• Grow your business with Online Community

    Grow your business with Online Community

    At the heart of the business, success is the human element. It has been essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the most effective way to reach and communicate with customers. While there are several ways to boost customer engagement, we are going to look at building an online community for a business that provides one of the best channels for marketers to gain invaluable growth hacking. An online community is a collective group of people regardless of geographical features having the same interests, backgrounds, and knowledge. An online bonding community plays an essential role in online business presence as well as amplifies a company's reach and credibility. Read what particular benefits an online community significantly contributes to the company. Heightening brand awarenessIt's a challenging game of industry players that offer similar products or services. And being online has been growing high in the list of priorities for any organization. Therefore, a robust social community will position the company brand ahead of the pack and help the company become more influential across the media. Quickly tap into customers' needs and interestListening to your customers is the primary goal of a business to improve the user-friendly level of its products and fulfil the customers' needs. An online community with user-generated content, such as sharing product experience or reviews is the most realistic and authentic data asset for businesses. By leveraging valuable feedback from social users across the globe, companies can seamlessly adjust their business strategy accordingly. Fostering customer successWhen users have trouble using a company's services or have some uncertainties about products, they are likely to come to the community where their friends, followers or community managers are ready to help. Impactful communities add value when they can act as a source of advice and tips for educating the companies' offerings. Enhancing brand loyaltyA sense of belonging and connectivity will encourage the engagement and enthusiasm of users in communities. Enjoying the meaningful company-customer interaction, members in online communities will invest more time and effort into products or services. So that, stressing the role of the community paves the way for retaining customers long term. To sum up, a thriving online community is a tangible asset to a business. Businesses should build a generation of content that connects with the community and beyond which in turn make the brand more successful.Start building your Customer Community now with phpFox, you get a free consultancy and optimal package offering while setting up, a professional maintenance service and a long-term cooperation from our experts of technical, marketings and social. Please feel free to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message to 
  • Easter Sale 2020 and phpFox 4.7.10 Release

    Easter Sale 2020 and phpFox 4.7.10 Release

    Hi All, it's Easter time and we are aware that most of us won’t be celebrating as we have a higher purpose to support and protect ourselves, our loved ones and the people around us. We need a joint effort to come back strong, and we will definitely beat this epidemic together.Easter Sale 2020 As we continue to stay home, it will be a great time to invest in phpFox to create a community to share, support and engage with one another. So we at phpFox provide you with a 20% discount during this Easter Sale on any purchase or upgrade. Duration: 9th to 14th April 2020 Code: EASTER2020 Offer valid for five days, build an online presence for your local community or business and take a headstart.More Easter Deals from Experts If you are intending to get more 3rd-party interesting apps on phpFox Store, let also check out these marvelous Easter deals from our 3rd-party experts.YouNetCo Joining with phpFox Easter Sale 2020, we would like to offer you 20% Off to all products and packages on phpFox Store from Apr 9th to Apr 14th, 2020. Coupon code is YNCEASTER2020. So let grab these great deals now while they last.FoxExpert Get 20% discount for any App/Theme or Package for best Phpfox apps of FoxExpert from 8 April to 14 April. Coupon code is foxexpertEaster   Please check the blog periodically as we will keep updating for more 3rd-party Easter deals.phpFox 4.7.10 Official Release We are delighted to inform that the phpFox 4.7.10 version is now officially released. This minor and quick release is only focused on fixing issues to make the Script more stable. Big updates will be added in the phpFox 4.8.0 which has been under development. Please see the Release Notes and Changelogs for more details. You can download the package of phpFox 4.7.10 and start upgrading your site from now. To upgrade your phpFox site to 4.7.10, you will need to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions. We highly recommend you to back up your site and database before proceeding the upgrade. And, don’t forget to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using. Have any issues with this version? Please don’t hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area for support.   Build your niche social networks or online communities with us - phpFox
  • 2020 Year Plan

