A Digital Workplace Your Employees Need

Your company's success begins with thriving individuals. phpFox empowers organizations to cultivate an efficient work culture where all employees can connect, collaborate, and deliver their best work.

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Employee Social Network features at a glance 

We believe strong organizations grow from strong individuals. phpFox is equipped with everything your employees need for efficient and smart work, seamlessly integrated to deliver a compelling employee experience.

Multimedia Content Sharing

Making it easy to upload content and share

Real Time Activity Feed

Enjoy the speed of faster information delivery.

Push Notifications

Stay constantly informed and updated when things happen.

Public/ Private Chat

Foster seamless communication with versatile messaging

Polls and Quiz

Make the workplace more fun and interactive

Auto Translation

Enhance global communication and collaboration.

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A Fun, Collaborative, Efficient Employee Experience in one place

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All-in-one Employee-centered digital workplace

phpFox makes it easier than ever to streamline internal communication, share and find resources, and connect employees across departments, all-in-one platform.

Communication & Collaboration

Effortlessly connect, share, and engage your entire workforce through Groups, Announcements, Forums, Instant Messaging, and Audio/Video Calls.

Multimedia content

Support diverse file formats for uploads, including photos, videos, audio, and blogs. Simplify your search experience with Global Search.

Intuitive Employee Experience

Enjoy a personalized experience with customizable user profiles, a friendly navigation menu, and instant access anytime, anywhere with the mobile app.

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Boost Social Engagement, Build Stronger Team

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Engage and Socialize with Fun

phpFox goes beyond being an intranet platform. It’s designed to empower employees to create a more fun, open, and interactive work culture, leading to a transformative impact on your organization.

Seamless Engagement

Enhance engagement with Activity Points, Friends & Follows, Polls, and Quizzes. Strengthen team bonds with interactive dynamic Events.

Social Network Connection

Work can be exciting! Employees can Share, Save, Comment, and React, all to foster a sense of connectivity and community.

Platform Privacy

Security and privacy are our priorities. phpFox includes 2-Factor Authentication, Captcha, and full GDPR Compliance for your protection.

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Shape your workplace culture Your Way

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Limitless Customization and Integration

With phpFox, the customization possibilities are endless. Personalize every aspect of your community to create a unique, tailored experience that fits your organization’s needs.

Fully Customizable

Take full control with the Live Layout Editor, allowing you to customize every touchpoint across the platform—from colors to the overall look and feel, everything.

Integration Ready

Easily integrate phpFox with all the great software tools you already know and use.

phpFox Apps Store

phpFox Apps Store is where to discover apps/plugins that empower the phpFox platform to be more intuitive.

Make Business Decisions that help you Grow

User Friendly

An easy-to-use Employee Social Network with ready-to-use functions. No technical skills required.

Features Rich

A feature-rich platform offering a robust list of cutting-edge features – all in one place


A customizable, scalable platform. phpFox follows OWASP standards and GDPR for robust security.

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It's time to discover all of phpFox's capabilities to build your Employee Social Network, and more.

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