businesses

      It's almost the end of November, and do you know what's happening during this time? If the answer is "Black Friday," then you're correct. That's right, the BIGGEST, BADDEST SUPER SALE of the year is here. It's an excellent time for businesses big and small to get ready to boost their sales and gain more customers. Here are some Black Friday Tips for businesses.    RELATED: Gamification in Business – New Way to Attract Customers   In This Article: Know Your Goals Improve Online Presence Check Your Stock Come up with a Promotion Plan Offer Steep Discounts Stay Relevant with Your Community Hype Them Up Spread the Word Combine with Cyber Monday   Great Black Friday Tips You Should Follow    Know Your Goals   Preparation is essential. Decide what your end goal is; for some, it's to raise sales; for others, it's to improve profits; for still others, it's to simply get new clients. By defining your goals, you may better connect your products and services with your marketing strategy.   RELATED: Small Business Goals To Set For This Year   Improve Online Presence   Research shows that 44% of UK people will be buying altogether online on Black Friday, compared to just 17% who shop exclusively online outside of the holiday season. Therefore it is imperative that your website is up and operating. Browse through your website and make a purchase to see how you can make it as simple as possible for customers to avoid abandoning their carts.    Meaning you might need to think about simplifying the purchasing process, which can potentially improve your user experience and encourage them to purchase more.    RELATED: Marketing on Social Networks   Check Your Stock   Determine what your potential clients want and ensure that you can meet their needs and be prepared in terms of stock once you know what they want. However, you must be cautious not to place an excessive number of orders for specific things. For many firms, Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to get rid of unsold inventory before Christmas.   Come up with a Promotion Plan   This is probably one of the most useful Black Friday tips for your business to follow. Though it may sound obvious, many people seem to forget it. As soon as possible, devise an advertising strategy for Black Friday. Determine which items and services you want to market, where you want to advertise, and what kinds of promotions you plan to give. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's helpful to have a high-level marketing plan in place.   RELATED: How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan on Social Media   Offer Steep Discounts   If you want to attract new clients this year, you must be prepared to provide substantial discounts. Of course, the actual discount may vary depending on your sector and what your competitors provide. However, according to a CreditDonkey survey, 43 percent of customers are prepared to clip a coupon provided they earn at least a 25% discount.   Stay Relevant with Your Community   Letting your brand community know what is going on is the best way to get them interested in joining your promotion. Not only that, having an online brand community is a lot more beneficial than you think. You will be able to get the information about the upcoming Black Friday promotion to your targeted audience a lot faster and give them a heads up about what's going to be on sale. This, as a result, will give them some time to think about what are the best things they can get during this promotion.    Building a good online brand community can be a lot of work, not to mention time-consuming if you're not familiar with how coding works. Worry not! phpFox is here to help. You don't have to write any code to construct a social networking site with phpFox. In terms of features, it is one of the greatest social networking programs commercially available for individuals who want to create a Facebook or MySpace-like social network. All of the functionality needed for a Facebook-like social networking site may be found in this one package.   Read more: 5 Benefits of Building an Online Brand Community.   Hype Them Up   Using whichever channel is available at your disposal to convey the message and information about the promotion is another good Black Friday tip. Giving them sneak previews of the deals and building up the momentum ahead of the Big Sale. That's why having your own online community is absolutely essential.   Spread the Word   Ask consumers whether they'd like to share their experience with their social media followers, write a review, or geotag the business when they make a purchase in-store or online. Support for purchasing locally and supporting local businesses has increased since the outbreak of the pandemic. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Many consumers are glad to assist a small company by sharing their purchases from local establishments, so it never hurts to ask.   Combine with Cyber Monday   It's good to know that even if you miss out on Black Friday this year, there are still lots of possibilities to boost your sales over the weekend and on Cyber Monday. For small businesses, it is crucial to think about what they have to offer customers that large corporations do not. Shoppers aren't only looking for the best price; they're also looking for perks like unique goods and reward programs.   We hope that with these Black Friday tips, you will be able to up your game and make some preparation before the Biggest Sale of the year!    Are you fully prepared for this year's Black Friday? If you have any questions or want to create your very own online brand community, Contact Us! Let us know how we can help.   UP NEXT: Reason Why You Should Join an Online Community The Importance Of Mobile Apps For Businesses How Digital Marketing benefits your business?  