    2020 Year Plan

    Hi all, Q1 of 2020 came to an end, and we know that we are a little late to announce our plan for 2020. However, we would still love to take you through our programs and what significant changes or releases are on your way this year. 2020 Year Plan phpFox 4.8 with ChatPlus phpFox 4.8 is our next major release with lots of improvements on software functionalities, performance, and scalability. This major version will come with core script enhancements and will be compatible with the latest PHP version to achieve the best performance provided by PHP language. Also, the newly designed layout for our built-in IM apps will help your users to manage conversations easily. Last but not least, lots of development effort will focus on the scalability of the software. So, phpFox can easily horizontally scale on public/private Cloud for high load communities.Along with the core software, the most awaiting ChatPlus solution will also be publicly available. The ChatPlus solution comes with most desired features for communication-centric communities. It supports pinned messages, enhanced emoticons, reactions, attachments, group chat, audio/video calls with recording ability, etc. ChatPlus solution will also be available in Web browsers and Mobile Applications. Thus, your users can communicate with others anytime and anywhere.We plan to release phpFox 4.8 with ChatPlus at the end of the Q2/2020. The Cloud version for phpFox v4 We know that managing a community is not easy when you do not own a strong technology team to support your online community growth. Things will be a breeze for you with the upcoming release of cloud version for phpFox. With phpFox v4 Cloud, you can easily spin your new community in some clicks. You do not need to worry about the technical side of how to maintain your infrastructure. You can quickly put more focus on developing your community users and content rather than being distracted by trying to manage technology-related items behind the scene.We expect to launch The first version of phpFox v4 Cloud at the end of Q3 or early Q4 of 2020. V5 - The new phpFox platform with new technology phpFox v4 has been out for a very long time. We know that lots of our clients are waiting for something new, with brand new technology. And phpFox v5 will be a brand new phpFox version that is going to be beta released within this year. With the new simplified design and the latest front-end technology, we will employ React to power the new phpFox front-end system. Meanwhile, the backend of the software will be rewritten to apply most of the recent technology to make the software more robust. We will gradually launch new features for this new version starting from 2021.For the V5 version, every client who has active software upgrades and support will be able to access as soon as it is released. So stay tuned! I hope that you will be interested in our 2020 Year plan. Have any questions? Please feel free to drop us a message to or raise tickets in Client Area. We would love to listen for feedback.
  • New phpFox Apps and Themes in  Quarter I 2020

    New phpFox Apps and Themes in Quarter I 2020

    Hi All, here we have the new phpFox Apps and Themes on the Store in Q1 2020. Check them out and share your feedback with us. Discord Webhooks Expert: Scheinwelt-MediaPrice: $19With this app, you can post content from your website directly to your discord server. Discord is one of the best free software for text and voice chats and with this app you can integrate it into your social network. At the moment the app supports new blogs, new photos and forum threads. More modules will be integrated with free future updates.Read MoreEvents Slider Block Expert: FoxerPrice: $19.99This app helps to bring more attention to your events – it is a block that shows all your events in a slider. There is an option to filter only upcoming events, go to events list or create a new event right away. This helps to significantly increase your event’s activity and extremely handy in case if events are the key feature of your social network.Read MoreAdvanced Gift Exper: FoxExpertPrice: $39Do you want to add another feature for engaging user interaction? Well then allow them to send to gifts. All users love to get gifts with warm messages. You as admin have full rights to Manage the gift packages and restrict by user level. If you want to monetize this function we prepared 3 ways of payment - activity point, core gateways and our Emoney. Flexible Admincp settings and user group view settings.Read MoreVisitor App Expert: FoxExpertPrice: $29Guest is an important feature for all social network sites, but how about profile visits? Our new Visitor app solves that problem, our app allows you to see guests, visited profiles, Realtime popup notification with a custom design through the admin panel.Read MoreHide Posts Expert: CespiritualPrice: $29Hide Posts is an app that allows you to control spammers on your network; you can supervise their post even without their knowledge. It is beneficial if you are running a niche community and want to hide posts that are not related to the community interest. Hide Posts also acts as a revenge to spammers, as spammers can see other spammers posts and the posts are hidden from others in the network. This App also guarantees that your network remains healthy and exciting for its members. Read MoreGuest Landing Page Expert: FoxExpertPrice: $39Want to show your guest visitors a preview of your social network? Guest landing Page allows this feature, plus it has a unique slider and ability to put any widgets to 11 places. Make your social network well designed, and it also helps in increasing registration count. Many admin settings allow to your manage anything on this Landing page.Read MoreAward App Expert: FoxExpertPrice: $19All users love to get awards and badges. Create a special award with image and description to reward most active users on your website, or you can also provide users with a special badge. If you want to assign a unique picture to a user group - this App allows that too! Setup expiration period for awarding or provide it for the whole time. Flexible admincp settings and user group view settings.Read MorePosts Limit Expert: CespiritualPrice: $19Posts Limit limits the number of post's your members can add in a specific time range. You can set the limit by user group. After the limit, your members are not able to add more posts until it resets. You can reset the limits manually, or you can set up a cronjob to reset the limits, for example, every day at midnight. With this App, you can control SPAM by limiting the number of posts your members can add each day or an hour and so making them realize that quality is better than quantity.Read MoreMenu Albums Experts: CespiritualPrice: $9This App adds to profile Menu a link to My Albums, allowing the owner of the profile to access it more directly. You can enable/disable this button by user group, showing it only to some of your members.Read MoreThat's all for now. If you want to learn more about the functions and features of these new products, you can contact directly to our third-party vendors for inquiries. Or you can let us know your thoughts on these products by writing to or create tickets in the Client Area.  And, please stay tuned. We will get back very soon.
  • Chat Plus Sneak Peek

