phpFox Mobile App 1.5 Official Release

How’s it going? We are so excited to announce that the phpFox Mobile App 1.5 has been officially released. Our team has been working incredibly hard for months. In addition to bug fixes, many cool features have been added to the mobile app that I believe that you shall be interested in. Let’s take a look at them now.

mobile app 1.5 official release

Upgrade to Mobile app 1.5 today

Before diving into more details of what’s new in mobile app 1.5, it is necessary to note that all new features in new version need to come along with Mobile API 4.4.0. Thus, please don’t forget to upgrade the Mobile API app on your phpFox site. If you use our Mobile Build Service, we will help upgrade the Mobile API app while building your mobile apps. You can open a Mobile Build ticket in Client Area to request for Mobile upgrade to version 1.5 from now.


Also, since version 4.3.0, the Mobile API already supports multiple API versions. It means that your mobile apps built with mobile version 1.4 or older versions will still work well even if the Mobile API app is upgraded to version 4.4.0.

Wanna get Premium mobile apps?

You can merely purchase new or upgrade your phpFox license to ULTIMATE license to get Premium mobile apps. With Premium mobile apps, you can build your mobile apps under your branding. In particular, you can have:

– Change App Launch Screen, App Icon, Logo, etc.

– Change Color Scheme of your mobile app to comply with the web version

– Distribute mobile apps to Apple Store and Google Play under your Developer account.

Buy Now

No more delays. We are going to introduce you about new features on the mobile app 1.5 now.

What’s new in mobile app 1.5

Let’s take a look at following highlighted items:

– Dark Mode

– Right-To-Left Layout

– Listing Purchase

– Language Switching

– Hide all feed option

– And more

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has brought to users very new user experience. Since the first introduction in many popular mobile apps, Dark mode has been used more regularly and gradually become the standard for all mobile apps. They all love Dark Mode because of its advantages. Content is more clear and focused to see. Blue light which has a bad impact on sleep is less. That’s why we are happy to bring Dark Mode to your phpFox Mobile apps.

Right-To-Left Layout

Your feedback and suggestion is a great source which we always listen to carefully. Right-To-Left (RTL) is one of the most expected features which we excitedly released in version 1.5. Same as the web version, the RTL layout will be applied automatically whenever users choose the RTL language.

Language Switching

We want to make things as simple as possible for users to use. Our team can see that it is a little bit inconvenient as users can only change their languages via the phpFox web version. With mobile app 1.5, the disadvantage no longer exists. User can go to Account Settings on the mobile apps and switch to the appropriate language quickly. It’s so cool, isn’t it?

Listing Purchase

Ability to sell and buy items on mobile apps is one of the most important keys to get more engagements on your community. Now, on top of posting listing items, your users can merely go to the listing item and purchase it directly on the mobile apps via Paypal. So quick and easy.

Hide all feed option

As you know, the feature to hide all feeds has added on phpFox 4.7.7. It is the required feature for users to be able to hide all abusive content on social networks. We are delighted to implement this important feature on mobile apps in version 1.5 also. Users will have options to hide a feed item as well as hide all feeds from a certain person, group or page. Undo option is given to allow users to make a hidden feed item display again.

And many other features

Moreover, the mobile app version 1.5 includes many other interesting features, including but not limited to:

  • Layout Enhancements. Basing on client feedback, our team has been studied and made many minor layout updates to improve UI/UX.
  • Newest comment/reply of the viewer’s friends will be prioritized to display on a feed item. Users can see comments of their friends first and this help gain more user interactions.
  • Users can mention friends when posting feed/comment/reply.
  • In Group detail, the “Pending Requests” tab is now available in Members Section. Group owners can manage pending requests quickly right on the mobile app from now.
  • Same as the web version, Admin/Owner of a page now can post a status or share item as Page account.
  • Users can choose privacy when sharing a feed or an item.
  • Support autocomplete when searching country list. For example, when editing the country info in the User profile, users just have to type a few characters and all country matching will be listed out right away. Just like that.
  • When tapping on a received push notification, the app will open up page or image related.
  • Users can view detail, like and comment on the avatar of a user, a page and group within its Profile page.
  • Users no longer have to select album when adding more photos into a photo album. The current photo album will be selected automatically.
  • Support Chat with Firebase. The Instant Messaging app version 4.7.0 supports new chat server option: Google Firebase. Thus, we also updated mobile apps to work compatibly with Google Firebase.
  • The announcement is here. All available announcements will be displayed on the top of the Feed section. Term of Service and Privacy menus are also added to the main menu for users to check whenever needed.


That’s it for now. The list of new features and improvement is rather long. I hope that you will be satisfied with this new mobile app version. Let’s upgrade and enjoy these new cool features from today.

Should you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to get in touch with us by submitting tickets in Client Area or drop us messages to email address . We can’t wait to read your feedback.

And please stay tuned. We are going to get back with more updates soon.

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