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Video-on-Demand vs. Live Streaming: What’s the Difference?

Without a doubt, video content is booming as the best medium of advertising, and there are different kinds of video content, this include live streaming video and video-on-command. Let’s find out about them in this article.


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Things You Need to Know About Video-on-Demand and Live Streaming


What Is Video-on-Demand?


Video-on-Demand is, also known as VOD, is a system that allows your prospective clients to consume video content from internet libraries that is relevant to them. They may access it through numerous tablets, televisions, and computers.


When compared to traditional media outlets and broadcast channels, one of the dynamic streaks in the on-demand video market is exploited by using IP or Internet Protocol. The main argument for using VOD streaming is that it allows audiences to watch videos in their leisure time from any suitable device, making video data transmission via real-time streaming protocol simple.


What Is Live Streaming?


The live streaming technology enables you to generate complete and compelling material in real-time, similar to watching live television! The notion here is how content publishers or producers leverage their money-making material in real-time in front of a live viewing audience!


This maximizes the benefits of live streaming by allowing content distributors to provide selected video as it is made, with less lag time between recording and enjoying it! This form of video monetization technique, in theory, identifies each sector with its own current company specialized requirements.


When to Use Video-on-Demand


Different kinds of video content can have different uses. Knowing when and which scenario can help you utilize the content to its fullest potential.


Fitness Vlogs


Get your fitness streaming platform program diverse classes simplified online & fitness app promotes your secrets of remaining healthy with effective videos-on-demand for a longer amount of time.


Entrepreneurial Stories


The main features of the VOD app include gaining required business insights from pioneer business experts who may provide inspiring talkies through practical learning films of business acumen.


Spiritual VODs


Cover some of the primary spiritual lesson subjects by generating on-demand videos and connecting with your audience using the major benefits of internet streaming.


Memorable Relays 


Remember amazing test series with video on demand uses that were previously streamed and offer your consumers the same enthusiasm to relive those strategic moments of the game.


Streaming Education


An educational video streaming solution assists colleges in making lectures and slideshows available to students online. These can be seen whenever the student sees fit or according to a deadline set by the instructor. Seminars, webinars, and orientations are also possible.


Press Conferences


Pre-recorded videos that can be played on-demand on different occasions can be used during press events. This eliminates the need for busy speakers to attend every event.


Film Videos 


Leverage the power of the video platform by showing numerous movie clips and rhetorical music videos that entice your audience to view them in the form of the greatest VODs.


Shows for Entertainment


By making entertainment programming available on-demand, audiences may watch them whenever they want.


When to Use Live Streaming


Unique Content


With live streaming applications, you can automatically target your audience with money-grabbing material and turn your viewers into prospective buyers who will follow you

Concerts or Award Ceremonies


Live streaming provides increased participation without the need for individuals to be physically there; it allows for better coverage and interaction.




Instead of throwing a festival celebration and inviting everyone, content creators may welcome everyone to live broadcasts and share the delights of opulent events! In addition, as festival producers, implement effectively integrated streaming technology into your event sector.




Live streaming, like television, makes these events available to people, although in real-time, to enhance the pleasure of viewing something live.


Time-sensitive Productions 


The live streaming approach benefits from the entertaining funnel experience, which is growing in popularity. Because live broadcasts are frequently time-sensitive productions, they may provide you with a large user base that expands every day with improved eligibility.


Breaking News


You may reuse your streaming material by posting video scripts that seem more effective than standard coverage and provide maximum relevance.




Broadcasting live conferences can lead to new corporate collaboration chances and the development of a larger audience.




A live streaming strategy draws your employees’ attention with company-wide announcements and consumer comments.




The information created and consumed through live streaming benefits for business might give an objective view of your gaming foundation. This may be easier for your players, who can go live at any time, from anywhere, and on the road.


Q&A Sessions


It would be best if you worried as content makers because user engagement adds to the value of having a live streaming strategy. The exchange of information through Q&A sessions allows you to catch your audience’s interests and get to know them well to keep in touch with them in the future.