    Chat Plus Sneak Peek

    The most significant release of the year is about to go live this May. It's our Chat Plus solution.  Are you ready to embrace the whole new Chat experience?Well then buckle up!Chat Plus Sneak Peek We are ready to launch our all-new phpFox ChatPlus solution, and it is feature-packed to engage your communities to a whole new level. Now let’s dive in and take you through the key features of our most anticipated release of 2020.Voice Call Make a quick call with your fellow community member or do a group call to discuss a topic with maximum users of 50. Voice call is one among the significant features of all chat solutions out there, and we are no different.Video Call Enjoy the benefit of seeing one another when land and water separates us. Video calls make us closer to one another and create an immediate impact. We have also included video conferencing for up to 50 users.Groups Chats Create private or public groups and enjoy sharing your favorite topics. Discuss and engage with your communities in real-time. Broadcast an announcement or an essential message to your fellow community members. Create a read-only broadcast to make your decision less stressful for you.All-New Messaging Support for text, emoji, GIF, emoticon, mentions and attach files like audio, video, image, link or documents. Our new messaging also comes with on message reactions, quote, reply, edit, copy or delete options.ChatPlus will bring all these and more features to your phpFox platform, and we are more than excited to launch this solution. We believe our all-new solution can help you grow your community or niche social network to new heights. Hope you are excited as we are and if yes, then we have a great deal for you. JOIN OUR BETA TESTING We will allow users on a first cum first basis to try our all-new chat solution to receive a 15% discount while your purchase. This will be applicable only to the first 20 customers.What you are waiting for? Send us a ticket with the title “ChatPlus Beta Testing” and we will send you the testing link and demo apps for you. Try out the features early, provide us with valuable constructive feedbacks and save big!  UPDATE - ChatPlus Beta Testing slots are full and we are sorry to inform that we do not accept any further request.   CHAT PLUS PRICING Chat Plus solution will launch with an early bird pricing of USD $799, however, you can get an additional 15% discount if you are the lucky 20 Beta testers, bringing down the price to USD $679.For all the other customers, you can enjoy our Chat Plus solution by early May 2020. We cant wait to hear the feedback from you.Cheers!
  • phpFox Valentines Day Sale 2020

    phpFox Valentines Day Sale 2020

    Valentine's Day Sale Season of Love is here and we are delighted to introduce our favourite couple Live Streaming Solution phpFox Ultimate License Save 20% when you purchase them together (*Ultimate License purchase/upgrade) CODE: COUPLE2020 Only Live Streaming Solution? *for Ultimate License holders You will save 15% on standalone Live Streaming Solution purchase With Code: LOVESTREAMValentines Day Promotion starts from 12th Feb to 17th Feb 2020 (PST) Don’t miss this package offer, hurry buy now!!! This is an excellent opportunity to check out our live streaming solution and create more engaging content for your community. Build your niche social network or online community with us - phpFox
  • Superbowl Sunday Sale 2020

