New Apps and Themes in July and August 2017

Hey, fellas! We’re back with the new apps and themes for the month of July and August. Yes, we will introduce all the newly added plugins in the store by our 3rd party developers for the last two months. I’m sure some of you already tried and purchased these apps. But for those who still haven’t seen them, please take a look at the summarized list below.

User Background by Scheinwelt-Media

INTRODUCTION: With this app, users can change the background color or image of your site. The change affects only what the specific user will see. On other profiles, they see other users backgrounds.


  • Choose between color and image background
  • Individual background for each user
  • Set usergroups or subscriptions that can use the background feature
  • Color picker for selecting color
  • Set background size in Admincp
  • Set background repeat in Admincp
  • Admin can choose between site-wide backgrounds or profiles only
  • Set fixed or scrolling background in admincp
  • Add container background
  • Copy to clipboard function on images in the photo module (easy copy and paste URL for user)
  • File upload button
  • More features in the next versions

User background

User Generator by Foxer

INTRODUCTION: User Generator for phpFox will allow you to generate up to 5000 users with photos and pre-defined settings. You should not register users manually – you will get thousands in a few clicks.

user generator

Advanced Badges by Foxer

INTRODUCTION: It’s always a question for community owners how to motivate members to post more content, be more active, communicate with each other. We have a solution for you today. Badges is one of the key features that add gamification to social networks. You will be able to reward users by giving them badges depending on their activity.

Badges will encourage users to interact with each other more frequently, compete with friends in posting new photos, videos, blogs, music and even in adding new friends.

advanced badges

Profile Usergroup by Scheinwelt-Media

INTRODUCTION: This app shows the members usergroup on the profile page.

  • Change text color
  • Change text size

This feature and much more are included in my Usergroup Profile Icon app:

profile usergroup

Places by Scheinwelt-Media

INTRODUCTION: This powerful app is a generic listing system with geolocation feature (e.g. for shops or businesses). Users can add list entries with geo data (country, city, street) and the item will be displayed on a map. The markers on the map have a link to the entry.


  • Verify system Enable/disable
  • location system Enable/disable
  • Map on item view Enable/disable
  • Privacy Setting
  • Font Awesome support
  • Custom field (e.g. for website URL or phone number)
  • Enable/disable group and page links
  • Recent places block on index and item view (can also be added to member index or other controllers)
  • Change map location on places index page
  • Many more features in the next version


Istra(theme) by Scheinwelt-Media

INTRODUCTION: A nice flat colored theme with a sticky menu and round borders. It is a bit strange and gives your site a really unique look 😉


  • Sticky menu when scrolling
  • Modern flat color design
  • Round corners everywhere
  • Full-width homepage

istra theme

As of today, we already have the total of 260 3rd party Apps and 25 Themes available in the store. You can download and install these apps from your AdminCP. Make sure to keep in touch with the 3rd party developers if you have any questions from these plugins. You can also ask the experts to make a custom app specifically for your website.

And for those who want to contribute apps and themes, you can apply as one of the phpFox 3rd party developers. Just visit our Developers Program page for details or ask our live chat agent on our website.

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