New Account Dashboard, Affiliates System, Pricing Changes

Wow, lots of news for everyone! Coming March 14, 2016!

New Account Dashboard

We’ve been working hard to bring a new, improved account dashboard with some features that had been requested by clients to make things easier. The new account dashboard includes an easier way to get your license id and key, integrated ticket system (right now for sales questions and account questions as our support system is not open yet), more details on your receipt (if you need to update your details with VAT or other info, please contact us in a ticket), way for third party developers or clients to have us merge their duplicated accounts.

To log in, just go to the new account area and if you haven’t already been there, please reset your password as passwords were not imported for safety reasons. Use the same email that you have for your current account as all emails did import fine. From now on, when you need to contact us, just use the ticket option in your account.

Affiliate System Online!

That’s right! You can start earning again with an affiliate account. Get the details. This is a new affiliate system. Please be sure to join it if you want to earn some buck$ referring people to our awesome script!

Pricing Changes

As announced previously, we have changed our pricing. All current clients will have access to the Pro package listed below, for their current licenses.

  • Lite $299
    • Feed
    • Profiles
    • Theme manager, Language manager and Apps system
    • Photo
    • Friends
    • PM (Private Messages)
    • Pages/Groups
    • Events
    • Core Likes, Pokes, Notifications
    • User Groups with Custom Fields
    • AdminCP
    • CMS
  • Basic $399
    • Everything Lite includes
    • Forum
    • Blogs
    • Polls
    • Quizzes
  • Pro $599
    • Everything Lite & Basic includes
    • Video App
    • IM App
    • Subscription Module
    • Marketplace
    • Ad Module
    • Music

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