    Superbowl Sunday Sale 2020

    Superbowl Sunday Sale Grab a 10% discount on phpFox license purchase or upgrade while Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers go head to head this Sunday. From February 1st to 3rd, 2020 (PST) Promo Code: SUPERSALE2020Hurry, the super sale lasts only for 3 days! Build your social network or online communities with us. We provide a platform which enables you to actively engage with your communities
  • phpFox Mobile App 1.6 Official Release

    phpFox Mobile App 1.6 Official Release

    Hi from phpFox! Hope every one of you had a fantastic time during this New Years. We are so excited about the plan that we are going to do for your online communities this year and wish you will be too. Let's begin this decade with our all-new phpFox Mobile App 1.6. We are consistent in improving our platform and solutions, and our Mobile App is no exception. We have improved our overall app performance with some cool new features. Well if you aren't a phpFox Ultimate customer, then you are missing out a lot, interested to know more? Please read about our Premium native mobile apps.phpFox Mobile App 1.6 Let's discuss in detail about the key improvements of phpFox Mobile App 1.6, our very first release of 2020 for your social network or online communities. Map View on Events & Marketplace Users usually want to browse and look for events and listings in specific areas. And, it is obviously more convenient for everyone to view them on a map. Now users on your communities can easily find or navigate to different events and listings as per their preferred location. Hit map button from the bottom once you are in Events or Marketplace to navigate and browse through the results to show the locations of the results in real-time. Interactive Comments Well, now your comments in our all-new phpFox Mobile App 1.6 are more interactive with GIFs, Emojis, Stickers and photos. Engage with your communities and networks more effectively and express yourself in a more fun and enjoyable way.Log in with Apple ID All iOS users have their Apple IDs and it is very useful to have an option to log in with their Apple IDs. And, similar to the Facebook Login, it's fast, easy and very secured.Media Share Extension from Gallery People now can share a moment directly from your photo gallery rather than uploading it within the app; it makes your sharing experience much faster and easier than before. You would find your phpFox app in the list of shareable apps while you try to share the photo directly from the photo gallery or web browser. Moreover, we do have many other incremental updates to enhance user experiences on mobile apps, include but not limited to: Able to detect the user's device language preference and display accordingly. If your site doesn't support that language, then it would display the default language. Support In-App Purchases for subscription feature. Supported swipe down to close the Action Menu. Updated library for AdMob Users are now allowed to make mass actions such as select all or make multiple selections Able to instant message the sellers in the marketplace by hitting the 'Contact Seller' button from the respective listing.  Supported search category, our new app filters out other categories while you search in a specific category. Supported copying and pasting text Apply  the primary color of app for background of the status bar while the app is loading That's all for now. With all the above key features, improvements and certainly many bug fixes, we believe your new phpFox Mobile App 1.6 is the goto interactive zone for all your valued community members. So what are you waiting for? Let's upgrade and engage more!We have put in a lot of time and effort to make this possible and hope that you are satisfied with this new mobile app version. We would love to hear from you as your valued feedback is our backbone to a successful future. Raise a ticket in your client area or shoot us an email at with your recommendations or queries.
  • New Year Sale 2020

    New Year Sale 2020

    Welcome 2020 with fresh dreams, fresh plans, fresh objectives, and fresh commitment. Happy New Year to everyone. We wish you will have a great year ahead with full of happiness, achievements, and prosperity. At the beginning of the year 2020, we are excitedly having a special gift for you. Yes, it is the New Year Sale 2020.  Let's celebrate and start the new year with full energy together.New Year Sale 2020 12% OFF on new phpFox licenses and upgrades From Dec 31st, 2019 to Jan 5th, 2020 (PST) Promo Code: NEWYEAR2020Join us today to start your own Social Network!3rd-party New-Year Deals It is exciting to announce that there are also New-Year deals of 3rd-party experts on phpFox Store, please check them out. YouNetCo Happy New Year 2020. New Year may bring us new hopes, new goals. We wish you all the best in 2020. We are proud to provide the best solutions and services to help you build and manage your Social Network effectively and productively. Joining with phpFox New Year Sale 2020, we would like to offer you 25% Off to all products and packages on phpFox Store. The coupon code is YNCNEWYEAR20.  Foxer We're offering a discount during Christmas / New Year holidays with 30% off on our apps: Stories, User Dashboard, AdBlock Detector, Verified Members, InstaFox, All apps package. The coupon is FOX19CHRISTMAS That's it for now. We are going to update the blog for more deals from 3rd-party experts. Please keep watching. However, don't wait until tomorrow. Let's come and get these deals from today.And again, Happy New Year to you!
  • phpFox 2019 Year In Review

