Different Steps for Building Different Online Communities

Building an online community is no easy task; every single online community is built differently. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a thriving community. Here is what you need to know about them. 


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Support Communities

Local Communities

Social Communities

Advocate Communities

Professional Communities

Steps to Build an Online Community


Tips to Get Started on Your Online Community


Support Communities


According to research, more than 80% of firms have some sort of support group. Members of these online communities may recommend products to other consumers. They are also advantageous to corporations in terms of reduced customer service expenses. In comparison to social communities, this category offers a more organized way to gather innovative ideas since support communities enable businesses to track various service and product-related interactions.


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Local Communities


These kinds of online communities often center on a single issue. They allow neighbors to share information and news. Local leaders are present in these communities. They also have a lot of grassroots support and are highly communicative.


They are on the watch for marketing that may detract from the experience. They also regulate and oversee marketing by restricting commercials to a particular day each week or sloughing commercial messaging into a certain portion of the population.


Social Communities


Social communities are another popular type of online community. Social networks may help you maintain track of your competitors, what they’re up to, and detect brand-customer trends. Furthermore, companies use social networks for marketing goals such as brand recognition, fact dissemination, and reaching a broader part of the audience for message and campaign purposes. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other online social communities are examples.


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Advocate Communities


Brands may use such brands to mobilize loyal and passionate customers. This type of community, also known as advocate marketing software, rewards members for accomplishing activities such as submitting a testimonial, promoting the firm on social media, and other similar chores. According to Laura Ramos, branded customer groups of this sort can aid in the spread of positive word of mouth.


Professional Communities


Individuals in a professional network can discuss and advise on similar work experiences. You should ensure that the content and facts provided in the community are welcoming to newcomers. While creating such a community, you must also ensure that the content and material are sophisticated enough to catch the interest of seasoned specialists.


Steps to Build an Online Community


Identify key stakeholders for the online community.


Your community should be as well-organized as your business. You should have team members dedicated to specific jobs in your community, just as you would have CEOs, managers, and supervisors in your business. Which team members their role in your organization will determine complete tasks in your community.


Define the goal and objectives.


People will not understand why they should join your community if it lacks a purpose. For example, your community could be for people who are backpacking through Europe and want to hear tips, tricks, and recommendations from other backpackers who have been to the same cities. 


Your goal is to provide them with firsthand information that would otherwise be difficult to find online. Your group members will ask each other for hostel and hotel recommendations, where walking tours begin, and whether it is worthwhile to visit a distant landmark.


Develop rules and norms


While your community exists to serve its members, that does not give them the authority to make all of the rules. Show people the ground rules and norms for entry before they become official members, and have them agree to follow them. Tell them they’ll be kicked out of the group if they don’t.


For example, rules and norms may state that members are not permitted to speak negatively to one another; profanity is not permitted, and members cannot pitch their products within the community.


Set up your community


You have the community’s objective, the member persona, and the rules that all members must obey. It’s now time to bring your community to life and launch it on the platform of your choosing.


The Challenge 


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