  • New Apps and Themes In November 2021

    New Apps and Themes In November 2021

    November is here, and only one month to go until a new year comes around, bringing a new chapter to our journey. The phpFox Store has a lot to offer this month. To improve user experience and increase user interaction, these applications are simple to install and yet wonderful to use on your phpFox site.       1. Feedback App by FoxExpert Price: $39 Feedback from your user is one of the most critical factors that can drastically enhance your business performance. You can use this app to gather and act on user comments and suggestions from your customers and members. You can easily add a professional feedback module to your website with a wide range of options. Conversations on your site allow you to select what new features to add, find out if your site has issues, get feedback on your site's features or content, and much more!  Find out more →       2. Support App by YouNetCo Price: $69 To keep your customers happy, you need to be proactive and available anytime they need you. You can improve your user experience and user interface by providing valuable recommendations or instructional videos. However, not many businesses have been able to do this effectively without the help of some reliable tools. Support App is just the thing you need. It can help you guide your customers through valuable instructional content that they can easily access on your website.  Find out more →      3. Email Template By YouNetCo Price: $69  Are you tired of those boring plain text-only email formats? Say goodbye to those visually unappealing email formats thanks to the new and improved email templates from YouNetCo. With this email template, you can easily change the design of your email from the header, footer to other content such as email or background. It is highly customizable, so you can design your email template however you see fit.  Find out more →      4. Hide Post By Cespiritual Price: $29 Sick of your user posting unrelated content or spam endlessly with certain posts or articles on your online community? This program helps you to manage spammers on your network without them realizing that you are doing anything. As a community administrator, you may use this feature to keep posts relevant to your community from being seen by your members. Find out more →      5. Crypto Donation by Kibcode  Price: $39 Cryptocurrency has been booming in popularity in the last few years, and thanks to the development of technology during the 4.0 era, anything, and everything can become blockchain. So payment or other kinds of transactions can use cryptocurrency. Using this app, you can show visitors that your site is a progressive network that welcomes the latest technology. Using the app, users can donate to the website's owner.  Find out more →      6. Guest Landing Page by FoxExpert  Price: $39 Want to show off other parts of your social networks with the users/visitors? The Guest Landing Page has a unique slider and the flexibility to insert any widgets in 11 different places so that you may show off some of your social networks to visitors. Get more people to sign up for your social network by making it seem good and easy to use. This Landing page has various admin settings that allow you to do just about anything.  Find out more →      7. Login without a Password - Passwordless Login by Wlook  Price: $17 (currently on sale until the end of November 2021) Security and privacy are extremely important for online communities and social networking as it is the basis of what makes your user stick with you. This app enables the users to log in without using a password, but a special link that only they can access makes the process extremely easy and quick.  Find out more →      8. Site Reviews by Kibcode  Price: $29 Ratings are critical in determining whether or not a new user will join your social network. User feedback is available through this app, and most recent ratings are displayed in a block with a link to the whole list. Find out more →      9. Dark Mode by Kibcode  Price: $39 Having to look at the bright screen, especially at night, can be an annoying thing to do for many people, that also includes your users. If you want to have them use and interact with your website as much as possible despite it being day or night, something must be done to fix this. Lucky you, this app is created to do just that. It allows the user to switch to dark mode in their account settings.  Find out more →      10. Site Tour App by FoxExpert  Price: $39 It's the quickest and easiest approach to teach visitors how to use your site. You may add a title, description, time, and the location of a new tour step to any block or content on your website: your website's page-by-page tour and introduction to each page or function. No prior knowledge is necessary, thanks to the user-friendly UI. Find out more →   That's all for now.   If you want to learn more about the functions and features of these new products, you can contact our third-party vendors directly for inquiries. Or you can let us know your thoughts on these products by writing to or creating tickets in the Client Area.   UP NEXT:  How Localization Can Affect Your Business Ecommerce Marketing Strategies on Social Networks for Businesses Different Kinds of Online Communities