Benefits of Video-on-Demand


When video repositories in racks may provide them a vast split watching zone rather than a specific watch time, most video specials make your clients feel secure knowing they can view at any moment.




Online video platform companies function cohesively on solid internet connections, and actual video usage on demand lets auto-adjust with low & high bandwidth dependent on region connectivity. This improves the streaming.




Any video business platform can only captivate undivided attention via exploring creativity in the art of filmmaking. Compared to living streaming, content makers can adjust filming techniques, post-processing, and selective dissemination approaches.




Because VOD penetration may have a broadly spread audience across several platforms, video business platforms are ideal for today’s content owners or publishers. Compared to live to stream, this allows your valuable video material to reach a wider audience.


More Convenient for Audiences


The ability to view movies whenever convenient leads to a more devoted fanbase that increases over time rather than overnight.


Increased Connectivity


The video-on-demand platform is less vulnerable to poor internet connections than live broadcasting. This increases the likelihood of it penetrating low bandwidth places more effectively.


Creators’ Freedom


Creators may experiment with post-production, filming techniques, and distribution channels, which live streaming does not allow.


More Targeting Options


VOD has a more extensive reach than live streaming since it may be delivered on a broader range of platforms.


Benefits of Live Streaming


Reality television shows and the ever-popular YouTube serve as sources of inspiration for live streaming strategies. This is the channel where you may experiment with maximum live streaming uses by broadcasting anything you’re working on right now while your audience is standing in front of you, demanding your attention.


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Users Consume Content on Their Own Time


Businesses may utilize a live streaming platform to define their timetables and engage their users at the appropriate moment. All eyes will be glued to the live broadcast for as long as available. Furthermore, companies may generate the required anticipation before a live stream, ticket entries, or enthusiasm.


It is not yet overcrowded.


Because live streaming is still in its early stages, the scene isn’t as crowded. This enables new enterprises to quickly reach their target audiences and get the benefits of live streaming before their competitors.


It Targets Specific Markets


Live streaming, like events, may be tailored to specific niches. This generates a sense of exclusivity and keeps particular demographics of the audience engaged. This is especially valuable if businesses discover that certain parts are less engaged than others – live feeds may be utilized to reach out to them.


Experience in Real-Time


The audience is in a virtual realm; the benefits of live broadcasts allow people to engage with your brands and grasp your by-product in a single experience. As content providers, you may foster a feeling of customized connection between your company and its target audience.




Take live polls, respond to replies, and offer interactive live streaming participation to get in touch with your audience. The critical advantage of internet streaming is that it allows you to give your final content more ownership and engage with your business more effectively.


Cost Cutting


When it comes to cost-effectiveness given through live feeds, the advantage of internet streaming is unmistakable. Let’s imagine you have a training program, and all of your employees can attend it at your designated virtual time, and you can attend it live from anywhere around the globe! Fortunately, it allows everyone to have simultaneous access to transmitted live material for a one-time fee.


More hype


Take advantage of the critical live streaming benefit by marketing live streaming events and creating anticipated excitement and business buzz. This live broadcast might motivate your attendees to talk about your business and share their new experiences with their fan club. Engaging those unfamiliar with your company may assist in opening up new markets, luring new consumers, and driving free content marketing through this buzz.


Live Streaming Solution


By incorporating live streaming into your organization, you may dramatically enhance how everything works, from meetings to delivering announcements to notifying clients about new products/services with a simple click. If that’s what you’re looking for, phpFox has you covered.


phpFox is a solid social network platform for specialized online communities, replete with an integrated Live Streaming capability to help you communicate with your employees and consumers as fast and efficiently as possible. phpFox also provides live ChatPlus to boost engagement and coverage of your target audience.


Furthermore, phpfox has spent a significant amount of time working on speed optimizations to ensure that the software is a practical investment for your expanding business.


Have you tried to implement Live Streaming into your business? If you want to get started, CONTACT US and let us know how we can help you! 



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