phpFox iOS Mobile App 1.0 Developer Release

As a turning point and ultimate proof to re-affirm mobile-ready feature of phpFox, today we are pleased to announce the launch of Developer Release for phpFox Mobile iOS app, a stepping stone to release our powerful Mobile app package.

Note that the Developer Release will be limited to all 3rd-party experts for testing and experimental purposes only.

A little bit about phpFox iOS app, our target is to deliver you a completed native app solution. Your phpFox app will be not only fast and responsive but also robust and interactive to any task on iOS.


Let’s talk about user experience first. We expect to bring a progressive mobile experience to users on your social network. Conveniently now right on the¬†app, you can register, login, make friends, post status, view posts, and comment… Or in short, just imagine it’s a portable solution for your network.


In term of functionalities and features, definitely, all Core components such as Page/Group, Forum, Event, Photo/Video, Marketplace, and so many more… are also available in the app with well-designed and logic interfaces. Users can manage and control their profiles and many other personal settings right on the app.


Indeed, the app is an almost full replication of your social network on the desktop version. You can bring Apple devices with the app installed and access your social network anywhere.

Let’s take a quick look now!

We hope you can found a fresh experience of your social network with our iOS app by testing this Developer Release.

Let’s try the app and give us your¬†thoughts by email us at or via Ticket System.


PS: the Android app is expected to be available in November. Please stay tuned to receive our latest updates.

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