  • Using Emojis in Business and Its Advantages

    Using Emojis in Business and Its Advantages

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes an emoji can help you convey more than you normally could with plain text. Emojis have grown increasingly popular in text messages and social media posts, and now people are trying to use them in business. Check out how you can do it.    RELATED: How To Get Your Businesses Through COVID-19   In This Article: What Are Emojis? Benefits of Using Emoji in Business How to Use Emojis in Business   Thing You Should Know About Emoji in Business   What Are Emojis?   Based on characters from Japanese manga, Emojis are used in digital communication to represent feelings. Emojis are casual, approachable, and frequently used to add a dose of levity to digital communication. It's a good idea to respond to an email, text, or message from someone who can't see your facial expressions—breaking down boundaries, informal communication and making talks more personal may be done with emojis in a business context.   Employees use emojis at work in greater than half of all cases, according to the 2019 Emoji Trend Report.   Benefits of Using Emoji in Business   Provide a More Personal Approach    You may scare away potential consumers if you are overly formal and stiff. It's important to remember that your customers are people with feelings. When you show your consumers that you're human, they're more likely to buy from you.    Emojis can also be used to strengthen connections that already exist. In the professional environment, you probably don't communicate your sentiments very often. A person's overtly formal demeanor might put potential clients off. Customers feel more connected to you when you connect with them on a personal level.   RELATED: 5 Ideas To Build An Engaged Online Learning Community   Honesty   Since they are seen as honest expressions, emojis are a great way to create customer relationships. Using emojis in a business context conveys the sense that you are open and approachable to your clients. Make sure you use the correct emoji for the situation at hand. Emojis straightforwardly communicate themselves.    Emojis are a great way to interact with your audience because of their simplicity. Taking things a step further with your consumers will show them that you are open and honest.   Catch the reader's attention   The use of emojis is not only visually appealing, but they also convey a clear message and add a dash of fun to your discussions. They've been demonstrated to boost the level of audience participation. As a result, your company's public image may be enhanced.   Do what words can't   You've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, haven't you? Smiling faces can activate the same brain regions as genuine smiles, according to studies. There's no arguing that emojis provide an extra layer of meaning to a message that a simple text message can't.   How to Use Emojis in Business   Now that's you've got the gist of things, here is how you can apply it to your business.   Marketing    To reach millennials, Emojis are a common tool." When it comes to younger generations, a simple, cheerful face seems to draw their attention. Make sure you have a strategy before unleashing a barrage of emoticons on your audience. If you're going to use one, be sure you understand what it means. Ensure that the emoji is relevant to the marketing material and aligns with your company's online identity. There will be no marketing messages if it's not the case.   Make your collection of emojis to express yourself uniquely. If a business decides to make a move like this, it might grab a lot of attention and increase its overall awareness. With the correct approach in mind, emojis may be used to advertise and promote your company. This should be done following your overall marketing strategy and brand identity.   