phpFox 4.3.0 Released

Our phpFox team is pleased to announce the release of our phpFox 4.3.0. This release features some improvements and new apps. Please see our live demo to take it for a test drive.

  • User verification with SMS, Google Authenticator and QR code
  • Integrated with gateways: Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell.
  • API support for 3rd party vendors to add more integrations.
  • Pages improvement
  • Integrate with other modules such as blog, music, events.
  • Improve database layer
  • Support for MySQL Replication: 1 master – 1 slave.
  • CDN
  • phpFox CDN
  • Improve feed loading
  • Improve layout for event, poll, quiz, marketplace, music (Listing page & detail page)
  • Photo improvements
    • Next/Previous.
    • Combine feeds when uploading multiple photos.
    • Show thumbnails when view photo detail (the photos of album or the photos of user).
  • Improve theme system for third party developers. Added more methods for template overrides.
  • Improvements per Google Pagespeed testing.

We’ve also fixed just about every bug at our Github! Lots of hard work by our team to squash those bugs!

For those upgrading, the upgrade routine does need to be run in order to get new settings, phrases and theme fixes.

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