Monetizing with phpFox Marketplace

We had planned on doing our first one on a third party developer but he’s still working on his interview and some things for the store so we’ll do that article when he’s ready. This time, we’ll revisit the first phpFox inFocus we originally did for the Marketplace. Since our Neutron product line has a different look and features, we want to revisit old articles about Monetizing with phpFox Marketplace to bring new ideas and show some new apps that can be used with it.

Monetizing with the phpFox Marketplace

There are ways to monetize with the marketplace without you even having to sell any products in it. You could set up subscriptions and only allow those that pay a subscription fee to be able to sell things. This helps you earn and helps your users earn too. With subscriptions, you can make different user groups with different subscription prices as well.

Here are some tutorials for user groups and subscriptions so you can learn how to manage them.

Our video tutorial will walk you though setting some of the marketplace settings for the user groups. You’ll see how to make, edit, and translate categories so your Marketplace will be unique for your site and site niche.

Once you have your Marketplace set up and the user groups as you want them, you might want to add some extra features. Our next section deals with useful Apps and Themes you might want.

Adding Features for Your Marketplace

This is a brief list of a few things we see in the phpFox store. You would want to go search for things as well since we can’t include everything you might like to have. This should help get you started to see what other options you have for features. For any of these listed here, please contact any of the developers that make them if you have questions. We’ve not received any compensation for the following, it is just a general listing and not endorsements or official recommendations. It is a courtesy listing only and for informational purposes.


  • Accept more payment types with Advanced Payment Gateway . If Paypal isn’t your thing, or maybe doesn’t work in your area, the Advanced Payment Gateway allows you to offer a wide variety of payment methods.
  • Advanced Marketplace app gives you more features for your Marketplace with ratings, reviews and more.
  • Maybe make the next E-Bay© competitor with Auctions!
  • Marketplace block to show off the listings. This helps to get folks interested in the listings.
  • Let your users add listings easier with a link right on the member home page using Uplinks.
  • Desktop Notifications might be useful for those that need to keep updated quickly for notices.
  • Perhaps spice up the profile About section if you want to show more info for buyers/sellers. You’ll need to ask that developer if it shows listings but it looks like it has some good features.

In addition to Apps, you might want to go international and get some language packs!

Themes are always a great way to spice up a site too and there are several you might find interesting!

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