RELATED: Marketing on Social Networks   Communication   Nonverbal cues make up the majority of human communication. Emojis are a great way to bring a level of personalization to textual communication, and they do so by helping to explain the conversation's tone. As a result, your message is less likely to be misinterpreted. The following are some guidelines for utilizing emoticons in official discussions:   Less is more. Emojis should only be used sparingly in emails. Do not use emoticons unless you know your recipient's communication style. The recipient's example should be followed. Using emojis is acceptable if you see others using them. Make sure the emojis all signify the same thing. Because emojis are so widely used in the workplace, they must convey the same meaning to all parties. No emojis should be used in business email exchanges. It is more important to be professional than to be a person.   Consequently, if you want to keep up with the competition, you should join the trend. You may also want to think about using emojis in your regular tasks, such as emails, marketing initiatives (promotion), and advertisements. You will appear more visually appealing and friendly to your readers if you do this.   In addition, emojis may be employed in the workplace, allowing your employees to communicate more effectively and bringing a smile to everyone's face. As a consequence, emojis have the potential to boost your company's overall productivity significantly.   When it comes to using emojis in the workplace, look no further than   PhpFox provides you with the best social networking platform with various built-in features, including emojis, reactions, and many more to build your ideal online community. The newly updated phpFox Mobile 1.7.6 allows you to send all kinds of emoji and other files such as GIFs, images, and music. As a bonus, your user experience will be greatly improved by the simplified social login/signup procedure.   What do you say? Get started NOW!    UP NEXT: How to monetize phpFox site with subscriptions? How To Get Your Businesses Through COVID-19 How To Manage And Grow An Online Community  
  • Gamification in Business – New Way to Attract Customers

    Gamification in Business – New Way to Attract Customers

    More than just games, gamification strategy may be utilized in organizations to improve employee engagement, marketing, and much more. To get the most effective outcomes, we may also make the most of new approaches' advantages.   RELATED: Get the People to Contribute More with Gamification   In This Article: Look at the Big Picture Include Giveaways  Use Instant Win Games Example of Successful Gamification Strategies   Implementing Gamification in Business Can Drastically Improve Your Revenue   Look at the Big Picture   First and foremost, you need to take a look at the bigger picture, regardless of what you're trying to gamify. Customer and staff engagement initiatives that use gamification may significantly impact the company's ability to acquire and retain customers. To make an experience more fun for customers, you don't have to make a game for them. Game mechanics and mobile game design can be used in non-game contexts in the form of gamification.   By rewarding consumers for particular actions, gamification may influence customer behavior. A better understanding of consumer behavior allows firms to plan their future business goals better, and therefore, it may be utilized to enhance customer and employee engagement tactics. When these behaviors are adopted, they will lead to long-term engagement.   RELATED: Key factors of a successful online community   Include Giveaways    Gamifying your business with giveaways is another exciting option. Your email, social media, and website are all included in this plan, making it even more effective. In general, this form of marketing has a broader reach than our other recommendations, which implies more chances for people to interact with it.   For example, more than 3.96 billion users are on Facebook. On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, giveaway contests are more likely to go viral. If they can win anything for free, people are more than ready to engage in these kinds of activities.   When making giveaways events, you should come up with creative rewards and prizes that will appeal to the participants and benefit your business. For example, for SaaS businesses, you can offer a year of service to the winner of your contest. Alternatively, you might provide smaller rewards to folks who submitted by email or social media. There are many ways to encourage customers to complete their purchases, such as offering them discounts or a gift.   RELATED: Online Community Change How Business Work During the Pandemic   Use Instant Win Games   Instant win games are another great approach to engage clients using gamification in business. People prefer simple wins, so you'll have more chances to recruit them than other contests. Simple spin-to-win wheels work well on social media and websites.   Visitors to your site are greeted with a wheel that offers rewards ranging from 10% off a purchase to free products or licenses when they land on the page. Customers that are interested in your brand will spin the wheel and win a prize.   