• Live Streaming: A Must-Have strategy for modern marketing

    Live Streaming: A Must-Have strategy for modern marketing

    In the recent scenario, Live streaming strategy is no longer a novelty - it is changing the way brands engage with their audience. Besides the fact that Live Videos help brands gain a 148% higher organic reach compared to photos, live streaming has quickly gained traction and attention of those who are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways of delivering content. Legitimate benefits from Live Streaming Live streaming is a powerful way to expand event attendees from hundreds to millions, to connect potential customers, and to reach audiences of staggering scale for product launches, fashion shows, or exclusive releases. Consequently, understanding the equipment and up-front cost of Live Video Strategy can be beneficial for many businesses in all sectors. Encourage Trust 80% of the audience like to watch a live video more than reading a blog and 82% of them enjoy the live video more than typical social posts. Live Videos provide an intimate level of engagement with the audience enabling brands to communicate with customers in real-time which creates a new way to build trust with your customers by showcasing transparency of the firm. The positive engagement (likes, comments) on the stream may bring the impression of a trustworthy brand to a potential audience. Provide Instant support Not only does it provide real-time engagement benefits to users, but also allows businesses to offer live support, Q&A sessions, and office tours. Additionally, companies can learn what consumers and potential consumers are most interested in, accessing to provide the types of products and services that are in demand by their audience. Reach Highly Targeted Niches About 95% of active social media users aged 18 to 34 follow a brand with a social media account. Live Streaming Videos have the potential to attract a large scale of audience, which generate more online visibility and branding. Because of the immediate interaction, commentary, and viewable video, businesses could entice more viewers than a typical post update. Cost-Effective Video Strategy Estimates for a one-minute commercial aired on television in Los Angeles, for example, is roughly $17,000. Therefore, cost-effective is one of the best aspects of live-streaming. Nowadays, most users enjoy the live-action and unedited approach to living videos. Nevertheless, 62% of consumers tend to have a negative perspective of a brand image publishing poor-quality content for Video. Therefore, while recording might be cost-effective, brands still need to provide quality content viewers will want to watch. Enhance Conversion Rate Enjoyment of live video increased the intention to purchase by 97% and brand approach by 139%. 64% of audiences might intend to buy a product online after watching a live video. With the available at the touch of a button, customers can communicate with an agent just as they would in a store, asking the questions they need answering for a more informed purchase. Customers will be able to find the answers they need through Live Video within moments; this reduces the risk of buyers leaving the site out of uncertainty while helping to secure more completed sales. Create a unique Live Video with phpFox end-to-end solution phpFox has created an end-to-end solution which allows sellers and brands to engage potential buyers. With this cutting-edge solution, brands and customers may have mutual benefits based on the content and feature brought by Live Streaming. Sellers can showcase both their products and personality to captivate audiences. Interested buyers may also ask questions in the comment section which sellers can see and provide information in real-time. Don’t know if customers are aware of your live stream? It’s ok, as the Notification function will alert all your audiences, who follow your social media about this content. Just a click and everyone will be notified. Need better improvement in live stream content? Live Stream solution of phpFox display statistics and engagement of current and past streamed content. This helps brands to identify what content is useful and what is not for further development. Missed the Livestream? Don’t worry, as customers will be able to browse through the replay archive, and brands can save their latest live stream for followers to catch up with the content.  Wanna have a gamification content for loyal customers? Businesses can quickly boost interaction with customers and enhance loyalty retention through gamification on Live streaming.  Many different marketing strategies that have changed our lives and made our media behaviour more in-depth. However, we have to be aware of how we use them. If we could use Live streaming strategy smartly, having such a feature will become a good chance to enrich potential leads and boost brands’ presence. Visiting the installation page here to break down this powerful solution. Check Live Streaming solution Today!
  • Live Streaming solution is ready now

    Live Streaming solution is ready now

    How are you doing? No more wait is needed. We are proud to announce that the Live Streaming solution is here for you. Since the live streaming videos can be created via mobile apps, this solution is available to those holding Ultimate license. For Ultimate license holder, you can order the Live Streaming solution in the Product Addons page of Client Area from today. If you aren't an Ultimate holder, no matter at all. You may purchase a license or upgrade after taking a look at our solution. Live Streaming Solution As you know, Live Streaming is so popular in every online community nowadays. This is obviously a great tool for users to create exciting video content and broadcast instantly on the community. You may wonder what you will get with Live Streaming solution. Let's talk a bit more about what functionalities supported in the first version. In the Front-end, all live-streaming videos are listed in the same place and users can access the Live Videos main menu quickly. Pages of Live Videos are well-organized to help users filter which videos ended or which videos currently live-streamed, etc. in the most convenient manner. People can easily manage their own live videos as well as browse videos of their friends. When a user starts creating a live video, their friends will receive notifications as well as a feed item on their Member Home page. While watching a live video, they can comment, add reactions and interact directly with the video owner as well as others. All comments and reactions are updated instantly without reloading the page. Is it fantastic? Especially, when the user ends live-streaming video, there is an option to save the video for others to playback then. And, in the Admin side, you can configure which user groups are allowed to access Live Videos pages, who can use the Live Streaming feature and how long they can stream. Moreover, you can set up how many activity points users can get when creating, reacting or interacting live videos. So cool, isn't it? With Live Streaming solution, all are ready for your users to start creating interesting videos with their mobile devices. People will have more funs when having more interactions with live videos. What are you still waiting for? Let's bring this amazing feature for live videos to your online communities. Our deployment team will handle all setup work of the Live Streaming solution as well as build your mobile apps with Live Streaming feature. Solution Pricing The early-bird price of Live Streaming solution is $799. You can start ordering it from today. If you are not holding the phpFox Ultimate license, please upgrade your license first. It is necessary to note that the solution price is only for software and setup works. It doesn't include any monthly cost for infrastructure, such as servers, services, etc. to operate this solution. To get a general idea about how much the monthly cost is, please see our rough estimation. If you are still having any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to let us know. We can't wait for hearing your voice. New to phpFox If you are looking for a completed solution to build up your own Social Network, phpFox is the right platform for you. Thriving to be the best platform for Social Network, phpFox can definitely help you build your online community: Full-featured, Fast, Responsive, Stable, Easy to customize, Scalable, Mobile-ready with iOS and Android apps, and several extensions from 3rd-party developers. You can build up your own Social Network within minutes with our best Support service.   That's all. We hope that you will like the Live Streaming solution. We will get back to you with more interesting updates.  
  • Live Streaming Sneak Peek

    Live Streaming Sneak Peek

    How are you doing? We hope you had a good time during this Thanksgiving season. Time flew so fast and we have been going through the last moments of the year 2019.  We are quite busy with our plan and we are also happy with what we have done so far. However, we will have some tasks to complete before the year-end. One of them is the Live Streaming solution that we believe that you are looking forward to, the Live Streaming solution is going to be available very soon. But today, we would like to give you a quick look at this product. Live Streaming At Glance The Live Streaming feature is so popular in every online community nowadays. This is obviously a great tool for users to create exciting video content and broadcast instantly on the community. People always love to interact with others, so we believe Live Streaming is the best solution to engage your community. That's why our team has been working so hard on this product. Its official release is coming soon. Let's see how this product looks like now. On the Web     On the mobile app [gallery size="medium" link="none" ids="7937,7936,7940"] Is it cool? Should you have any questions or would like to share your thought with us, please feel free to drop us a message to or submit tickets in our Client Area. That's it for now, stay tuned. We are going to get back very soon.