    phpFox 2019 Year In Review

    Hello everyone, we wish you holidays fully filled with fun and laughter. The Holiday Season is covering everywhere with many glorious colors. The green of Christmas tree, the red of Santa Claus robes and ornaments, the yellow of the sun and light, the white of snow… make everything around so beautiful and fascinating. The year 2019 is going through its last days. It is a good time for us to look back on what we have done this year. Let’s join us in phpFox 2019 Year In Review now.phpFox releases from 4.7.2 to 4.7.9 – Improvements and bugs fixed As our commitment to update phpFox regularly with more Core features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. We had 8 phpFox versions released through the year 2019. On top of many bug fixes, we keep enhancing stand-alone phpFox apps for better mutual integration such as Photos, Groups, Pages and Videos apps, etc. We also added the Map on Event and Marketplace – an important feature to help users find events and listing more easily. We continued doing the improvement for the Material template to bring to our users a friendly user experience. A series of new standalone core Apps focused on user engagement and interaction In the year 2019, we have 4 new core apps released:The first one is Reactions and Status Background were released on the beginning of May as very significant key features for social network sites to increase user engagement and interaction. It allows users having the ability to express with reactions and post statuses with attractive backgrounds on the social site. It makes the feed more attractive and joyful to users.The next was Saved Items app coming to our community in the middle of Jun. It gives users the ability to save and organize what they love on your online community. While surfing feed items on the community, your users will have Saved option right there to save the item they love. Then, all saved items can be managed and organized easily.And finally, Comments app was released in November. The Comment feature is frequently used by users to interact with others in every online community every day. With this new Comment app, users can attach an image, emojis/stickers, picture preview on links, hide/unhide comments or preview on the embedded link on top of normal comment with text. Mobile Apps 1.3 - Monetization with Google Admob & Integration solution for 3rd-party apps Mobile Apps 1.3 released on the beginning of April with the integration Google Admob to phpFox mobile apps to help the site owner earns more money from mobile apps.One more signification feature on this release is Integration solution via APIs for 3rd-party apps. Our team had been working really hard to design and implement a mechanism for this solution. It is really amazing! Now, all 3rd-party app experts can follow our instructions to integrate their phpFox apps or their customization work into phpFox native mobile apps. Please refer to technical documentationAs normal, performance and UI/UX Improvements is an indispensable part of each release. This release included the improvement for loading speed by using Lazy loading method. These improvements and other native animations added make the phpFox mobile apps work obviously smoother and faster. Mobile Apps 1.4 – Subscriptions and more… This release was one of our important goals in 2019. It included a series of fascinating features added:Firstly, we did support Subscription on mobile apps. This feature not only helps the site owner can earn money but also helps users can purchase a subscription on the mobile app. It’s great and comfortable!Secondly, we enriched mobile apps by bringing Reactions and Status Background on this release. It is a lovely feature!And, Push Notification for new messages also added to this release. It helps your users still get updates of new messages even though they are not open the app.On this released, besides improvement mobile app features, we continued providing more APIs and layout components to help 3rd-party experts integrate their products to our mobile apps easier. Mobile Apps 1.5 – New features and more… We are happy to bring Dark Mode to phpFox Mobile apps. As you know, bright screens cause symptoms of digital eye strain. With the dark mode, the content is clearer and more focused to see in the night so we are sure that you will love it.Right-To-Left (RTL) is one of the most expected features which we excitedly released in this version 1.5. Same as the web version, the RTL layout will be applied automatically whenever users choose the RTL language.Mobile app 1.5 also supported for Language Switching. User can go to Account Settings on the mobile apps and switch to the appropriate language quickly.Another improvement in this version is the Listing purchase. Now, users can purchase an item on the Mobile app via Paypal directly. Supporting this feature on phpFox mobile apps is one of the most essential demand to make your business more successful.Hide all feed option any many improvements more... were included in this version as our promise, we always try to improve PHPFox on both Mobile App and Web version to bring to our valued customers the best stable PHPFox version. Live Streaming solution This is the most expectation release to close 2019. Also, it is definitely one of our biggest projects that we have been working hard on and spent many efforts throughout this year. As you know, Live Streaming is so popular in every online community nowadays. Now, Live Streaming is ready for your community to give end-users a fun, powerful way to interact and engage with viewers in real-time on your community. Users can create exciting video content and broadcast instantly on the community. That is all for the year 2019. We hope that you are pleased with our improvements and our releases in the year 2019. All of us are looking forward to a prosperous new year together. With the mission to build phpFox as the best social network script for online communities, we promise to continue upgrading, improving our products better day by day. We wish you all the best ahead! And Happy New Year 2020!