You may build up this game with odds and offers relevant to your business, but one thing is sure: visitors are more likely to become clients following this experience. Because most of your customers have a chance to win anything, this is one of the advantages of this game type.   Just thinking about this: you're browsing a website and considering making a purchase. Suddenly, a game appears, and you earn a 25% discount. Would you be more inclined to finish your transaction if you received this offer?   If you're like most people, you'll say "Yes!"   RELATED: Customer Community: The Key to Create Value   Example of Successful Gamification Strategies   People say that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Here are some of the good examples for creating successful gamification in business strategy.    M&M's Eye-Spy Pretzel   When M&M's introduced a pretzel-flavored variant of their candy, they used gamification and social media to advertise their new product. The basic and low-cost plan included an eye-spy game published on the brand's Facebook page. They shared an image of several multi-colored M&M candies and challenged their followers and customers to identify a small "pretzel boy" hiding amid the candy.    The game immediately became popular. Over 25,000 people liked, 6,000 shared, and 10,000 commented on the Eye-Spy Pretzel game.   Nike   In addition to engaging with consumers, Nike+ and Fuelband accessories collect crucial information about them. Personal data collected may be used to strengthen targeted content marketing efforts. While running or exercising, the Nike+ Fuelband encourages users to compete with others. The NikeFuel app may be linked to social media to share and compare results.   Trophies and badges are given to people who meet milestones and achieve athletic achievements, motivating customers to utilize their goods and seek additional prizes.   My Starbucks Rewards   Starbucks uses gamification approaches to enhance consumer engagement and assure repeat business through its Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. Customers who join Starbucks Rewards enjoy benefits such as free food and beverages, and they earn points or "stars" with each transaction.    Customers may then use their stars to buy goods or prizes. As customers earn more stars, they may get extra incentives like free birthday drinks and refills. Gold-status players will be awarded the most. Starbucks, for example, offers rewards to customers who are loyal to the brand.   Want to apply gamification in business? You can start with creating your own social network. Having your own online social network means you'll be able to proactively engage with your customers while having a better connection with them.    With phpFox's built-in features, you can quickly integrate gamification into your social network to improve the overall user experience and get them HOOKED. phpFox has already established ways for accumulating points, which will serve as the foundation for creating gamification for any social network.   Just ONE click away to get your own Gamified Online Social Network.    UP NEXT:  Ecommerce Marketing Strategies on Social Networks for Businesses How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan on Social Media Ecommerce on Social Networks  
  • Ecommerce Marketing Strategies on Social Networks for Businesses

    Ecommerce Marketing Strategies on Social Networks for Businesses

    Online stores all want to increase traffic and create more conversions, and however, not many have successfully put together an effective strategy to do it. Don't worry; we are here to help you with your ecommerce marketing strategies.    RELATED: Ecommerce on Social Networks   In This Article: What Is Ecommerce Marketing? Engage Online Store Visitor with Live Chat Upsell Your Products Set up a Facebook Store Integrate Instagram  Consider Mobile Factors Make Sure Your Website Is Easy to Navigate PhpFox Is the Solution for You   What Should You Do to Make a Good Ecommerce Marketing Campaign?   What Is Ecommerce Marketing?   Ecommerce marketing is promoting your online business, turning visitors into customers, and keeping those consumers once they've purchased all part of ecommerce marketing.   A well-rounded ecommerce marketing approach includes both on- and off-site techniques. A well-executed internet marketing plan may help you establish brand awareness, boost client loyalty, and eventually increase online sales. '   You may use ecommerce marketing tools for advertising your online store as a whole or for increasing sales for individual goods, depending on your needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.   