Sneak Peak for the new phpFox Store

Bringing the phpFox store to the next level is one of our ongoing projects to give you the best experience ever. We are making big changes in the store that will absolutely make your accessibility better than before.

Let’s take a look at how the new phpFox store would look like.

NOTICE: These images and layouts are just mock-ups of the design of the new store. The content of the images doesn’t represent any of the actual data in the phpFox store apps, themes, experts, languages, and packages. 

The Welcome Page

welcome page

The Home Page

new phpFox store

The Experts (a.k.a 3rd Party Developers)


The Menu

So basically, this is how the new phpFox store looks like. Aside from its new look, you can also purchase apps directly in the store without logging in your AdminCP. We will integrate the “Add to Cart” option for the clients who will purchase more than 1 product at the same time.

This is how the App will look like when you try to view them individually.

app details

Mobile Site

We also made sure that you can easily access the store directly from your mobile phones. This is how the phpFox store appears on the mobile devices.


mobile homepage


mobile menu

App Detail View

app details

That’s all for now. We would like to hear your thought about this new phpFox store.

Please give us any feedback and contact us via your client area if you have any suggestions or ideas which can possibly be added to the new phpFox store. Our main objective here is to give our clients the best experience using our store so all the criticisms, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

While we are still working on this, you can still check and purchase all the 3rd party plugins in our existing store.

We also encourage you to ask our live chat agent on our website if you have any questions.


phpFox Team

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