Engage Online Store Visitor with Live Chat   You will miss your chance to make a conversion if you cannot answer the concerns or questions from visitors quickly and timely. One of the most important factors affecting customers' buying decisions is the interaction and satisfaction from your shop/business.    Aside from direct consumer chats, live chat allows you to answer and handle customer problems while they're in the process of making an order.   RELATED: Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?   Upsell Your Products   Many of us are familiar with the phrase, "Would you like to upsize your order?" "Upselling," or selling a somewhat more expensive item than the one the consumer was originally contemplating, is an example of this.   Many businesses find that cross-selling and upselling can be a lot more effective than getting a new group of customers. This is because sometimes your customer may not know about the availability of the premium product, or they just need more information about the product and how the upgraded version is better than the original.    In addition, you should also consider these two main factors when using upselling:    Be sensitive to the expected price range of the customers  Make sure that you're upselling the product/ service related to the original product/service.    Set up a Facebook Store   Having an online store where you can display all of your available products is essential. Giving your customer the ability to see all of the possible options before making a buying decision can help convince them to purchase.     Even better, you don't have to have a separate inventory for your Facebook store because it can be integrated with an ecommerce platform like Shopify.   Integrate Instagram    Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, connecting customers, influencers, and marketers with its more than 500 million daily active users.   You'll have a much easier time attracting a huge Instagram following of potential customers if you post regularly, include relevant hashtags, and shoot great photographs. Engaging with your followers is the best way to build a strong organic Instagram following.   For example, you can try to run a contest or go behind the scenes to reveal how your product is made. Instagram also has a "pay to play" option. Your Instagram posts and stories should include product links to encourage your followers to buy, essential to boosting your online sales.   RELATED: How to Build an Effective Social Video Platform   Consider Mobile Factors   Increasing numbers of people are accessing social media networks via their mobile devices. Consequently, you must have a functional website that performs properly on both computers and mobile devices.   Mobile-friendly payment alternatives are a need. For example, in the case of Apple Pay, you may allow customers to make purchases from their mobile devices. More payment choices will be discussed in the next section of the website.   RELATED: How Can Mobile Apps Optimize Your Business?   Make Sure Your Website Is Easy to Navigate   User experience (UX) and User interface design (UI) should be your top priorities when making ecommerce marketing strategies. You want your customers to be able to easily identify the things they're looking for and make an informed decision about whether or not to make a purchase.   People are more likely to buy from you if you make it as simple as possible for them to do so. Maintain user-friendly navigation and avoid design features that are difficult for consumers to use.   PhpFox Is the Solution for You   It is possible to create specialized online communities with PhpFox, a high-performance social networking platform. phpFox allows you to develop an online store within your online community where customers may connect with one other and with your brand directly. Because communication is streamlined and quick, you don't have to worry about having consumers wait long for their replies.   Additionally, phpFox will assist you in showcasing your business's top items and services to customers using images. Ad campaigns allow you to target the proper audience depending on their demographics (gender, age, and region). Your community can be readily accessed on desktop computers and mobile devices thanks to our adaptable site design.   No coding is necessary for your online community's fully adjustable appearance and feel, and UI and UX will no longer be an issue. Having the ability to accept various payment methods is an important aspect of any ecommerce marketing plan. In other words, your buyer will have a wide range of possibilities from which to pick.   Contact us now and let us help with your ecommerce marketing. Run your business FASTER, BETTER, SMARTER with phpFox.     UP NEXT:   Spookiest Halloween Ideas for Businesses The Importance Of Mobile Apps For Businesses How to convert offline customers to online?  
  • How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan on Social Media

    How to Build an Effective Marketing Plan on Social Media

    Social media is one of the most valuable tools to get your business known to the public. It can help you save costs, increase brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, better customer satisfaction, and more. How can you make an effective marketing plan on social media? Let's find out.   RELATED: How UI/UX Impact Your Business   In This Article: Set Your Business Goals Do Your Research  Create Engaging Relatable Content Be Timely with Social Presence  Build a Community Evaluation   Effective Marketing Plan on Social Media Needs Careful Planning    Set Your Business Goals   Setting goals is the first step in strategizing for social media. According to the Sprout Social Index, the most common social media goals for 2021 are to increase brand exposure and community participation (41%). Becoming more socially aware is the first step to increasing your fan base or becoming a more active member of your community.   You'll need to invest time and work on your campaigns regardless of your goals because they will determine your social media marketing strategy.   Do Your Research    Knowing your target audiences is the best way to approach them and convince them to use our service. That's why taking time to research every corner of your audience is essential. Even among those who use social data, just 55% say it has helped them better understand their target market. You already know a lot about your audience, so you don't have to spend time learning anything new. All you need to do is look in the right places.   Not only that, different platforms will attract different kinds of audiences.    Due to their large and lucrative user bases, social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are excellent venues for advertising. Instagram and YouTube are the most popular social networks among Millennials and Generation Z, indicating the importance of bold, eye-catching material that exudes individuality. Pinterest has the greatest average order value among social consumers, with women outnumbering males by a wide margin. As a result of LinkedIn's educated user base, the site is a great place to find material that is more specialist than what you'd find on Facebook or Twitter.   Create Engaging Relatable Content   Short videos   Another thing you want to keep in mind when making a marketing plan on social media is to produce quality, relatable and engaging content. Some content trends you should follow.    More than half of marketers believe that video is the most effective way to reach social objectives, and they're right. With the introduction of TikTok and Instagram Reels, social video is exploding. Due to their high degree of interaction, both long- and short-form content dominates the social realm across all platforms.   Stories and time-sensitive posts   Social media's FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful motivator for creating Stories-style content. This content will appear first in their feeds to help your brand account "skip the line" and remain top-of-mind for your audience.   Be Timely with Social Presence    It's critical now more than ever before to be on time. You're also expected to be "on" for your followers at all times, even if you don't have new stuff to provide.   However, you can't always rely on your clients to keep their appointments according to your schedule. When you're working with a small team or have limited resources, staying on schedule might be difficult. A tip on making an effective marketing plan on social media:   Post at the best time. Instead of trying to guarantee that your social media or community managers are present and ready to respond to any product queries or issues when you Tweet or post, attempt to publish late at night, for example. Examine the optimal times to publish on social media and plan accordingly. However, engaging after you publish is just as important.   Build a Community   In a nutshell, creating interaction is key to developing a robust social media community. The more relevant your community's participation, the more value it has for users. In addition, you should pay attention to which themes and content types (e.g., videos) work the best to utilize that data to improve your community-building efforts in the future.   Brand communities can help businesses gain a significant competitive edge that is virtually impossible to imitate. When it comes to establishing trust with your audience, communities are unrivaled better. An active community alone is enough to elevate a brand to the status of industry authority. Providing them with a platform or a place to easily interact with your brand and each other is essential.    phpFox with various built-in features is a great platform to create an online social network or online community for your audience. With highly responsive web design and fully customizable, you can build your online community with ease.    Not only that, our support team is always there to help you whenever you need our assistance from a network for your short-term rental business or an online community for your hobby. If you have an idea, we are there to help you build it.    Having your own online community can also bring you a lot of benefits including:   Saving money. Online communities can greatly save your cost as you will be more proactive at how you spend your money.    Connecting with your customers faster. Using branded communities, a business may tap into one of its most valuable resources: its customers. Members of the community are engaged and involved in the brand and share a variety of feedback and opinions with the company.   Better source of data. A community platform may be used for surveys as well as conversations, depending on the size of the community. Rather of relying solely on open-ended questions, follow-up questions might be included in a survey.   Find out more about the demographic. You can easily collect the data about the variety of demographic groups in your online community. This is truly useful for identifying yourself and also improving your customer service.   RELATED: Reason Why You Should Join an Online Community   Evaluation   Finally, you need to look back at what you have been doing so far—checking out what you're doing right and what still needs to be changed. After all, it's a matter of trial and error. Just like the saying goes, "practice makes perfect."    In addition, by going through the numbers and statistics, you can have a better understanding of your target audience. You can make some necessary adjustments to improve your marketing plan on social media. So make sure that you reevaluate everything before you start something new. And this should be consistent, so make it a weekly, monthly, or annually thing.    Contact us NOW! Let us know how we can help you!    UP NEXT:  How to Build an Effective Social Video Platform What Makes a Good Online Community? 5 Ideas To Build An Engaged Online Learning Community  
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